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  • hes awsome

    every1 back off hes all mine by the me + dylan.hes hot ,funny ,hot and great.so everyone dont hate hes so nice list of good things abot him

    1.(and most inportanty actualy least importantly)hes hot
    2.hes funny and sensitive(well mabe not sensitive)but nice
    3.hes not a nut(unlike his brother)
    4.great actor and the ppl who say hes horible ble ble ble
    5.have 2 love him
    6 i complete him (im kinda a nut and i like walnuts there my fave and my friend likes cole and welll shes a huge nut i mean like big as giant nut and she shares this account with me

    well bye bye 4 now and im bad,im bad 2 the bone hehe
  • Youre a cool dude and so is your brother I really like the suite life series

    Your cool and I liked your tv shows a lot they were funny, I liked how you're characters always hit on girls, it was so funny and when zack started dating Miya I said"its about time zack found somebody" and the news episode was funny I liked it when you screamed because you saw yourself in a mirror and your mascara was all over I laughed so much on that and I also like the danimals commercial, the songs are really cool I really like the one that goes like, as the days goes on and your flavor keeps come on strong get your crush on mmmmm danimals we got the flavor we got the mood, hey even Dylan can't get it wrong get your crush on mmmm danimals were in style were on the role, dude stop singing this silly song, get your crush on mmmm danimals dude dude dude dude it's danimalishous danimals get your crush on. That song is catchy
  • If u wanted to know what Dylan Sprouse is.. well he's just fabulous! He's not only a great actor but...he also looks good too. The new comedy, The Suite life of zack and cody is great! His twin, Cole is cool too. Dylan plays Zack, the more outgoing twin,

    Hey! if u r looking 4 an actor or just some1 cute Dylan sprouse is the 1! and so is his twin Cole! They r soo talented! but in my opnion Dylan is cuter than Cole but Cole is cute too. Their newest comedy, The Suite life of Zack and Cody, was a blast! Trust me, try not to miss any one of their shows! He's a total hottie!
  • SoOoOo HOT!!! :D

    This older twin is such a hot-looking, talented actor. He has doubled with his twin brother, Cole in the show Grace Under Fire and the movies Big Daddy (with Adam Sadnler) and recently, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. He and his brother are on their own show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, on Disney channel right now. Its doing really well and I personally LOVE it. The boys are so cute together, and Dylan has the BEST wardrobe: cool sweatchirts and shirts and lots of camoflage. He is so hot and I hope to one day meet him and maybe even co-star with him. I wish him the best of luck and hope that he and Cole stay around for a long time! :D
  • Dylan and Cole are the best actors EVER! They are both amazing!

    Dylan Sprouse, along with his brother Cole, are my two very very favorite actors. They are both great actors, and my role moddles for everything. my favorite thing that Cole and Dylan were in is the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. That is the best show ever, starring all of the best actors. My favorite movie is Big Daddy. That movie shows how good of actors they are. They could do all that when they were only six years old! All I ever want to do is go to Hollywood and meet Dylan and Cole at a Suite Life taping. That would be the best gift anyone could give me.
  • Hes 1 of the hottest people of all time hes waaaay cuter than cole not saying that coles not cute or nothin cole and me chat all time well 2 sum things up i love dylan thomas sprouse!!!!!

    Hes 1 of the hottest people of all time hes waaaay cuter than cole not saying that coles not cute or nothin cole and me chat all time hes soooooooooooo nice and funny. But dyl is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hott Dylan I love u well 2 sum things up

    I love dylan thomas sprouse!!!!
  • My summery is about the show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody!This show is very cool:Dylan And Cole Sprouse Dylan And Cole Sprouse Dylan And Cole Sprouse Dylan And Cole Sprouse Dylan And Cole Sprouse Dylan And Cole Sprouse Dylan And Cole Sprouse Dylan And

    Excuse me reble just because you like don\'t like the twins doesn\'t mean we can\'t and plus it\'s a rumor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SERIOUSLY!
    Dylan And Cole Sprouse Dylan And Cole Sprouse Dylan And Cole Sprouse Dylan And Cole Sprouse

    You gotta love \'em Dylans Dylans Dylans Dylans Dylans Dylans Dylans Dylans Dylans Dylans Dylans
  • Exactly like his brother. In my opinon, not good.

