E. Martin Olson

E. Martin Olson

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  • Martin is an Einsteinian Weenie who confabulated the square root of imaginary negative infinity at the age of 13, but refused to share his Foucault pendulum with anyone who was not a regular swinger from the Sea of Galileo.moreless

    Martin Olson began his career as a reality splitter in a log cabin in Illinois, when he was but a young urchin of indeterminable age and pliable mind.

    However, he overcame these hurdles and displayed an energized bent in pursuing the American dream of three square meals in a geodesic dome with attached garage.

    Nothing would stand in his way on the route to scriptal stardom, as exemplified by his parlaying the Life of Rocco the Modern into a weekly sit-calm that entertrained many googol-eyed thousands of youngsters in stir. This, however, was merely a prelude to his subsequent developments, including a script for the G.K. Chesterton novel "The Man Who Was Thursday." Who but Martin Olson would think to convert that amazing tale into a play?moreless