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  • And the Molerat Will Be CGI

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 13 - 6/10/06

    Junior attempts to rob the Tower of London, but accidentily tries to rob a movie set replica. Kim and Ron go to stop them and perform an extreme mid air stunt and the movie set's director offers them a movie, which they happily agree to. Kim now must deal with Heather, an actress who is going to be her in the movie taking her friends, and Ron has to deal with Quinn, an actor who is going to be him in the movie act completely opposite of him. All of this while they have to stop Junior who is out for revenge on the director for not putting him in the movie.moreless
  • Coop D'Etat

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 12 - 4/26/05

    Megas is the prize in a battle to determine who will be the new emperor of an evil robotic race. Can Coop defeat all the wanna-be rulers and come out on top?
  • Oh Boyz

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 27 - 4/2/04

    For Señor Senior Jr.'s birthday, his father decides to get him anything he wants, even if it involves stealing. Meanwhile, Ron gets hooked on a now unpopular boy band, and drags Kim into it.moreless
  • A Big Help / The Trouble with Kittens

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 22 - 2/18/03

    "A Big Help"

    Clifford's a big dog and to a lot of people around the island, he's a big help. His large size is often an advantage in helping people out and T-Bone, noticing this, says that he wishes he could be big like Clifford so he can be helpful too. Clifford, however, says that he doesn't think size has anything to do with being helpful. So T-Bone, along with Cleo, start looking around for ways that they can be helpful. They find Mr. Bleakman and start helping him to pack for a vacation he's going on. He's trying to pack a ton of things, but he just can't seem to fit them all in. Cleo and T-Bone are quite helpful, but then a wind gust causes a bunch of Mr. Bleakman's underwear to blow into a tree. Cleo and T-Bone can't reach, so it's Clifford to save the day. Still, Cleo and T-Bone are happy when Mr. Bleakman says that they helped out. (Even though it seems like he's possibly being sarcastic.) Cleo and T-Bone go in search of more ways to help out. They end up at Cleo's place, where Mrs. Diller has an infestation of crows in her garden. Cleo and T-Bone try to scare them off, but instead, a huge murder of them gathers. Clifford comes and is able to blow them away. T-Bone's beginning to think maybe you really do have to be big to help out. Clifford tells Cleo and T-Bone that he's going down to the beach and wishes them good luck in finding more ways to help out. The two come across kittens Billy and Betty, who are stuck way up in a tree. Their immediate impulse is to go and get Clifford, but he's too far away. So they have to come up with their own plan. By making climbing down into a game, T-Bone and Cleo are able to talk them down. T-Bone realizes that you really don't have to be big to be a big help.

    "The Trouble With Kittens"

    Clifford is in his yard when he hears the meowing of kittens Billy and Betty. He soon realizes that their presence could be a problem, as they've chosen Mr. Bleakman's yard as their place to play. Worse, they're in his flower garden and Mr. Bleakman doesn't like anyone in his flowers. So Clifford works discreetly to try and get them out. Mr. Bleakman catches him in his yard, but Clifford puts on a show of just smelling the flowers. Mr. Bleakman doesn't seem upset and kindly asks Clifford to leave the yard now, so he can get some work done. Back in his own yard, Clifford tells the kittens that Mr. Bleakman's yard is off-limits for playing and asks them to play in his yard. He figures he'll just have to watch them and make sure they stay put. He watches them from his doghouse and tries to keep a good eye on them, but he can't stay awake and drifts off. While sleeping, he has a dream off them all being on an island and Billy and Betty departing on a raft to go play at Mr. Bleakman's. He wakes up and finds that Cleo and T-Bone have come, but Billy and Betty are nowhere in sight. They're back at Mr. Bleakman's! Things are getting a bit more complicated now, but T-Bone and Cleo are willing to help Clifford to get the mischievous kittens back out of Mr. Bleakman's yard. After a wild chase, they seem to have the two kittens in Clifford's grasp. There's another encounter with Mr. Bleakman and this time, Mr. Bleakman is a bit less kind about asking Clifford to leave. Then... trouble. Although they thought they had Billy and Betty, they've escaped again! The two race through Mr. Bleakman's yard, creating a huge mess of muddy pawprints, turning on a water sprinkler and various other trouble. Then, they end up flying into the pockets of a pair of Mr. Bleakman's pants, hanging on a line. Mr. Bleakman sees Clifford trying to stop the water from the sprinkler. He blames him for the huge mess in the yard. But Mrs. Bleakman objects that Clifford couldn't have caused the mess. She points out a birdseed feeder that's been disturbed, but which Clifford is way, way too large to fit through. She also points out the muddy pawprints - they're very small, way too small to be Clifford's. And finally, she points out Mr. Bleakman's pants and they find the kittens. Mr. Bleakman realizes his error and says that he needs to get the kittens back to where they belong. Afterwards, Mr. Bleakman apologizes to Clifford, saying that he's sorry he blamed him without knowing all the facts. He then presents Clifford with a surprise - a huge stack of tummy yummies... and underneath them, Billy and Betty.moreless

  • Flood of Imagination / Lights Out

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 21 - 2/17/03

    "Flood of Imagination"

    It's a rainy day outside and Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are all playing games inside Clifford's doghouse. Cleo's getting really bored, as T-Bone's now doing the same game of "who has the bone?" for what seems like the fifty millionth time. She's really bored and wants to do something else. She wishes it would stop raining. Clifford says that they could tell a story. He starts the story by saying that he's on his way to pick up Emily Elizabeth from school. Cleo yawns loudly and pretends to go to sleep. But then Clifford says that he's going to pick her up in his new yellow car. Now, Cleo starts getting interested. She joins in and changes the car's color to purple and makes herself the driver. T-Bone joins in too, appearing in the passenger's seat and making himself a noble king. Cleo tells him that he may think that she's the driver, but she's actually the queen. And the two make Clifford a brave knight. They have a bit of an argument at first over what color Clifford's helmet should be - blue or green. They argue for a bit, until finally Clifford suggests that they make it yellow. Both agree. The plot returns to Clifford's picking up Emily Elizabeth. He says that Emily Elizabeth was kidnapped by a mean ogre and is now being held in his castle. So, the group heads for the castle. On the way there, they create flying pigs, who are the castle guards. After another Cleo/T-Bone argument, the pigs also end up being yellow, but with blue hair. The gang comes up with a clever trick to evade them and is soon on their way to the castle. They're just about to go face the giant ogre, when Mac comes into the doghouse. At first, they're so engrossed in the story, that they think that Mac is the ogre. Then, they realize it's just Mac. They explain what they're doing and Mac joins in, taking on the part of the ogre. In the story, Cleo distracts the ogre and gets him to chase her, while T-Bone gets the attention of the flying pigs. This leaves Clifford to enter the castle. There he finds Emily Elizabeth, trapped in a hanging cage and frees her. Finally, the sun appears outside, but Mac, Cleo and T-Bone are so caught up in the story, they don't want to go outside. Then, Clifford tells them that the great thing about stories is that you can tell them anywhere. And so they all go out in the sun to continue their storytelling fun.

    "Lights Out"

    It's a very hot day on Birdwell Island and everyone is looking for things to do. The local weatherman comes on TV, talking about what a hot day it is and recommending that everyone only use electricity if at all necessary. However, no one seems to be listening. Vaz is engrossed in some computer learning software. Mary is trying to play a video game. Jetta has to watch after her brother Cosmo and is try to keep him entertained with a video. And everyone else is using electricity in some way to keep themselves entertained. The failure to heed the meteorologist's warning leads to an island-wide power outage. This creates problems for everyone, but Mr. Bleakman seems to have all the answers. One of the immediate problems is that without power, area traffic lights are out. Mr. Bleakman says that he was a kid, there were no traffic lights. Instead, they just had signs. In this vein, Clifford becomes a giant sign and directs traffic at a major intersection. One of his paws is painted green and he holds it up when it's okay for motorists to go and holds up his other, unpainted paw when they need to stop. Finally, Sheriff Lewis gets traffic under control. This leaves Mr. Bleakman to solve other problems. For example, Vaz complains that without power, he can't use his educational software about forests on his computer. Mr. Bleakman says that when he was a kid, if he wanted to learn about something, he got a book. So Vaz goes to the library. Mary comes along and complains that her video game won't work without power. Mr. Bleakman says that when he was a kid, he played cards or board games. So Mary, along with Emily Elizabeth and Charley ask Mr. Bleakman if he'll play cards with them. Then, Jetta comes along, with Cosmo. She doesn't know what to do about Cosmo, as he's upset that he can't watch his video anymore. Emily Elizabeth tells Jetta that when Mr. Bleakman was a kid, they probably didn't have videos. Mr. Bleakman confirms this, but suggests that maybe Jetta could go down to the beach with Cosmo and act out a play or something. That evening, a lot of people on the island end up on the beach, spending time together with their friends and families. Then, lights go back on and Sheriff Lewis comes to say that the power's back on, so they can all go back home. But no one wants to leave. They say that they'll leave for a short while, to turn off things in their households that are taking up unnecessary electricity. But after that, they're returning to the beach. Sheriff Lewis, impressed, says that he might stop by himself. Emily Elizabeth comments to Clifford that when Mr. Bleakman was a kid, there were probably a lot of families and friends that spent time together at the beach and some things never change.moreless

  • Animal Attraction

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 18 - 1/10/03

    When Animology sweeps over the school, Kim tries to avoid it, but she gives into the fad. Meanwhile, the Seniors start their most dangerous plot to date.
  • Clifford's Cookie Craving / Jetta's Friend

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 18 - 11/13/02

    "Clifford's Cookie Craving"

    It's the day of the Birdwell Island fair. The dogs (Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo) are there and they're hoping to snag some food. Since it's a carnival, there's going to be lots of concessions. They know that it's okay to eat anything that anyone drops on the ground. While they're scrounging treats, Mr. Bleakman is having a giant cookie wheeled in. He baked the entire thing himself and is planning to keep it hidden under a tent for unveiling later in the day. Once it's taken care of, he heads off with Mrs. Bleakman to check out the amusements. Mrs. Bleakman wonders if someone shouldn't stay and watch it, but Mr. Bleakman figures it should be all right. Clifford, Mac and T-Bone soon smell the cookie. They head in the direction of the smell, leading to the tent. The head inside and see the cookie. Clifford notes that it's Clifford sized. T-Bone and Cleo note that it's neither on the ground nor headed that way though, so it's not okay for them to eat. They begin to leave, but they have to force Clifford out of the tent. They go off to play frisbee, but Clifford's mind isn't really on the game. He's still thinking about the cookie. He figures maybe that if he could just have a lick of it, then maybe he wouldn't want to eat it. Next thing, he's bounding for the cookie. And then, he ends up breaking off a piece off the top. With it now on the ground, Cleo and T-Bone claim it, sharing with Clifford of course. Clifford then suggests that if they ate around the edge of the cookie, no one would notice that anything happened to it. So they do so, but by the time they're done, there's barely any of it left. Worse, Clifford still thinks it looks lopsided. Finally, they end up consuming the entire thing. When Mr. Bleakman has the cookie revealed, everyone's surprised to see not the cookie, but Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo. Mr. Bleakman's obviously upset that Clifford ate his cookie, but Mrs. Bleakman suggests that it really wasn't Clifford's fault. Mr. Bleakman made such a great cookie that Clifford simply couldn't resist the temptation. Mr. Bleakman realizes that he shouldn't have left such a temptation around for such a big dog to eat.