    Overused. Thats a good word for them. Not becuase of how many movies/TVshows/commercials they are in but because of how many magazines, books and where they are online! EVERYWHERE! They drive me crazy. I used to like their show the suite life of zack and cody, until i realized "These twins can't act to save their life practically!" I immeditiatly dropped the show, and now, i'm unbelievably glad i did. The sprouse twins are getting way too much media attention! I mean, they star in like, one trashy show and all of a sudden, their like paris hilton. Getting far too much credit for something that isn't a good reason for being famous.
  • Eh, he's not good looking or a good singer!

    Dylan Sprouse is best known for his work in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. He is a good actor, and does get a big head. But everyone is saying that he is so hot, and he is so cute. But he's not cute or hot. He's not even that good looking!! Also, he doesn't have a very good singing voice either! So why is everyone saying that he's the hottest guy on Disney? I don't know, just quit saying that he's such a good and hot singer, when he's clearly not!!
  • average...

    Dylan Sprouse plays Zack in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody with his twin brother that plays Cody. Dylan is a good actor in the respect that he plays very well in a Disney show. He's good at the semi-over-dramatic pre-teen type acting, but I could never see him play a serious role. He does a great job playing a young boy that lives in a suite but, again, he probably can't play a real role. Overall, he is a very average actor because he is limited to one type of acting and cannot do any other type of acting.
  • Starring in "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and due to star in "The Suite Life on Deck".

    Okay, so when the series that starred Dylan as Zack, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" first aired i was very happy that he starred in the series. I had seen him in several other projects, and was happy that he and his brother were to star in this program. But as the show continued, his performance started to slack. He wasn't funny anymore, and it seemed like all he could do on the show was act like a complete jerk. That is why he is able to pull of a five in a rating. He can do some scenes, but not most. He disappointed me.
  • superb

    I've been watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody since like day one, and now I too watch Suite Life on Deck. I also saw him and his brother, Cole, in an Adam Sandler movie titled "Big Daddy" from like the 90's (they both played the same character). What do all of these things have in common? They're funny. Dylan may not be as funny as Cole (it's kind of debatable), but he is funny. I cannot wait to see what he does after Suite Life on Deck ends. I hope he does more comedy movies, either with or without his brother (I do not have a preference).
  • an awesome actor!

    a very brilliant actor! he was brilliant in the suite of Zack and Cody, and even when the suite life on deck goes downhill he still seems to impress me.
    he is much funnier than most actors I've seen and he keeps his charming funniness up. I find him better than Cole Sprouse because he seems to be funnier and have a better attitude, he should really keep this up! he makes suite life on deck better than it would've been if he wasn't on the show. i think he makes the whole show! he must keep it up but he wasn't impressive in movie if i must say.
  • I like Dylan Sprouse but to me he isn't as good as Cole Sprouse. He's good but I think Cole is funnier.

    When it comes to comedy Dylan Sprouse is good but I don't think that he is as good as his brother Cole. Whenever I watched The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody I always laughed at almost everything that Cole Sprouse did in that show. I rarely laughed at Dylan. I'm not saying that he isn't a good actor. If I thought that I wouldn't have given him a 9. I just think that Dylan might be better off going for different types of roles. More serious roles. I do believe that he could be great in more serious roles and playing more serious characters. I believe he was great in the movie The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things and I think that he should do more movies like that one. It would be great if he would do that.
  • He is a great actor and is growing up very nicely.

    I've known of him and his brother since the first season of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I have also seen Big Daddy and loved it. It's amazing how he has been acting almost his whole life and has grown to be such a handsome young man. I know he is a great actor because I have seen him do serious roles and he made them real.

