Eamonn Andrews





12/19/1922 , Dublin, Ireland



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Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1922, Eamonn Andrews began his career as an amateur boxer. He then moved to sports commentating for Ireland's "Radio Eireann" in 1939, becoming a top boxing commentator. Later, he commentated for numerous BBC Radio programs, including "Sports Report" from 1950-1962.

In 1950, he began hosting (or as it is termed in the U.K., "presenting") various programs for BBC Television. With his quick wit and warm personality, he was soon one of U.K. television's most popular hosts. He was a guest panelist several times on the American version of What's My Line?. He also once served as the guest host on June 28, 1959, when John Daly was absent.

Eamonn was always a welcome addition to the American panel. While Eamonn was a "Mystery Guest" on the June 2, 1963 American version of What's My Line, it was announced that he was the chairman of the newly formed Irish Television. Eamonn stated that they had one broadcasting station outside of Dublin, and 5 relay booster stations. In 1987, he died of heart failure at age 64.