    "Jetta's Friend"

    Jetta receives a letter from her pen-pal Monique from the mainland. Her mother's coming over on a business trip on Tuesday and she's taking Monique along with her. This is great news, as Jetta will be able to meet Monqiue and spend a few hours with her. Elsewhere on the island, Emily Elizabeth, Vaz and Mary are making kites. Jetta comes by them. She's carrying a bag of groceries. She explains about Monique coming over. She also explains about how she's scheduled their day. We see that she's even gotten a timer to keep track of time. The timer is quite loud and its noise seems to give everyone a shock, including Clifford, who twists his ears in annoyance. Jetta babbles on about how she's even prepared a picnic lunch for Monique by herself, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, Monique's favorite. No one seems too impressed with Jetta's schedule idea. The next day, Jetta meets Monique as she arrives on the ferry. They greet each other and start to head off for Jetta's first planned activity, collecting seashells at the beach. Then Monique sees Clifford. She's at first scared of him until Jetta explains that it's just Clifford. Emily Elizabeth comes along and chats with Monique a bit. This annoys Jetta, as they're starting to get off schedule. Emily Elizabeth suggests that they ride Clifford to the beach. They do this and Jetta's pleased, as it seems to have gotten them back on schedule. However, at the beach, Vaz and Charley are also there. They tell Jetta that there don't really seem to be any seashells around to collect. Jetta sugests that perhaps they just aren't looking in the right places. But to Jetta's frustration, they seem to be right. There are no seashells to be found anywhere on the beach. So instead, they end up getting into a splash fight with Vaz and Charley. This is fun at first, until Jetta realizes that her timer and the lunch she prepared for Monique have ended up in the water. She manages to salvage the timer, but the lunch is ruined. So Charley suggests they have fish and chips Jamaican style at his Dad's restaurant. They do so. Monique enjoys her lunch, saying that the peanut butter and banana sandwiches would have been okay, but the fish and chips are great. She doesn't have long to enjoy her lunch however as Jetta is soon dragging her (literally, by the arm) to her next scheduled activity: bike-riding. There's just one problem, it turns out her bike has a flat-tire. Worse, a bird picks up her timer and then drops it on the ground, breaking it. Monique doesn't really care about any of this though. She sees somebody flying a kite. It's Emily Elizabeth and friends, flying the kites they made the day before. Jetta's reluctant, kite-flying isn't on the schedule. But Monique runs off anyone and Jetta decides to go ahead. They enjoy their time kite-flying and without the timer, they lose track of time. It gets to be almost 4:00, the time when Monique's supposed to take the ferry home. They'll never make it in time... unless they take the "Clifford Express." They do so, and Monique makes her ferry. She thanks Jetta for a great day. It doesn't matter that it didn't go as Jetta scheduled it, she just enjoyed spending it with Jetta.moreless

  • Metamorphosis (2)

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 23 - 10/11/02

    The League battle Metamorpho but soon discover that his future father-in-law, Simon Stagg, poses the true menace.
  • Metamorphosis (1)

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 22 - 10/4/02

    An old friend of John Stewart's is inadvertently turned into a freak capable of altering his molecular structure, separating him from his girlfriend and pitting him against the League.

  • Cleo Gets a Cone / A Job Well Read

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 12 - 10/2/02

    "Cleo Gets a Cone"

    Cleo, Mac, T-Bone and Clifford are playing ball in the park. Cleo says that she's got the ball, but then it ends up landing on T-Bone's head. Cleo apologizes; she was looking at another dog. More specifically, she was looking at what it's wearing. It has some sort of weird contraption that it's wearing instead of a normal collar. Clifford identifies it as a "cone collar." He says that if a dog has an itch that it can't stop scratching, the veterinarian will put on a cone so that the spot can heal without the dog continually scratching at it. Mac thinks that it's hideous. He figures it's the dog's own fault. If she had just been able to control her scratching, she wouldn't have to wear the cone. Clifford doesn't figure it works that way. If you have an itch, you scratch. Cleo agrees with Mac though and says she's glad that she'll never have to wear something like that because she can control herself. But can she? Throughout their playing, Cleo keeps stopping to scratch herself. It ends up interrupting a game of hide-and-seek. T-Bone finds Cleo, but she doesn't even notice because she's so busy scratching. She stops herself, saying that she can control. The other dogs aren't so sure though. They part ways for the day. The next day, Clifford and T-Bone head for Cleo's. Mac says that he's ready for some "serious digging." When they get to Cleo's, she doesn't want to come out of her doghouse. She makes up all sorts of excuses, but Clifford finally figures out why she doesn't want to come out. She's wearing a cone. It turns out she couldn't stop scratching, so Mrs. Diller took her to Dr. Dihn. She's happy now, she doesn't itch anymore. But she doesn't know how she's going to play with the cone on her. Clifford and T-Bone help her, showing her how she can have fun playing in different ways. Mac shows up. He's ready to taunt her about wearing the cone, but Cleo tells him off, explaining that she just couldn't stop scratching and that if he has a problem with that, he can play with someone else. This silences Mac, and then Cleo notices that he's scratching too. She figures this isn't a problem though: "You'll look great in a cone!"

    "A Job Well Read"

    Jetta's Mom is working on a party, but Jetta's brother Cosmo keeps getting in the way. She figures that she'll have to call a babysitter, but Jetta says that she'll take care of Cosmo. Jetta's Mom isn't so sure about that; Cosmo is quite a handful. Jetta says that she can handle it, she loves playing with Cosmo. Cosmo, however, is quite active and quickly wears Jetta out. Charley and Emily Elizabeth come by and ask Jetta if she needs any help. Jetta refuses at first, but it's obvious Cosmo is wearing her out and so she finally accepts. Charley thinks it would be a good idea to read Cosmo a story to calm him down. Cosmo's too young to understand, but Emily Elizabeth doesn't think this is a problem. After all, Clifford likes it when she reads to him. She finds a story about a boy who came from a seashell. A fisherman caught him while fishing. He also caught a lot of other stuff including jewels, but he figures it's all useless, he only wants fish. He nearly tosses out the seashell boy, but his wife saves it from being tossed into the sea. They decide to name him "The Amazing Abalone Seashell Boy From The Lost Lagoon." They figure it's a name that will take him far. He first seeks out fortune at a shoestore, but the shopkeeper is a bit annoying, at first wanting to know if he's an elf and then asking if she can pay him in shoelaces. He decides to forget about this and makes his way to a castle. There, he finds a giant version of Mr. Bleakman. He's in a grumpy mood. The giant isn't normally grumpy, it's just that his mobile is broken and he can't sleep. The seashell boy tells him his name and just listening all of that makes him sleepy. Hearing it a few more times puts him to sleep and when he awakes, he awards the seashell boy with a goose that lays golden eggs. It was indeed a name that took him far. Jetta's Mom thanks Jetta for looking after Cosmo, but Jetta gives the credit to Emily Elizabeth and Charley. She asks if they can keep Cosmo a little longer. Everybody likes listening to the stories. She tries to read Cosmo something else, but Cosmo wants to hear about the seashell boy again. Maybe keeping him wasn't such a good idea after all...moreless

  • Princess Cleo / Basketball Stories

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 10 - 9/18/02

    "Princess Cleo"

    Mrs. Diller has out the photo album and is showing Cleo old pictures of her as a puppy. Then, she comes to one that isn't of Cleo. But who is this dog? She looks just like Cleo! It turns out that she's Cleo's grandmother, Queenie. She even wore a crown. Mrs. Diller looks around - it turns out she still has that crown and she lets Cleo wear it. Cleo goes off to tell Mac, T-Bone and Clifford all about her crown and her grandmother. T-Bone hears this and is quite impressed. He says that if Cleo's grandmother was a queen, then Cleo must be royalty, in fact, they are now all in the presence of Princess Cleo. Everybody thinks this is pretty neat, but Cleo starts letting it get to her head. Instead of scratching in the grass on her own, she asks Clifford to scratch for her. Then, when they're playing ball, Cleo doesn't take her turn and has T-Bone fetch the ball for her. Finally, when Mac finds a bone and Clifford breaks it into pieces to share, Cleo takes the biggest piece for herself, even though she didn't find it. The next morning, Clifford, T-Bone and Mac are all playing in leaves. "Princess" Cleo is annoyed, how dare they start playing without her? They explain to her- she wouldn't like playing in leaves, after all, it would get her dirty and tired, and a princess should never be dirty and tired. But Cleo likes playing in leaves. She admits that she was a jerk the day before, and decides to drop the whole princess thing. Mac puts on her crown- he thinks it makes a good fit. At Clifford's, Emily Elizabeth reads them all a story about a princess. Cleo says that she'd much rather listen to a story about a princess than be one.

    "Basketball Stories"

    Skyscraper Jackson, Mr. Howard's friend and world-renowned basketball player is back at Birdwell Island. He's going to be participating in a charity basketball game, helping the kids of the island compete against the adults. Charley is really excited about the game and the opportunity to play with Skyscraper Jackson. But then, he gets sick, and isn't able to come to the game. Emily Elizabeth, Vaz and Jetta promise to stop by the next morning and tell him all about the game. They keep their promise: the next day they come and they've all written a story about what happened at the game to read to Charley. Each of their stories is different, though they all agree on one thing- it was Vaz, with the help of Skyscraper Jackson and Clifford who scored the winning basket for the game. Charley thanks them for their stories and is happy to be able to read them whenever he wants. Skyscraper Jackson drops by too, with an autographed basketball and the promise to catch Charley for some one-on-one the next time he's in town.moreless

  • Coach Possible

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 8/23/02

    Kim reluctantly takes on the coaching of Jim and Tim's soccer team, and is quickly overcome with competitive spirit. At the same time, Señor Senior, Sr. has similar issues coaching his son through his first "evil scheme."moreless
  • Magic in the Air / Everyone Loves Clifford

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 6 - 5/27/02

    "Magic in the Air"

    Emily Elizabeth's class is doing dioramas. Charley's really into magic right now and particularly this one magician: Peter Poundstone, a fictional magician in some books he's reading. So he decides to do his diorama on this magician. He's working on his magic and meanwhile, the dogs are too, specifically T-Bone. T-Bone does "magic" by making a ball move back and forth. Actually, Clifford is making wind and then sucking the ball in to make it appear like it's moving forwards and backwards. Cleo is none the wiser to this and thinks that it's great magic. Elsewhere, Charley tries to perform some tricks for his friends. But they don't seem to work. Then, the ball that T-Bone was making move back and forth appears and then disappears. Emily Elizabeth and Jetta think that it's Charley's doing. Charley thinks that he's a great magician now. The day when the dioramas are suppposed to be turned in comes. So Emily Elizabeth and Jetta are surprised when Charley doesn't seem to have one. Ms. Carrington asks him where his is. Then, to the class's shock, he tries to use magic to make his "appear" out of nowhere. He's surprised when it doesn't work. Ms. Carrington tells him that Peter Poundstone isn't a real magician and that real people have to do their own work. Then, Emily Elizabeth and Charley see Clifford blowing the ball and sucking it back towards him outside and realize that Clifford is the source of Charley's "magic." Fortunately, Charley is given extra time to work on his diorama.

