Dylan McDermott





10/26/1961 , Waterbury, CT

Birth Name

Mark Anthony McDermott




Dylan McDermott is an American film and television actor from Waterbury, Connecticut. He was born Mark Anthony McDermott on October 26, 1961, and began acting when he was 26 years old. His childhood was tumultuous; his mother, who was 15 when he was born, was shot and killed by a lover, and McDermott's father took custody of all the children and moved them to New York City. His first major film was "Twister," a 1989 film about a young family fleeing from a huge tornado, although it was a meeting with Clint Eastwood that truly set McDermott up as an established and respected actor. The men worked together on "In the Line of Fire," and Eastwood was very impressed by his new protege. Through Eastwood, McDermott secured an audition for a television drama series called "The Practice." This exposure led to many more offers for television and film. McDermott has also appeared in modeling campaigns and print ads.