    I was shocked when I saw a promo for The Suite Life on Deck at his new voice. I have followed his progress through puberty ever since and like I said before he and his brother are now handsome young men with the deep voices and the height that they should have. I hope that we get to see him and his brother in more serious roles because I know they will show how great of actors they really are.
  • Dylan Sprouse. An actor on Disney Channel.

    Dylan Sprouse is adorable. Since the Suite Life of Zack & Cody started i thought he was a cutie. Now He's even better looking, he's also a great actor He's so funny and always keeps me entertained. Dylan is one of my favorite stars from Disney Channel, he's one of the most normal too haha. He a pretty good role model too, i've never seen him having anything bad said about him. He has a lot of talent and his brother also does, but that's not the only point. They can make me laugh even when i feel like crying when i watch their show. Dylan always seems so happy with his work, and i like confidence.
  • Dlan Srouse is definatly the best ^^

    Dylan Sprouse is a very talented boy, has all it takes to be the best, has all it takes to have the biggest future. He acts fantastically and is very funny at the same time. He is beautiful in a way impossible to explain. He is my favourite actor and I will be waiting to see more of his projects as an actor. I admire Dylan Very much! Him and his brother Cole. He is the most gorgeous thing on earth and he is my personal idol. One day, if I can, I wish I would have just half the talent he has at doing anything.. I admire his shows, his series, his movies.. I admire Dylan him self^^
  • he improved on acting so much.

    he has been in many movies , from grace under fire to the suite life to the suite life on deck . to me he is a decent actor but he went bad as an actor when he is under the suite life but now he improved when he is acting on the suite life on deck.i fell that he should have won at the kids choice awards 07 and 08 for favourite tv actor rather than drake bell but drake bell is still good. their voices have matured as well as their acting. well after disney lets hope he really show his true talent.
  • Dylan Sprouse, identical twin of actor Cole Sprouse is an actor (who occasionally sings and dances on TSL) perhaps most famous for his role on the show as Zack Martin. He was born in Italy but raised in Southern California with his twin brother.

    In my opinion, Dylan is talented, but not exactly the best actor around. Like Cole, when he was little, about 5-7 years old, he did an amazing job as Julian in the movie "Big Daddy". In fact, I think he did as well as the adult actor he worked with in that movie, Adam Sandler (who I think is incredible.) But as Dylan matured , his acting hbecame worse, not better. It's just the opposite for most actors/actresses. I loved "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and his role as Zack, but as the show went on, Zack just seemed less and less real to me. However, I understand that his parents got a divorce right after "Big Daddy", so I can only imagine how hard it was for him and his brother (I was only three when my parents separated and it was, imagine how bad it is for someone 3-4 years older!) I have to admit, Dylan can sing and dance very well, and I think he seems very polite and respectful to everybody. And no- I don't think he is fat, just like I don't think Cole is anorexic, I just think he is at the heavier end of healthy while Cole is at the lightweight end of healthy- neither of them have anything to worry about, besides they are teenagers anyway. For the reasons above, I rate Dylan as average. If his acting improves in "TSL on Deck", I will consider editing this review.
  • Dylan is hot and he ROCKS!!!!!!!!

    Dylan Sprouse is a really talented actor just like his brother Cole. He has performed in alot of movies and TV.shows and he only started appearing on TV at the age of 3. On The Suite Life of Zack and Cody he acts really cool and how he gets girls. His blonde hair is so awesome and I feel like touching it and I wish really meeting him. Dylan you rock keep up the good work and keep on acting and I really want to meet you so badly. I am a fan of you and wanting to meet you really badly. Keep up the good work. Go Dylan Sprouse.
  • he rocks

    i love him is the best of the boys i love him! i think he rocks and hes so cute so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute he has great hear do you think that too so i love him so i hope that hi will do lats of movies
  • empty

    Dylan is an awesome actor he's funny and hot, him and his brother cole need to be in more movies and tv shows coz their both so awsm!
  • I think Dylan Sprouse has talent. He does Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I think it's great. Dylan Sprouse has also Started a movie called Prince in the Pauper. I hope it's good. Anyways he also starred in Disney Channel Games. That was my mini update. Bye