    "Everyone Loves Clifford"

    When Jetta scratches her dog Mac in his favorite spot, Emily Elizabeth is surprised at how excited Mac is. She's never seen Clifford get that excited when she scratches him. So Jetta helps Emily Elizabeth to search for Clifford's favorite spot to be scratched. They find it, an area on his gigantic tummy. So Emily Elizabeth scratches him and Clifford gets excited like Mac did. However, the scratching also causes him to thump is leg excitedly. This creates a giant shaking that disturbs everyone around him. They decide to take Clifford to the beach. Maybe the sand will cushion the thumping. So they try this and the sand does indeed cushion the thumping. However, it also creates a huge mound of sand, covering beach goers. Seems they'll have to try something else. So they go into the ocean to scratch Clifford. There's no thumping and no sand getting everyone. However, the thumping of the paw now causes a huge wave, which drenches an incoming ferry. Jetta's ready to give up. She thinks that maybe Clifford is just too big for this kind of scratching. But Emily Elizabeth has another idea. She takes Clifford home and gets him to lie on his back. This time, when she scratches him, he just thumps his leg in the air. There's a new problem with this though: it creates a mammoth wind. Fortunately, this is turned into an advantage, as there's a kite-flying competition coming up, but everyone was worried there wouldn't be enough wind to fly kites. So Clifford's able to get a good scratching and everyone else is able to fly their kites.moreless

  • Stinky Friends / He's Wonderful Mr. Bleakman

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 5 - 5/24/02

    "Stinky Friends"

    Charley and Emily Elizabeth have found an interesting patch of bushes. Among others, there's one shaped like a rhinoceros. They think they're pretty neat and go inside to get a closer look. Then, Emily Elizabeth sees a sign: a person with a no symbol on it. They realize that means they have to keep out and they tell Clifford too. They tell Clifford they're not sure why, but they know that sign means that they're not supposed to be there. Later, Clifford meets up with Cleo and T-Bone. He leads them to the bushes to show them. They have fun, playing around pretending to be different animals, or each other. Then, Clifford remembers that they're not supposed to go inside the patch. He shows everyone the sign. But Cleo points out that the sign has a human on it. That just means that humans aren't supposed to be there. It doesn't say anything about dogs. Clifford's reluctant at first, but finally gives in and they have more fun, playing and rolling around. Finally, they leave. As they walk along, someone notices that something stinks. They try to figure out who it is and realize that it's all of them. There must have been something stinky in that patch they were in that got on them. They decide to keep going, thinking that maybe the smell isn't that bad and their humans won't notice. But as they walk along, people notice all right. The smell causes them to cover their noses, or faint. It's really bad, but Clifford's afraid to go to Emily Elizabeth because she said not to play in the patch. So the dogs try to find a way to get the smell off themselves without having to tell anyone. They first go down to the beach and roll in sand. But this doesn't get the smell off and also ruins the fun of everyone at the beach. They then try going for a dip in the water and then head for the docks. But they still stink. Finally, Charley and Emily Elizabeth find them. In fact, the entire village does. They're all teaming up to give them a bath. Emily Elizabeth tells Clifford that everyone makes mistakes, although that's probably one he'll never make again.

    "He's Wonderful Mr. Bleakman"

    Emily Elizabeth and Charley are playing soccer when the ball accidentally goes into Mr. Bleakman's yard. Mr. Bleakman is trying to get some dirt ready for his garden and the ball bounces in the dirt, covering him with it. Emily Elizabeth and Charley go to get the ball. Mr. Bleakman asks them if they could please go and do something quiet. So they go to Clifford's doghouse, where they play checkers. It's quiet, but they're also getting bored. Emily Elizabeth says that she wishes sometimes that she didn't have Mr. Bleakman for a neighbor. So Clifford takes down a picture hanging in the doghouse and shows it to Emily Elizabeth and Charley. Emily Elizabeth remembers it. In a flashback sequence, we see Emily Elizabeth and Clifford playing with an inflatable ring. But the ring gets stuck around Clifford's nose and Emily Elizabeth doesn't know how to get it off. She goes next door and asks Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman for help. Mr. Bleakman goes up on Clifford's nose and finds the release valve for the air on the ring. He opens it and succeeds in getting it off Clifford's nose. Emily Elizabeth calls him a hero and goes to get her camera. She snaps the snapshot which triggered the flashback. Back in the present, Charley and Emily Elizabeth comment that Mr. Bleakman can be quite helpful sometimes. They just wish he wasn't so grumpy sometimes. Charley remembers a time when he was actually kind of fun. In another flashback, we see Charley trying to use a pogo stick. But he can't keep his balance. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman come along and it turns out that in past years, Mr. Bleakman was a pogo sticking champion. He demonstrates how to bounce on the pogo stick. Then he bounces away, yelling that he's "still got it." In another flashback sequence, Emily Elizabeth remembers when she had the chicken pox. She didn't really feel bad, but she was bored because she wasn't allowed to go outside and play with her friends. Then, Mr. Bleakman came and played checkers with her. She chose to be red, since it's her favorite color. (Clifford's color) Finally, in one final flashback, Emily Elizabeth and Charley remember when Mr. Bleakman had to take care of Clifford once. Scenes taken directly from "Babysitter Blues" are used to show this. Emily Elizabeth and Charley realize that Mr. Bleakman is a good neighbor and they wonder if there's anything they can do to make him less grumpy. They decide to go and apologize to him again. Mr. Bleakman gladly accepts their apology. They ask if there's anything they can do help them. So Mr. Bleakman invites them to come over and have some of the potatoes he's just planted, once they've grown.

  • Fan Mail / Hooray for Cleo

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 3 - 5/22/02

    "Fan Mail"

    Emily Elizabeth, Jetta, Charley and Vaz are watching a concert of pop star Courtney Amber. Outside, Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are maneuvering to try to get a good view. After the concert ends, everyone agrees that Courtney Amber is the best. Emily Elizabeth likes her so much, she thinks that she'll write her a letter. Who knows, maybe she'll write back within a week or two. Jetta doesn't think so. She doesn't think that Courtney Amber has time to be answering letters. Emily Elizabeth is probably just wasting her time. Emily Elizabeth tells her that she's going to try anyway. She'll never know unless she tries. Later on, Emily Elizabeth is in Clifford's doghouse, reading the letter to Clifford. It's all very laudatory and it even invites her to come to Birdwell Island. If she wants to find Emily Elizabeth, she can just look for the big, red dog. She goes to mail it. When she tries to mail it, a stiff wind ends up blowing it away. Emily Elizabeth and Clifford go to a lot of trouble to retrieve it, until Jetta comes along and manages to grab it before it can fly away again. Emily Elizabeth tells her what it is and mentions that she invited Courtney Amber to come to Birdwell Island. Jetta just laughs at it. There's no way Courtney Amber would come to Birdwell Island. She convinces Emily Elizabeth of that too. No longer thinking the letter is such a good idea, Emily Elizabeth gives Clifford the letter to get rid of. Clifford tries to bury it in the yard, but his digging keeps getting dirt on Mr. Bleakman. Mr. Bleakman, annoyed, asks Clifford what he's burying. So Clifford shows him the letter to Courtney Amber. Mr. Bleakman's puzzled as to why Clifford would be burying it. Then, Jetta comes by, talking to herself about how disappointed Emily Elizabeth is going to be. He realizes that it's Jetta's doing. Sometime in the future, Emily Elizabeth, Charley, Vaz and Jetta meet Mr. Bleakman down by the docks. Mr. Bleakman tells them that his niece is coming and he wants them to show her around town. Jetta, apparently thinking this sounds boring, makes an excuse and leaves. The boat unloads it's passengers and Mr. Bleakman introduces his niece: Courtney Amber! He sent the letter for Emily Elizabeth and so Courtney Amber is pleased to meet her. Later on, the gang is riding on Clifford's back when they encounter Jetta. They have her meet Courtney Amber and she faints. Back at Emily Elizabeth's, the entire group dances to Courtney Amber's song that they were listening to on the concert before. Jetta apologizes for telling Emily Elizabeth not to mail the letter. She then asks if Emily Elizabeth thinks Courtney Amber would give her an autograph. Emily Elizabeth tells her that she'll never know unless she tries.

    "Hooray for Cleo"

    There's a beach volleyball game going on with a bunch of the neighborhood dogs. Cleo, Clifford, T-Bone and Mac are all there, as well as dogs named Al and Tonya, as well as many unnamed dogs. The dog named Al is having a great time giving a play-by-play commentary of the game, but it's also causing a problem for his team, as he's trying to give the commetary while playing the game. The score is tied when Cleo makes an amazing shot, giving the win to Clifford's team. However, the camera shows that the ball bounced before Cleo made the play. Everyone comes over to congratulate Cleo on the great play. Mac protests, saying that he thought he saw the ball bounce. Cleo tries to agree, but everyone cuts her off, saying what a great play it was. That night, Cleo is haunted by a nightmare in which Al gives his running commentary, but his time plays back her play in slow-motion and sees that the ball bounced. She wakes up and decides that she should tell everyone the truth. But when she gets to the game, everyone cuts her off again before she can say anything. Since she's such a great volleyball player, they want her to teach them some of her moves. Cleo decides to go along, telling them that anyone can be a great player if they practice. But everytime she tries to show them a shot, even shots that she normally does well, she messes them up. Finally, she has to admit that the ball bounced the day before. She wanted to tell them, but it just kept getting harder and harder. She decides to try it again and this time she actually does make the shot and without the ball bouncing.moreless

  • Topsy Turvy Day / Clifford's Charm School

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 38 - 11/21/01

    "Topsy Turvy Day"

