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Dylan Neal

Dylan Neal


10/8/1969, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

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Dylan Neil
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Tall, (6'2") and handsome brown-haired Canadian import Dylan Neal has worked steadily on American television since the late 1980s. Raised in a suburb of Toronto, the actor attended an academically-focused prep school for most of his education, but found his calling when he transferred to public school halfway…more


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  • Not forgotten

    I first learned of Dylan as Mike Celluci, and I have to say I completely forgot about it, that was until the later years after I picked up The vampire files, I suddenly thought back and realized he'd be perfect for the job should there ever be a series.
  • Totally underused and under-rated.

    I really got to "know" Dylan Neal as Toronto police detective "Mike Celluci" on the fabulous and equally under rated Canadian-made TV series, "Blood Ties". He was the perfect foil for Kyle Schmid's bastard son- of-a-King vampire, "Henry Fitzroy" and the story lines could have gone on forever had someone with a whit of imagination been at the Lifetime helm. Meantime, I only have my Blood Ties DVD's to turn to when I need my Celluci fix.

    But I have also seen him play some really creepy and just not-nice characters such as the husband from hell in the TV movie "Cradle of Lies". And then he can turn it around and play "Sgt. Jaspar Linney", the ever so eerily perfect brother to the ever so eerily perfect Detective William Murdoch on "Murdoch Mysteries"...which I should hope would be a continuing role for this talented actor and this great series.

    Bottom line: a really great performer with a lot of depth and I want to see much more...moreless