    Dylan Sprouse is my favorite boy star. Even though he's little. He's a amazing star. I really think that Dylan Sprouse should be in more movies. He's actually filming one right now. It's called the Prince in the Pauper just like I mentioned in my summary. aNYways I bet that he'll star in other movies too! His brother Cole Sprouse. Will also be in the movie Prince and the Pauper with him. Dylan Sprouse is in a Show called Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I think it's a very funny show. That's my big update about Dylan Sprouse. Bye Readers!
  • i luv him

    in my opinion.. dylan sprouse is a really great actor. hes funny..smart..nice.. and soo hot ( i think so). he has a good head on his shoulders and i think that he will make it far in his career. i think that going from just being in some movies when he was little to being in a sitcom with your own clothing line is a big step. dylan sprouse is becoming more and more popular every day. he was in texas filming him and coles new movie the Kings of Appletown. i cant wait to see it when it comes out.. im sure its going to be great..
  • A brother and twin and actor.

    This guy is awesome. I think he is average (or maybe above average) keep up the good work, Dylan. Dylan Thomas Sprouse, was born in the town of Arezzo, Italy on August 4, 1992, to the parents of Matthew and Melanie Sprouse. Dylan has a twin brother by the name of Cole , in which Dylan is older than him only by 15 minutes. Dylan did a toilet paper commercial at the young age of six months, which started his acting career. What an wesome summary. I think Dylan is a very loyal man, keep moving forward Mr. Dylan Sprouse.
  • A great kid actor

    Today the kid actor rock. Unlike Annie,Shirley Temple, Other people my of liked them but I really didn't. Dylan is a great actor. I can't believe his (and cole's) Show is ending. That is wrong I can't believe it. He's Such a Great actor he probably should get another show. I dont know he's a great actor but if his show is ending he must of done something wrong. I dont think so he is a great person and I hope he greats an emmy,award or whatever. And his brother is good too. but im talking about Dylan. He's and good and his brother but he's not the best out there.

  • Dylan Sprouse.

    This is a rate for Dylan Sprouse. Dylan Sprouse is really talented, him and his brother. I enjoy watching them on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and maybe in their upcoming TV series, Semester FC. The most part of Dylan Sprouse is his mood exspecially in Of Clocks and Contracts or his feelings for Maddie in A Prom Story, Sweet Suite 16, Lip Synic' In The Rain and much more. You guys can see how that goes. Well Dylan all I gotta say is I love your acting and keep up the good work. See yea. Review out or in!
  • Star of the hit seies The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

    Dylan Sprouse is a very talented actor. He started acting like his brother Cole at only six months old. At the age of six or seven they were in the movie Big Daddy. To this day that is still one of my favorite movies. e is now the the hit Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. He is really funny its like the humor comes naturally. He is the cooler of the brothers one the show, and Cody is more of a geeky loser. I think they both play the role extremly well and its like they are that way in real likfe but their not. I'm not saying that Cole is a nerd. Dylan and Cole are both super cute and i love them
  • dylan sprouse is so funny

    dylan sprouse is very funny. he has a twin brother named cole sprouse. he has a cute bulldog named bubba.and he has a show with his twin brother cole. the show is called the suite life of zack and cody it is so so so so so so so good. dylan plays zack who is one of the main charaterrs his co star an brother cole plays cody. who is also one of the stars. the other co stars consist of ashley tisdale,brenda song, phil lewis, kim rhoads, adrian r mante, brian stephanik, and many more. dylan sprouse is so aweaome he rocks
  • dylan is the cutiest boy i have ever seen because he is soooo gorgoes and i watch his shows everyday i love u dylan and he is so funny keep it up cutiepie.the best thing about dylan is his behaiver and his nice little smile.

    he is the cutiest thing i have ever seen in my life and is a great acter that i have seen and i all so have a picture of him in my room it is a very funny looking crazyish picture that i will never forget about and the new episode was funny too. i really am into boys stuff a little they are cool that is it the disney channel games are very cool this summer and i love the egg one cause it is amazing i wounder who is dylans girlfriend right now i wonder? i will still love you dylan.
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