    Emily Elizabeth is getting with Clifford for Topsy Turvy Day. She's hoping to reclaim the first class prize she won last year for the "uphill roll." Jetta's there too. She loves Topsy Turvy Day. She's hoping that maybe this year, she can win the race. Then, she gets an idea. She suggests that for this year, Emily Elizabeth trade Clifford for Mac. After all, it is Topsy Turvy Day, so everything is mixed up. Emily Elizabeth is reluctant at first, but finally agrees. Jetta begins training Clifford for the uphill roll. But Clifford doesn't seem to understand. Instead of rolling up the hill, he goes to the top of the hill and rolls down. Then, he tries sliding up the hill. Jetta's not pleased with this and her frustration shows. She decides to train Clifford for another event. In this event, the human does a dog paddle, while the dog does the backstroke. But Jetta can't even get Clifford to roll over on his back. She hopes that maybe they'll do better at the actual event. At the event, Jetta wonders how Emily Elizabeth did with Mac. She doesn't figure they'll have done very well with the uphill roll, since Mac doesn't like rolling. But Emily Elizabeth says that their practice went well. Jetta figures that for that to have happened, Emily Elizabeth must have given Mac a whole bunch of tummy-yummies. Emily Elizabeth says that she did give him tummy-yummies, but she also gave him belly-rubs. And when she ran out of tummy-yummies, she just gave him belly rubs. When the actual event starts, Emily Elizabeth and Mac are doing quite well. But Clifford doesn't even get going. Jetta gripes that she doesn't understand how Emily Elizabeth's making Mac do so well. Sheriff Lewis tells her that Emily Elizabeth's not making Mac do anything. She's been so nice to him that he wants to do well. Jetta considers this and decides to give it a try. Emily Elizabeth and Mac win the uphill roll. The next event is the swim. Jetta tries being nice. She tells Clifford that she knows she didn't explain things very well yesterday. She struggles at being nice, but she does do it and Clifford finally does what she needs. The race starts and at first, she and Clifford aren't winning, but they are moving. Jetta says that she doesn't mind if they don't win. After all, they're having fun. Then, Clifford kicks into high gear. He uses his tail like a propeller, blowing past the competition and making it to the finish line. At the end of the day, Jetta praises Clifford for his hard work. She and him received the first place trophy. Then, Emily Elizabeth shows her the trophy that she and Clifford received, the second place trophy. It's bigger than the first place one! Jetta's shocked, but Emily Elizabeth explains: it's Topsy Turvy Day, so everything is backwards.

    "Clifford's Charm School"

    Mrs. Bleakman is holding a party for the book club in her yard tomorrow. It's a classy event and she wants everything to be perfect. However, Mr. Bleakman thinks that Clifford could be a problem. Mrs. Bleakman doesn't think so, at first. But after some urging from Mr. Bleakman, she has a talk with Emily Elizabeth. Emily Elizabeth tells her that Clifford will be well-behaved. Cleo, Mac and T-Bone come over to Clifford's. Clifford tells them about the party. He says that he doesn't understand why Mrs. Bleakman would be worried about him. After all, Emily Elizabeth always says that he has good manners. Cleo and Mac tell him that "good manners" aren't enough. He has to act "fancy." Fortunately, they're both experts at acting fancy. T-Bone's not so sure about this. He thinks that Clifford is okay the way he is. But Clifford decides that it wouldn't hurt to try acting fancy. The first thing that Mac and Cleo show Clifford is walking fancy. They have him lift his head up high, walk slowly and straigthen his knees. But this goes awry when, with his head up so high in the air, he doesn't watch where he's going. They also try to train him not to wag his tail. They have T-Bone tell him neat things and have him try to force himself not to wag. He does well, but after he hears that he did well, he starts wagging it like crazy. As Cleo and Mac are trying to think of more things to teach Clifford, he starts scratching. They tell him that he absolutely can not scratch during the party. But the itch spreads. Clifford tries to keep from scratching, but he can't help it. He runs over to a tree and gives himself a good scratch. Mrs. Bleakman sees this and comments to herself that she hopes he doesn't do that during the party. Cleo and Mac give up. The next day, Mrs. Bleakman has her party. But it's so hot outside and the bright sun is shining right on the party. Emily Elizabeth and Clifford leave to go to the beach. Then, one of the guests notice as Mrs. Bleakman is talking to them that Clifford is big enough to completely block out the sun. Not only that, but his tail-wagging makes for a nice breeze. So he's asked to stay for the party. Emily Elizabeth happily agrees. Later on, Mrs. Bleakman thanks Clifford for helping out. She says that he'll be the first one to invite to the party the next time. Cleo and Mac wonder if Clifford did so well because of his fancy manners. But Clifford says that he just acted like himself.moreless

  • Potluck Party Pooper / The Best Gift

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 36 - 11/7/01

    "Potluck Party Pooper"

    It's Saturday, and Emmy is having a potluck party in her backyard. Everybody's excited, well, everybody that is except Mr. Bleakman. Even his wife wants to get in on the fun, but Mr. Bleakman doesn't want to change away from his normal Saturday routine: a nice meal of porkchops, some relaxing painting and then going to bed. Emmy and her friends think that it would be neat for him to try something new, but Mr. Bleakman won't be dissuaded so easily. At the party, there's all sorts of food to try, from all different countries. This includes hot and spicy food, which sends Clifford for a drink of water just from smelling it. Some of it even smells so good, that they think that if Mr. Bleakkman got a whiff of it, there's no way he could resist coming to the party. They use Clifford's ear as a fan, wafting the odor to Mr. Bleakman's yard. He smells it and goes over to find out what it is. He tries it, but still isn't persuaded to join the party. Vaz suggests that maybe Mr. Bleakman is just a bit shy. He says that he's like that at parties at first too, until he starts talking to everybody. After that, he gets into it and has a good time. He puts on a CD of latin dance music. Mr. Bleakman hears the music and even starts dancing over in his yard. However, he catches himself and still won't join the party. At the party, they all start playing party games, including some sort of ringtoss game. One of the rings goes flying into Mr. Bleakman's yard, nearly knocking into his painting, but he manages to save it by catching the ring with his paintbrush. Seems Mr. Bleakman's not too bad at the game, even though he's never played before. He finally joins in, agreeing that sometimes it's fun to try something different.

    "The Best Gift"

    It's Emily Elizabeth's Mom's birthday, and Emily Elizabeth is ready. She and Charley create a giant card for her, featuring Clifford's pawprint and she's also written her Mom a special poem. She thinks that her Mom is going to love it. Jetta, however, has other ideas. She doesn't figure Emily Elizabeth's Mom will be too impressed with this and despite Emily Elizabeth's protests, states that she knows how to pick out perfect gifts for Mom. She believes she has the perfect idea: matching outfits. Emily Elizabeth doesn't think much of this, but Jetta takes her to a fancy clothing store to put her idea in action. When they get there, though, things go differently than planned. Jetta hates all of the outfits that Emily Elizabeth samples. Emily Elizabeth finally finds one that Jetta likes: it looks just like Jetta's outfit. Clifford whines and Emily Elizabeth says that maybe an outfit isn't the best idea. Jetta isn't giving up yet though. She has a new idea: they'll make Emily Elizabeth's Mom a bottle of perfume. She says that all they have to do is bottle up a lot of good smelling stuff. They get all sorts of good smelling stuff: flowers, chocolate, cinnamon, pine needles, etc. They mix it all together and find that together, it actually smells quite rotten. So much for that idea. Finally, Jetta suggests jewelry. She makes a tiara out of seashells, but Emily Elizabeth doesn't think that her Mom would want to be a queen, she just likes being her Mom. She lets Jetta keep the tiara, as it looks good on her and decides to go with her original plan. This works out nicely, Emily Elizabeth's Mom really enjoys spending time with her and loves her poem. Finally, at the end of the episode, Clifford presents the pawprint card, which has been beautifully decorated since the last time we saw it.moreless

  • Jetta's Tall Tale / The Big Fetch

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 35 - 10/31/01

    Jetta feels a twinge of jealousy when the other children make a fuss over mily Elizabeth's wonderful big pet Clifford, so she blurts out a story about her own wonderful big pet – a huge parrot named Lulu. But the little lie quickly grows into a big mess, forcing Jetta to dress Clifford up as a bird to keep the lie from being exposed. Her conscience finally makes her do the right thing and she apologizes for having created the lie in the first place.moreless
  • Clifford's Hiccups / It's My Party

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 33 - 10/17/01

    "Clifford's Hiccups"

    There's something causing rumbling in the area of Clifford's household. It's disturbing Mr. and Mrs. Howard. It gives Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman a jolt when they're trying to enjoy breakfast. And it wakes Emily Elizabeth up. It's Clifford! He has a bad case of the hiccups. Emily Elizabeth calls in Dr. Dihn, to see if Clifford's okay. She assesses him, but tells Emily Elizabeth that he's just got the hiccups. They'll go away sooner or later, but it's just a matter of time. It could take just a few hours, or it could be days. Clifford goes off and mopes in his doghouse. Then, Cleo, T-Bone and Mac show up. They all heard about his hiccups. Even better than that - they think they know how to cure them. T-Bone starts, by trying to scare Clifford. That, however, doesn't work. His weak "boo" doesn't scare Clifford at all. Cleo says that she gets the hiccups all the time. After she's questioned about this, she modifies it to one time, when she was a puppy. She says she knows what will cure Clifford's hiccups though. It's called "feng-shui." She's seen Mrs. Diller lots of time. She'll just rearrange the objects in Clifford's doghouse to change the flow of energy. She does this, but when Clifford keeps hiccuping, she says that it'll take a minute to work. After he keeps hiccuping, she says that maybe it's not working after all. Then, Mac says that he knows how to cure hiccups. He takes Clifford to Jetta's, where he wants Clifford to go through this strange thing of taking twenty gulps of pool water while covering his ears. Cleo and T-Bone think this is very strange and say that he's making it up. As they argue, Clifford's hiccups stop. They all start trying to take the credit for it, but then they start up again. Later, they're walking by the library. Clifford gets ready to head home. The hiccups haven't stopped, but he thanks everyone for trying. He appreciates it. Then, Emily Elizabeth calls him. She comes up to him and asks if his Clifford's have stopped. Clifford realizes something: he hasn't hiccuped in the past couple of minutes. He waits a bit longer and then everyone celebrates. He's cured! Emily Elizabeth sees Mac, Cleo and T-Bone. She says that it's nice for Clifford to have good friends.

