Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse


8/4/1992, Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

Birth Name

Dylan Thomas Sprouse



Also Known As

The Sprouse Twins, Spouse Bros, Dylan Thomas Sprouse
  •  Dylan Sprouse stars as Zack Martin on T...
  •  Dylan Sprouse stars as Zack Martin on T...
  • Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin and Cole Sp...
  • Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin and Cole Sp...
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Dylan Thomas Sprouse, was born in the town of Arezzo, Italy on August 4, 1992, to the parents of Matthew and Melanie Sprouse. Dylan has a twin brother by the name of Cole, in which Dylan is older than him only by 15 minutes. Dylan did a toilet…more


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Fan Reviews (112)

  • hes awsome

    every1 back off hes all mine by the me + dylan.hes hot ,funny ,hot and great.so everyone dont hate hes so nice list of good things abot him

    1.(and most inportanty actualy least importantly)hes hot

    2.hes funny and sensitive(well mabe not sensitive)but nice

    3.hes not a nut(unlike his brother)

    4.great actor and the ppl who say hes horible ble ble ble

    5.have 2 love him

    6 i complete him (im kinda a nut and i like walnuts there my fave and my friend likes cole and welll shes a huge nut i mean like big as giant nut and she shares this account with me

    well bye bye 4 now and im bad,im bad 2 the bone hehemoreless
  • Youre a cool dude and so is your brother I really like the suite life series

    Your cool and I liked your tv shows a lot they were funny, I liked how you're characters always hit on girls, it was so funny and when zack started dating Miya I said"its about time zack found somebody" and the news episode was funny I liked it when you screamed because you saw yourself in a mirror and your mascara was all over I laughed so much on that and I also like the danimals commercial, the songs are really cool I really like the one that goes like, as the days goes on and your flavor keeps come on strong get your crush on mmmmm danimals we got the flavor we got the mood, hey even Dylan can't get it wrong get your crush on mmmm danimals were in style were on the role, dude stop singing this silly song, get your crush on mmmm danimals dude dude dude dude it's danimalishous danimals get your crush on. That song is catchymoreless