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  • Great actor

    Great actor and sexy as hell with those blue eyes.
  • Great.

    Plays a great creepy guy.Great actor.
  • Great actor, but deserves more credit.

    I'm a huge Nip/Tuck fan and I remember saying to myself about half way through the first season, "Who the hell is this guy? He's fantastic." The only other non-Nip/Tuck roles I've seen him play were in The Lake House, Congo and a few of his smaller mainstream roles (Bloodwork, Nobody's Fool, We Were Soldiers, etc.) but he was incredible in each, respectively. People need to pull their heads out of their as$es and recognize Dylan Walsh. Aside from the fact that he truly deserves it, I really want to see him in more roles. Lead roles, supporting lead roles; but in good films! He's too good to be playing bit-parts in Hollywood movies and leads in sh!tty ones.
  • bloody while charming.

    The same with ER, with bloody; while overwhelmingly charming because of the two unique plastic surgeon. Christian is so handsome and so sexy, and Dylan have endless expression with his blue eyes. Perfect performance skills. Excellent music with the operation. Say freinds, when it betrays; say family, when it broken. Take me to long recollection.