    "It's My Party"

    Vaz, Charley and Emily Elizabeth are heading to Jetta's. Jetta's invited them to a movie-watching party. They've all brought some great videos. Emily Elizabeth's bringing one about a dog and everyone agrees that it's a good movie and they want to watch it first. Vaz also has a video camera with him. He thinks that maybe when they're done watching movies, they coul make one of their own. When they get to Jetta's, Jetta shows them the drink and popcorn and has them all find comfortable seats. Then, the talk turns to the movie-watching. Emily Elizabeth tells Jetta about her movie, but Jetta says that since it's her party, she kinda thought she'd be the one to pick the first video. They agree to this and she presents: The Jetta Show. She says that it's her Mom's name for their home videos. The videos are all stuff about Jetta when she was a kid. Charley, Vaz and Emily Elizabeth quickly become bored with them. Outside, Clifford notes to Mac that Jetta is now making them watch a third Jetta Show video. He asks if Mac is in any of them and Mac says that he has an entire video called The Mac Show. They discuss what they want to play. Clifford suggests hide-and-seek, but Mac says he's bored with it because they play it all the time. So instead they play "jump hose," which is jump rope, except using a hose as the rope. Inside, the gang is becoming increasingly bored. Vaz is flat-out sleeping, Charley has a blank expression on his face and Emily Elizabeth is doing a fairly good job of faking interest. Then, Clifford's thudding on the ground from the jump hose game gets their attention. They all look out the window, while Jetta continues to narrate the video. Jetta eventually notices that they aren't watching and wonders what they're looking at. When Emily Elizabeth asks how many Jetta Show videos there are, Jetta says that there's 25. Not wanting to see 21 more videos, Vaz suggests that they use his video camera to make a movie. Jetta objects, so they take a vote and then all head outside, sans Jetta. Jetta continues to watch the videos inside. Outside, the group has a fun time with their video. They pretend that they're adventurers, on the trail of the big, red "dogosaurus." Jetta hears them laughing outside and wonders how they can be having such a good time. She decides to go ask them. Outside, Charley explains to her that things aren't fun if it's just one person telling everything to do. Jetta realizes that's just what she was doing. She finally agrees to join in their home movie, as a brave jungle princess who needs to rescued from the "dogosaurus." There's just one problem: Clifford isn't acting scary.moreless

  • Manchester: Part 1

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 1 - 10/10/01

    Bartlet's decision about Haiti falls under scrutiny; C.J. makes a horrible blunder in a press conference and is hounded about the president's health by reporters; the staff disagrees about whether Bartlet should apologize for not revealing his medical condition; Abbey is angry that Jed has decided to run for reelection.moreless
  • Welcome To The Doghouse / Promises, Promises

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 32 - 10/10/01

    "Welcome To The Doghouse"

    Emily Elizabeth is with Clifford in his doghouse. She's looking at some pictures, which bring back memories of the time when he was just a puppy. She remembers back then that things were a lot different. Back then, he could fit in his food dish. Then, there was the time when he grew and they first came to Birdwell Island. She had a hard time with some things when they first came to Birdwell Island. It was a big job brushing him using a small little hairbrush. And feeding him took forever. But one of the biggest things was that he didn't have any doghouse. Each night, he would just sleep out in the yard and Emily Elizabeth would cover him with small blankets. It was definitely time to get him a doghouse. So Emily Elizabeth and her family clean out the garage, thinking it will make a great doghouse. Clifford tries it - but he himself stands taller than the garage! He tries to squeeze into it, but it's way too small for him. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman come and see what's happening. They came over because their car broke down. They were hoping that Mr. Howard could give them a lift. Emily Elizabeth suggests that Clifford could give them a lift. Mr. Bleakman isn't sure, Clifford is so big. In the end, Clifford ends up pushing the Bleakmans' car to where they need to go. Emily Elizabeth decides that she needs some help to get a doghouse set up for Clifford. She goes to see Charley and Samuel, thinking that maybe they can help. When she gets there, there's a cat stuck in a tree. Samuel's worried that they may have to call the fire department. Clifford, however, lowers the tree branch, allowing the cat to be rescued. Samuel calls him a big help. He asks if there's anything he can do to help Clifford and Emily Elizabeth. Emily Elizabeth tells him about the need for a doghouse. Samuel suggests an old boathouse nearby. It's going to be torn down, but perhaps she can convince the people tearing it down to give it to her instead. By the time she gets there, though, the wrecking ball has already done its damage. The boathouse is demolished and there's no way it can be a doghouse now. Then, the wrecking truck driver gets stuck on a hill backing up. Clifford rescues him. Emily Elizabeth and Clifford continue to look all over town for a doghouse. But they just can't find anything anywhere. That night, Emily Elizabeth puts Clifford to bed again. She sleeps outside with him, saying that they just have to get him a doghouse. The next morning, Emily Elizabeth wakes up to the sounds of constructions. Mrs. Bleakman comes over and wakes her up. She takes Clifford's measurements. It turns out the entire neighborhood is pitching in to make Clifford a doghouse! Even Mr. Bleakman is involved, he paints Clifford's name. It's to thank him for being so helpful. Clifford heads into the doghouse and barks approvingly. He likes it.

    "Promises, Promises"

    Emily Elizabeth, Charley, Vaz and Jetta are out playing. Emily Elizabeth and Jetta have their dogs Clifford and Mac with them. Jetta has a new boomerang-type toy called a "squiggle stick," which she tosses. Clifford goes after it and catches it. He gives it back to Jetta, who complains about the dog slobber on it. Charley tells everyone about some baby seals who are at seal cove. Charley and Vaz want to go, but can't because they have other committments. Emily Elizabeth and Jetta, however, agree that they should go together. Emily Elizabeth says they can make a picnic. They agree to meet the next day. The next morning, Emily Elizabeth makes a lunch. She has to be careful, though, about Clifford trying to eat it. Clifford also makes preparations: he gathers a bunch of bones, to share with Mac. Emily Elizabeth waits outside for Jetta. Jetta shows up and tells her that Jenny Wincole from the fifth grade called. She wants Jetta to go with her to an amusement park called "Whoopie World" --- today! Jetta apologizes for canceling on Emily Elizabeth, but says that it's rare to get a chance to go to an amusement park with someone in the fifth grade. Emily Elizabeth decides to go to Seal Cove anyway. She has a great time there, whereas Jetta has a bad time, waiting. Plus, Mac is mad at her for canceling out. He wanted to be at Seal Cove with Clifford. At the Seal Cove, Emily Elizabeth enjoys the company of the seals but says that she wishes Jetta could have been there. Then, at Jetta's, Jetta's Mom comes up to her and says that Jenny Wincole called. She got another of her fifth grade friends to go to "Whoopie World" with her, so Jetta won't be going. Jetta thinks it's terrible that Jenny Wincole canceled out on her. Her Mom reminds her that's exactly what she did to Emily Elizabeth. Jetta decides that she has some apologizing to do. She goes with Mac to Seal Cove. She apologizes to Emily Elizabeth. Emily Elizabeth isn't too mad. They set up their picnic and Jetta even lets the dogs play with her squiggle stick.moreless

  • Friends, Morning, Noon, and Night / Mr. Bleakman's Special Day

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 30 - 7/18/01

    "Friends, Morning, Noon and Night"

    Cleo has a big surprise for Clifford - she's going to be staying over at his house! Clifford at first is excited about this, it's nice to have someone stay over. Cleo, however, proves to be rather high-maintenance. She brings a whole bunch of her stuff over to Clifford's and tries to get Clifford to move his stuff over into a corner. She comes with Clifford when he picks Emily Elizabeth up from school, without asking if Clifford wants her to come along. When Emily Elizabeth is trying to do her homework, she makes all sorts of racket, such that Emily Elizabeth doesn't have any time to play with Clifford and her later in the day, only enough to read them a story - which Cleo chooses. The next morning, Emily Elizabeth is headed off to school. Clifford tries to wake Cleo, but she's sound asleep. So he goes off with Emily Elizabeth on his own. Cleo wakes up and notices that Clifford is gone. She sees him headed down the street and thinks that she's not wanted anymore. So she packs her stuff and starts to leave, until T-Bone stops her. T-Bone says that he's sure Clifford didn't want her to leave, it's that he needs time to be alone with Emily Elizabeth sometimes. Cleo apologizes to Clifford for thinking that he wanted to her to leave - how could she have been so silly? She then asks Clifford and T-Bone to unpack her stuff for her, and while they're at, take down some pictures of Emily Elizabeth so that she can put up some of her own. It's at this point that she really learns her lesson, that sometimes she needs to take Clifford's feelings into account and not just her own.

    "Mr. Bleakman's Special Day"

    Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are playing a nice game of ball. Everything is going well, until --- oh no, the ball lands in Mr. Bleakman's yard. Mr. Bleakman is not at all impressed. He's in a grumpy mood, has a lot of chores to do today and certainly doesn't want to put up with the dogs' racket. He takes the ball indoors, where it won't be a problem. This makes Cleo really mad. It's her ball and she wants it back. She figures she'll just go bark at Mr. Bleakman and make her give it back, but Clifford has another idea. Since Mr. Bleakman is so grumpy, why don't they be nice to him and help him with his work and then maybe he'll give the ball back. T-Bone concurs, citing some wisdom he heard from Sheriff Lewis. So the dogs get to work. They dig Mr. Bleakman's flower bed. Then they clean out his birdbath. Finally, they wash his car, with some help from Emily Elizabeth. Each time, Mr. Bleakman is flabbergasted. He doesn't know who it is who's doing his chores for him, but he really appreciates it. After everything's done, Mrs. Bleakman is surprised to find Mr. Bleakman in such a cheery mood. He explains about how all his chores were done for him. He has something else to do to, he gets Cleo's ball and returns it to her, still not knowing that it was the dogs who did the work all along. The dogs resume their ballgame, when... the ball goes over the fence again and into Mr. Bleakman's yard. This time, though, a cheerful Mr. Bleakman tosses the ball back and joins in the game.moreless

  • Babysitter Blues / Saturday Morning

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 28 - 7/16/01

    "Babysitter Blues"

    Emily Elizabeth and her family are going out for the day, so they've left Clifford with a babysitter - Mrs. Bleakman. Or, rather, Mr. Bleakman, since Mrs. Bleakman is going to some sort of program at the library. Mr. Bleakman isn't at all happy about this, since he's trying to work on painting a masterpiece and Clifford's just going to get in the way. Clifford finds various ways of getting in the way: blocking Mr. Bleakman's shade, scratching and getting fur all over Mr. Bleakman's painting, sneezing and so on. Mr. Bleakman tries taking Clifford to the park, but this doesn't work either. He takes him down by the docks, but Clifford splashes water on his painting of a seascape. He finally takes him down by the beach. After Clifford covers him in sand, Mr. Bleakman orders Clifford to stay completely still. Clifford does this, for the most part and Mr. Bleakman finally completes his masterpiece, but then a strong wind blows it away. Mr. Bleakman gets Clifford to retrieve it, but then both Mr. Bleakman and the painting blow away. Mr. Bleakman and his painting end up in the water, but Clifford rescues them and soon they're hanging ten on the waves. Back on land, Mr. Bleakman thanks Clifford for the most fun he's had at years. He returns home atop Clifford, where Emily Elizabeth and Mrs. Bleakman have been waiting for him. He shows them his new masterpiece - a painting of him having fun with Clifford.

    "Saturday Morning"

    It's Saturday morning and T-Bone's excited. This is his special time with Sheriff Lewis. They're going to have eggs and bacon and all sorts of fun. Sheriff Lewis, however, isn't anywhere to be found and T-Bone wonders what's going on. Then Sheriff Lewis comes in the door. Unfortunately, he won't be able to have fun with T-Bone today. He has to fill in for someone at work. He suggests that T-Bone could come along with him, but T-Bone is very disappointed and doesn't really feel like coming. After Sheriff Lewis leaves, he decides to go see what Clifford is doing. He's getting a bath, which T-Bone figures must be a real bummer on Saturday, but Clifford says that he's just happy to spend time with Emily Elizabeth. While Emily Elizabeth goes off to soccer practice, Clifford and T-Bone decide to see what some of their other friends are up to. They find Charley and Samuel working flipping burgers at the docks. They visit Jetta and Mac, who are playing tea party. T-Bone thinks this stinks, but Mac is happy with it. He gets to spend time with Jetta, plus he gets treats. Finally, they visit Cleo's and see that Mrs. Diller is in bed with a cold. But Cleo seems to be enjoying Mrs. Diller's reading to her. Emily Elizabeth returns from soccer practice and Clifford wants to know if T-Bone would like to go to the park with them, but T-Bone has something else to do. He goes to visit Sheriff Lewis, now happy to spend time with him.moreless

  • Clothes Don't Make the Dog / Short-Changed

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 25 - 7/11/01

    "Clothes Don't Make the Dog"

    Sheriff Lewis has received a couple of purple sweaters from his aunt. He puts one on and then puts a matching one on T-Bone. Looking at it, he comments that it looks as good on T-Bone as it does on him. As they head out, Jetta sees them. She certainly thinks that T-Bone looks good. Mac, however, thinks he looks ridiculous. Jetta gives T-Bone a tummy-yummy for being so "adorable." Later on, T-Bone talks with Mac. He was supposed to meet Clifford at the beach, but he can't find him anywhere and wants to know if Mac knows where he is. Mac snits that Clifford is pretty hard to miss. Meanwhile, people are once again noticing T-Bone's sweater. Mac tries to get them to give him treats, but to his surprise, they give him to T-Bone, calling him "adorable." Mac tells T-Bone that when humans call a dog "adorable," what they actually mean is that the dog looks "silly." He says that if T-Bone shows himself in front of Cleo and Clifford wearing that sweater, they're going to laugh at him. T-Bone doesn't believe him at first, but Mac manages to convince T-Bone that he should give the sweater to him to "hold on to." It ends up on Mac and T-Bone says that Mac looks good in it. But Mac says that it doesn't look good on anyone. T-Bone finds Clifford and Cleo and they play volleyball. Clifford sends the ball way up into the air. Cleo tries to catch it, but she misses and the ball literally burns a hole in the ground. With the volleyball game at an end, Clifford asks T-Bone what he wants to do. T-Bone sees Sheriff Lewis coming and quickly says that he wants to play "hide-and-go seek." Clifford argues that there's nowhere to hide on the beach, but T-Bone says he'll show him a good hiding spot. He hides under Clifford's ear to avoid being spotted by Sheriff Lewis because he's afraid that Sheriff Lewis will see that he's not wearing the sweater. (He even says as much out loud, but Clifford and Cleo don't seem to hear, suggesting that he never actually said it out loud, but actually in his mind.) Having shown Clifford and Cleo "a good place to hide on the beach," T-Bone now suggests that they go over to Cleo's yard to bury stuff. At Cleo's, Clifford amuses them with funny faces. T-Bone tries one too, an imitation of a dead dog, but neither Clifford nor Cleo are impressed. As Cleo says that she's going to do a scary face, Sheriff Lewis walks by again, whistling. Cleo turns around with her scary face and T-Bone runs and hides again. Cleo's pleased, she didn't know her face was that scary. Clifford and Cleo quickly figure out what's going on and confront T-Bone on the fact that he's hiding from Sheriff Lewis. T-Bone admits that he is and explains that he took off the sweater because Mac said that they would think it was silly. Clifford and Cleo can't believe that T-Bone believed this. They would never laugh at him. They don't care what he wears, they just like him. They go to get the sweater, but just then, Mac comes anyway. He's wearing the sweater, or, at least, they think he is. It actually turned out that Jetta liked the sweater so much on T-Bone, that she bought one for him. He gives T-Bone back his sweat er. Then, Clifford and Cleo asks if he wants to go play with them at the library. Mac's surprised that Clifford and Cleo would want to play with him while he's in the ugly sweater. But, as Cleo explains, they don't care about the sweater, they care about the dog inside. So they head for the library, Mac asking T-Bone to lead the way.


    Emily Elizabeth and Charley are brushing Clifford, using brooms. However, there's a spot they just can't reach. From behind them, a voice says that maybe he can help. They look behind him and see a very tall man: Skyscraper Jackson. They're amazed, Skyscraper Jackson is the best basketball player in the world. He takes one of the brooms and brushes Clifford in just the right spot. Mr. Howard explains that he knows Skyscraper and he's going to be their guest for the weekend. Just then, Mr. Bleakman notices Clifford's hair which has gotten all over his yard. He complains to Emily Elizabeth about it. Skyscraper Jackson apologizes, since it was his fault. Mr. Bleakman sees Skyscraper and suddenly doesn't mind the hair anymore. In fact, he values it as a treasure because he loves Skyscraper Jackson and this is dog hair that was brushed by Skyscraper Jackson. Jetta comes and comments that it's nice for Clifford to be around someone who's his size. Later that day, Emily Elizabeth, Charley and Jetta are hanging out. Emily Elizabeth says that she wonders how basketball players get so tall. Charley says that they're born that way, but Jetta says that she knows of other ways. In fact, she knows just what to do to make Emily Elizabeth taller. She presents Emily Elizabeth with her first idea: stilts. Emily Elizabeth tries it and likes it. She goes to show Clifford, who's playing basketball with Skyscraper Jackson. Clifford jumps wildly when he sees Emily Elizabeth, causing her to nearly fall off the stilts. She manages to remain stable, but then Clifford barks, causing her to fall. Clifford saves her before she can hit the ground, but in the process, Skyscraper Jackson ends up crushing some of Mr. Bleakman's flowers. Mr. Bleakman gets mad again, but then goes wild when Skyscraper apologizes for crushing them. Flowers that were crushed by Skyscraper? They're now a treasure to Mr. Bleakman. Emily Elizabeth comments that Mr. Bleakman must really like Skyscraper, since normally he doesn't let anyone touch his flowers. In any case, so much for the stilts idea. Jetta comes up with another idea. She hooks Emily Elizabeth up to balloons. This is fun at first, but then the wind blows Emily Elizabeth away from Clifford. She unhooks some of the balloons and makes a safe landing. On the ground, Skyscraper Jackson comments that he wishes he could have a dog like Clifford. Emily Elizabeth says that Skyscraper should take him then. After all, Clifford should be with someone his size. Skyscraper's confused. He didn't want to take Clifford. This is interrupted when Mr. Howard tells Sksycraper that he just got a package from Mr. Kibble. Skyscraper opens it. It's his new dog, Rufus, some sort of miniature toy breed. Skyscraper says that he and Rufus were made for each other, just like Emily Elizabeth and Clifford were made for each other. Jetta and Charley come. Skyscraper asks them if they want to see his new dog. Jetta starts talking about how brave Emily Elizabeth is. She thinks Emily Elizabeth gave Clifford to Skyscraper. Then, Skyscraper shows Rufus to Jetta. Jetta's surprised, what would Skyscraper want with a dog that's so small? But as Skyscraper explains, size has nothing to do with love.moreless

  • T-Bone, Dog About Town / Clifford's Big Heart

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 23 - 7/9/01

    "T-Bone, Dog About Town"

    Clifford and T-Bone are waiting for the ferry. Cleo is just returning from a vacation with Mrs. Diller. Then, a female dog gets off the ferry. It's not Cleo, however. Clifford and T-Bone aren't sure who she is. Then, T-Bone gets a better look. She's cute! She's brown and has a nice pink bow. T-Bone starts swooning. She comes up and says "hi" to him. He gets animated hearts for eyes and she wonders what's happening with him. She introduces herself as Mimi. T-Bone calls it a pretty name. Mimi's human, Ms. Smith, calls for her, as the bus to the Birdwell Island hotel has arrived. Mimi says that she'll see T-Bone later. Cleo arrives shortly after Mimi leaves. She had a good trick, but Mrs. Diller got seasick as usual. We see her - she's turned green in color from seasickness. T-Bone greets Cleo, saying that he just met the most beautiful dog in the world. Cleo gushes at first, thinking he's talking about her. Then, he says that she's staying at the Birdwell Island hotel and that her name is Mimi. They all decide to go to the Birdwell Island hotel to find Mimi. T-Bone greets her as she's coming off the bus. But he's all muddy and so Ms. Smith chases him away. T-Bone gripes that he's a mess. Clifford tells him that he doesn't think Mimi minds, she still likes him. T-Bone, however, wants a new look and Cleo thinks that she can give it to him. First, she gives him a bubble bath. Then, she puts his fur in a wild spike. T-Bone heads back to Mimi to try again. Mimi is at the beach, where her human is trying to photograph sea turtles hatching from their eggs. She leaves for a minute and T-Bone makes his move. But he ends up falling on the sea turtle eggs. They hatch before Ms. Smith comes back and she chases him away again. T-Bone complains to Cleo that the look didn't work for him. Clifford suggests just being himself. Cleo, however, has a new idea. When T-Bone fell, it made Mimi laugh. Maybe humor is the answer. She tells a great joke and T-Bone heads off to tell it to Mimi. Clifford suggests to Cleo that T-Bone should have practiced first. Cleo, however, thinks T-Bone will do just fine. He doesn't do just fine, though. He's able to tell the joke to Mimi, but completely blows the punchline. T-Bone tries one more last-ditch attempt: poetry. He dresses up in a black suit and hat. That night, he goes up to the hotel and calls to her. She peeks out her window and he recites some beautiful poetry. But then he starts howling, causing Ms. Smith to complain about the racket. The next day, at the ferry, Mimi is heading home. T-Bone doesn't even want to talk to her, since he doesn't think she'll even care whether or not he says goodbye. She comes up to him, saying that she does care. She really appreciated all the things he did for her. But, really, he didn't have to do anything. She liked him the way he was. She'll be coming back in a couple months. Cleo says to imagine the changes that they could make to T-Bone in a couple months. Clifford says that they don't need to change anything.

    "Clifford's Big Heart"

    As the episode begins, a seagull flies down from the sky towards the island. Charley, Emily Elizabeth and Jetta are in Clifford's doghouse. They're working on Valentines. Jetta says that she's going to make an amazing Valentine for her Mom. She gets to work on it. But Clifford's tail-wagging causes his fur and some of the Valentine materials to get all over Jetta's clothes. Jetta's upset, but Charley and Emily Elizabeth tell her that she looks nice. Jetta looks herself and agrees that she does look pretty. Charley and Emily Elizabeth suggest that she herself could be a Valentine. Jetta thinks that it's an interesting idea, but says that a person can't really be a Valentine. She says that a Valentine has to be big and red and have lots of sparkles and stuff. Charley and Emily Elizabeth leave to deliver their Valentines. Jetta's comment gets Clifford thinking. He wants to find the biggeast, reddest thing on Birdwell Island to give to Emily Elizabeth. His first try is a big, red truck. But the driver doesn't like being picked up off the ground and asks Clifford to put him down, saying that he can't come with him today. He has to work. Clifford runs into Cleo and tells her about how Valentines are supposed to be big and red. Cleo decides to show Clifford her Valentine for Mrs. Diller, thinking that maybe it'll help him to figure something out. She shows a big red heart, which she made out of all of the ribbons that Mr. Kibble keeps putting in her hair. T-Bone also tries to think about something big and red. They decide to find something small and red and make it into something big. They head to Clifford's, where Clifford uses his dog food to make a giant heart. It's great, although they have to stop T-Bone from eating it all up. But then, a pack of birds, flying a heart formation, swoop in and eat all of the dog food. So there heart-shaped dog food is gone. The dogs all ready to give up, but then the idea of flowers is suggested. So Clifford gets some of Mr. Bleakman's roses. Then, he realizes that maybe he shouldn't have just taken them. Mr. Bleakman comes out and finds that his rose bush is gone. He goes in to complain to Mrs. Bleakman and while he does, Clifford puts the bush back. When Mr. Bleakman comes back out with Mrs. Bleakman, he is puzzled to see the rose bush back where it belongs. Mrs. Bleakman takes him back inside to get the cutters, calling him his sweet, little Valentine. Clifford gives up and lays down, curled up. Emily Elizabeth sees him from her window - the way he's curled up - he's shaped liked a heart! She calls him a big, red Valentine. The episode ends with lots of animated hearts, which are used as the closing picture.moreless

  • The Big Sleepover / Dog for a Day

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 22 - 7/6/01

    "The Big Sleepover"

    Emily Elizabeth is leaving on a ferry to go to her cousin's wedding. She explains to Clifford that he can't come along because her cousin is allergic to dogs. Clifford fantasizes. He's at the wedding. Right in the middle of the wedding vows, he sneezes. So maybe it's better that he doesn't go. Charley's going to be taking care of him for the day. Throughout the day, Clifford and Charley have a great time together. They have a race, which Clifford wins. They play baseball. Clifford hits the ball out of the park with one of his ears. They play frisbee with a garbage can lid. Finally, that night, they watch the sunset together. It's time for bed. Charley and Samuel have set up a special tent for Clifford and Clifford seems to like it. They go inside. But once they're inside, Clifford starts to miss Emily Elizabeth. He imagines her face in the moon and starts howling. Charley comes out. He realizes that this is the first time that Clifford's ever been away from Emily Elizabeth at night and he misses her. His howling wakes the entire neighborhood: Victor and Pedro (who sleep together in a bunkbed), Sheriff Lewis and T-Bone, Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman and more. They all head to Charley's to see what's the matter. T-Bone asks Clifford what's wrong and he tells him that he misses Emily Elizabeth. Mr. Carson has an idea. When he was young, his Dad would take him for a ride in a truck and that would put him to sleep. So he gets a big truck and puts Clifford in the cargo load. It works. As they drive along, Clifford dozes off. But when they return to Charley's, Clifford wakes up again. Mr. Bleakman's ready to give up, but Mrs. Bleakman has an idea. Mr. Bleakman should sing him a lullaby. He's reluctant at first, but tries it. Mrs. Bleakman and soon, everyone else, joins in. The lullaby only succeeds in putting everyone to sleep except Clifford. With everyone now sleeping around him, Clifford still can't sleep. Charley's awake. He tells Clifford that they're with him and they're going to stay right there until he falls asleep. Finally, with everyone around him, Clifford does fall asleep and sleeps through the night. In the morning, he's the first to wake up. Charley congratulates him sleeping through the night. Emily Elizabeth arrives. She notices everybody there and so they explain to her what happened. She hopes that Clifford wasn't too much trouble, but they agree he was none at all. It was kind of fun all sleeping through the night together.

    "Dog for a Day"

    Charley is helping Samuel with maintenance on the restaurant. He wants to go play, but Samuel has him doing things like mopping and stuff. He sees Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone playing and notes that they're having a lot of fun. Emily Elizabeth comes. She wants to ride bikes with Charley, but Charley is still mopping. Samuel comes out and congratulates him on a good job. He says they can ride bikes, but there's one more thing first. Charley dreads it, but actually Samuel just wanted to know if they wanted ice cream cones. He hands them vanilla and strawberry. Emily Elizabeth and Charley go and play soccer. The dogs join in and Cleo does some pretty neat tricks. Charley says that he wishes he could be a dog. Among other things, they don't have to go to school. Emily Elizabeth tells him that they do a lot of great things in school, but Charley still wants to be a dog. That night, before going to bed, Charley asks Samuel if he's ever wanted to be a dog. Samuel says that he did when he was a kid, but not anymore. Of course, if Charley wants to be a dog, he can always dream. So Charley does. He goes into a dream sequence in which he's a shaggy, small brown dog. He comments to himself that he had the weirdest dream the night before: he dreamt he was a dog. Samuel feeds him dog food and calls him a "good dog." Charley doesn't get it at first, but then sees his reflection in the water and figures out that he's a dog. He tries to help with the mopping, but Samuel tells him that dogs don't do chores and that he should go play with Clifford. This is right up Charley's alley. At the beach, Charley brags to Clifford about how he's a dog now. He says he's going to tell everyone in school. Clifford reminds him that now that he's a dog, he can't go to school. Charley likes that too: no homework. He has a race with Clifford, which Clifford wins. Charley tries to get on his bike, so that he can beat Clifford in the race, but Clifford reminds him that dogs can't ride bikes. Charley's next idea is to play basketball. But he can't get a hold of the ball and ends up popping it with his teeth. Well, how about soccer? Dogs can play soccer. However, when they reach the soccer field, Jetta, Emily Elizabeth and Vaz are there holding a practice. They won't let Charley or Clifford play because it's a practice for a game later in the day and they need to concentrate. Now Charley's starting to get annoyed. He thinks that maybe being a dog isn't such a good idea after all. Clifford tries to expound the virtues of being a dog. There's chasing your tail and jumping and all sorts of other things. Charley tells Clifford that being a dog may be good for him, but as Charley, he's kind of missing being a kid. He returns to Samuel, hoping for advice. But Samuel just treats him like a dog. Finally, Charley wakes up. He runs to the mirror and his happy to see that he's himself again. He offers to help Samuel with the mopping. After all, dogs can't mop and he likes himself just the way he is.moreless

  • Fluffed Up Cleo / Team Spirit

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 19 - 7/3/01

    "Fluffed Up Cleo"

    The episode opens with a beautiful view of the Birdwell Island sea and the birds flying above. It pans to a competition in which Cleo is participating: "the fluffiest dog competition." Mrs. Diller says that she knows Cleo is going to win. We see several very fluffy dogs, but the judges agree that Cleo is the fluffiest. They award her a first place ribbon and a trophy with a hedgehog toy on top. She has her picture taken. Elsewhere on the island, T-Bone and Clifford are pretending to be other animals. T-Bone pretends that he's an elephant. Then it's Clifford's turn. Clifford turns around, then reveals that he has sticks in each of his nostrils. He makes "arf arf" noises. T-Bone tries to guess what he is, but he's stumped. Cleo comes up. T-Bone asks her if she knows what kind of animal Clifford is and she says that he's a dog. She doesn't realize that they're playing. Mac comes along and wonders what they're doing. Finally, T-Bone correctly guesses that Clifford is pretending to be a walrus. Cleo wants to know if they notice anything different about her. She shows them her ribbon and they're all impressed. It's a first place ribbon. But then when T-Bone asks if she wants to play the pretend animal game and suggests she use her ribbon, she says that it's not for play. Instead, she decides to tell them all about her win at the fluffiest dog competition. She rambles on and on as the sun beats down. Clifford and T-Bone fall asleep. She asks them if she's listening. They say that it's getting rather hot and they want to go swimming. She can finish the story later. As they go and splash in the water, they get it all over T-Bone and Mac. Mac tells her that it's not easy being an award-winning dog. He knows, since he's an award-winning dog. He offers to take her to his dog house to show her his awards. So they do so. As they walk along, Mac babbles on about his past victories and his ribbons. They reach his doghouse, which is filled with trophies, photos and ribbons. He goes on and on about the pictures, while Cleo begins to bored. That's not the half of it though. Once he gets done with the photos, he wants to show her his trophies. He continues on about those. Finally, Cleo escapes. Mac yells after her to come back next week, when the rest of his trophies are back from being polished. On her way home, Cleo mocks Mac's ramblings. As she listens to herself, she realizes that she did the exact same thing to Clifford and T-Bone. She fantasizes about what it must have sounded like to them. It's awful. She returns to the beach, where Clifford and T-Bone are playing in seaweed. They tell her that she shouldn't play in it because it could get her ribbon dirty. She explains that she left her ribbon at home and apologizes for going on like she did. They all go for a swim, racing to be the first one in the water.

    "Team Spirit"

    It's the first game of the new soccer season. Emily Elizabeth's team is having practice. Clifford is playing goalie. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman are in the audience. Mr. Bleakman's happy, as they have a perfect view of the soccer field. Their team is the Birdwell Birds. Vaz practices. He tries to kick the ball, but ends up missing. Jetta snits that only he could miss Clifford. Cleo and T-Bone come in. They're the team mascots, rooting for victory today against the Sea City Sharks. The whistle blows as Mrs. Lee calls the game over the PA. The action is fast, as the Birds's goalie catches the ball, causing the crowd to cheer. Clfiford works the audience along with Cleo and T-Bone. However, he's backing out Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman's view. They can't see with him in the way. Meanwhile, Vaz keeps fumbling plays, while Charley scores goals. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman make a move for different seats. Halfway through the first half, the score is 1-1. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman find their new seats, but once again Clifford blocks their view as he does a cheer. Charley scores again. Vaz continues to mess up, causing Jetta to get irritated from the bench. She wants to go in for him. At halftime, the score is 2-1. Everybody takes a drink from a drink center that was Vaz's idea. Jetta's not interested in thanking him though. Instead, she has some advice for him. She wants him to stop playing, or else they could lose the game. Vaz seems to agree. Before the start of the second half, he asks Emily Elizabeth's Dad (who's coaching) if Jetta or Charley could go in for him. Back to the game and the score is tied 3-3. The Sharks then take over the lead with only five minutes left in the game. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman have finally gotten what they feel are decent seats. They're now on the field, right behind one of the nets. Then, Mr. Howard wants to put Vaz back in. Vaz doesn't want to go in because they could lose the game. But Mr. Howard doesn't mind and puts him in anyway. With a minute left, the score is tied. The ball heads for Vaz and he stops it. He's completely clear from opposing players and having made the stop, everyone now wonders if he'll go for the goal. Jetta asks him to pass it to her and he does. Then, Jetta goes for the goal. But it bounces off the net and into Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman's food that they brought with them, covering them in it. Time's up and the game ends in a tie. Mark congratulates them, saying that he's really proud of them. Jetta doesn't think he's proud of her. Vaz says that he is though. She played her best. Jetta agrees that Vaz did his best too. They all do a cheer for their team.moreless

  • Mac's Secret Dog Club / The Dog Park

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 18 - 7/2/01

    "Mac's Secret Dog Club"

    Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo are playing "shuffle-dog." They have a shuttlecock. Cleo scores in the proper area for ten points. The Clifford tries, but he sends it in the water. It bounces ten times, which means that Clifford also scores ten points. Then T-Bone takes a turn, but it takes him forever to shoot. This gives time for Mac to come and bump into T-Bone. They tell him what they're doing. Mac tells them about his "secret dog club." He wants to show it to them, but he notes that "not everyone can get in, you know." It's a bit of a climb to Mac's secret spot, and T-Bone has some trouble. He has to have Clifford help to get him all the way up. Everybody thinks Mac's secret spot, which features an awesome waterfall is great. T-Bone really likes it, but then he's surprised when Mac tells him he isn't in the club. Why? According to Mac, the first rule of the club is that in order to be a member, you have to be able to get to it without help. Cleo, Clifford and T-Bone don't like this at all. They decide to have a vote to try and get T-Bone in. Mac votes that he can't be in. Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone all vote yes. They've won, right? Wrong. Mac says that as the president, he has four votes. He wins. Or does he? Clifford and Cleo agree that without T-Bone in the club, they don't want to be in it either. They leave. Mac shouts after Clifford, offering him Vice President status, but it doesn't work. So Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo go back to their playing, this time Super T-Bone. Mac comes down and tries to tempt Cleo to join with tummy-yummies, but that doesn't work either. Mac leaves. He's got an exciting meeting to go to. Over at his secret location, he tries to conduct a meeting, with all the regular trappings of such meetings, such as "old business" and "new business." It doesn't work very well with just him though. He goes back to the others, who are still playing Super T-Bone, with a new trick up his sleeves. He says his club has games and he's offering prizes. Clifford says that it sounds great, but can T-Bone join? No, he's still out. Mac tries begging. It's no fun being in a club by himself. Clifford retorts that it's no fun being left out of a club by yourself either. Mac gives up. He makes an announcement and changes his vote. T-Bone's in. With everybody in, they head back to the secret spot, where they have a great time, sliding down the waterfall and having splash fights.

    "The Dog Park"

    It's a beautiful day at the park. Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman are there and so are kids and their dogs. But Clifford's playing disturbs Mr. Bleakman, who says that there oughta be a law about dogs in the park. He has Clifford go play with his dog friends. We see that T-Bone and Cleo are playing tug-of-war. Mac keeps changing who he's rooting for. When asks whose side he's on, he answers that he's on the "winner's side." Clifford comes and they figure they can have more fun now. They'll play "Red Rover." Clifford, of course, is Red Rover, but when he charges really fast, they all decide it would be best to just get out of the way. Clifford ends up nearly slamming into the bench where Mr. Bleakman is sitting. He causes a commotion and licks Mr. Bleakman. Mr. Bleakman calls Emily Elizabeth over and asks her to get her "galloping gargantuan" out of the way. Clifford, with his friends, decides to go find a nice big fetch stick. In the meantime, Mr. Bleakman is birdwatching through binoculars, when he spots a very rare bird, a Birdwell Island budgie. Then, all of a sudden, it disappears. It turns out Clifford took the stick that it was sitting on, but Mr. Bleakman doesn't notice that. Clifford and friends decide that they have to find somewhere to put the bird down so they won't disturb it. They head for a pond. Mr. Bleakman trails, still not noticing them, hoping to catch sight of the bird again. He scares away other birds and, not paying attention to where he's going, he ends up walking into a pond where Clifford sat down the branch. Then, the bird flies away. He sees Clifford and the gang and snaps. We see Sheriff Lewis putting up a "no dogs" sign. He asks Mr. Bleakman if he's sure about this. Mr. Bleakman refers to the city bylaws, which have a clear precedent for dogs not being allowed in the park. The next day, he returns. He's pleased at first that it's nice and quiet, but then he realizes that it's too quiet. He wonders what happened to the kids, the birds and the squirrels. Mrs. Bleakman connects the dots, explaining how without the dogs, the kids, birds and squirrels won't come. Over at Emily Elizabeth's house, everyone's bored and wishes they could come to the park. Mr. Bleakman comes up. They wonder if they've done anything to disturb him and promise to quiet down. That, however, isn't why Mr. Bleakman's there. He says thats kids like them should be in the park. And with that, he takes the "no dogs" sign and drops it in a trash can. With dogs allowed again, Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman are back at the park. Mr. Bleakman's hoping for birdwatching, but then it starts to rain. He looks behind him and sees that it's actually Clifford with a hose that's making the rain. Mrs. Bleakman asks if Clifford's presence is a problem. Mr. Bleakman doesn't think so at all.moreless

  • Little Clifford / Welcome to Birdwell Island

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 12 - 9/19/00

    "Little Clifford"

    "Little Clifford" begins with a pan-shot, showing Clifford dozing outside Emily Elizabeth's school on Birdwell Island. The scene then changes to inside Emily Elizabeth's class, where Emily Elizabeth is just starting an oral report: "My Favorite Memory." We get to experience her favorite memory in the form of a flashback sequence as the scene changes to when she was a little girl living in an apartment in the big city. Back then, she wanted a dog more than anything. Her room was decorated with pictures of dogs. We see her on her bed, looking at pictures of different types of dogs and considering what it would be like to have them. The next scene is Emily Elizabeth's birthday. She's blowing out the candles on her cake and she makes a wish. Mr. and Mrs. Howard ask her what she wished for and she answers that you're not supposed to reveal what you wished for. It doesn't matter because they already know. They ask her if she wished for a dog and explain that Mr. Bradley's dog just had a litter of puppies. They're going to take her to pick one out, if she wants to, of course. She does, of course and so they go to meet Mr. Bradley. There, we see three puppies crowded around a fairly large (nowhere near Clifford size, but fairly large for a normal dog) mother. They all vie for Emily Elizabeth's attention, but then Emily Elizabeth notices another dog, cowering behind the mother. She calls for him and the dog, a very small, red puppy comes bounding up. She says that she wants him to be her dog. Mr. Bradley tries to convince her otherwise, as he's the runt of the litter and won't ever grow. It's too late though, Emily Elizabeth has already made up her mind. She wants him and she's naming him Clifford. Back at the apartment, Emily Elizabeth puts Clifford on the floor to explore. He bounds for one of Emily Elizabeth's toys, a bunny toy that dwarfs him in size. He's surprised when he attacks it and gets no reaction out of it. Emily Elizabeth thinks that Clifford's going to like his new home. Later on, Emily Elizabeth goes to feed Clifford. However, she finds that Clifford is so small that he can't even climb up to reach the food in his food dish. She'll just have to find another way of feeding him and ends up feeding him with a baby bottle. Further trouble ensues when Clifford goes missing. She asks her Dad if he's seen him and it turns out that he was hiding inside one of her Dad's shoes. He comments that Clifford is so small, he hopes that he doesn't get into trouble. In another scene, we see Clifford trying to climb up Mrs. Howard's purse. He finally succeeds and ends up inside the purse. Mrs. Howard soon picks it up and asks Emily Elizabeth to come along to the bakery with her. Emily Elizabeth doesn't want to leave, as she hasn't said goodbye to Clifford, but Mrs. Howard says that it'll only be a few minutes. When they get to the bakery, Mrs. Howard is very surprised when she opens her purse and Clifford hops out of it. He causes quite a mess, landing in a cupcake, turning over pies and messing up a wedding cake. He's finally caught, but the clerk is quite upset. As he closes the door, after Emily Elizabeth and her Mom have left, he puts up a "No dogs" sign. As they head home, Emily Elizabeth apologizes for Clifford's behavior. Mrs. Howard says that she knows that it wasn't Clifford's fault, but she sometimes worries about Clifford. Being so small could be quite a problem. Emily Elizabeth says that she'll just have to help him grow. One morning, Emily Elizabeth wakes up and to her surprise, Clifford seems to have grown. She takes him downstairs, where her Mom sees him and agrees. Clifford has indeed grown, he's big enough to eat out of his food dish without any trouble now. Another morning, Clifford has grown some more. He's pretty large now, at least the size of his Mom if not larger. Then, one morning, Emily Elizabeth wakes up to find that she can't fit on her bed. The entire thing is taken up by Clifford. She shows Clifford to her parents, who realize that their small apartment is no place for such a large dog like Clifford. They're not going to let him go though, so they're just going to have to move. And such concludes Emily Elizabeth's story about Clifford, her big, red dog.

    "Welcome to Birdwell Island"

    "Welcome to Birdwell Island" picks up pretty much where "Little Clifford" left off, but not without a bit of exposition first. The closing bell rings at Emily Elizabeth's school (perhaps not on the same day as her report, although it's not really stated) as Clifford is bounding for the school. Emily Elizabeth and Charley hitch a ride on him. Charley comments that everyone on the island loves Clifford. Emily Elizabeth concurs, but notes that not everyone felt that way at first. Charley's surprised about this, so Emily Elizabeth explains the story of what happened when she and Clifford came to Birdwell Island. The scene changes to the past, with Clifford, Emily Elizabeth and Mr. and Mrs. Howard on the ferry to Birdwell Island. They arrive at the island, where they're greeted by Victor and Pedro. They greet them warmly, but they're less than enthusiastic, and even rather scared when Emily Elizabeth introduces Clifford. As Emily Elizabeth and family head for their new home, Victor and Pedro comment that such a large dog could be a large problem. The scene cuts briefly back to Emily Elizabeth and Charley. Charley doesn't think it was fair that Victor and Pedro judged Clifford before they got to know him. Emily Elizabeth agrees, but says that they weren't the only ones on the island that felt that way. The scene returns to the past. Emily Elizabeth and family are at the new house and they're meeting their neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman. Like Victor and Pedro, they're pleased to meet them. However, when Emily Elizabeth calls for Clifford, they're less than pleased. They also think it could be a big problem to have such a large dog on the island (and as a neighbor.) Later on, Emily Elizabeth is out walking with Clifford. She comes upon the mailman, who's also scared of Clifford, although he doesn't say as much. Emily Elizabeth continues along and meets Jetta and her dog Mac (or Machiavelli as Jetta introduces him.) Jetta goes on about Mac, saying that he's the fastest, bravest dog on the island. Then Emily Elizabeth asks if Jetta wants to meet her dog, Clifford. Suddnely, Mac isn't so brave. He cowers in the presence of Clifford. Clifford likcs Jetta, getting slobber all over her. Jetta comments that such a large dog doesn't belong on "our island." Emily Elizabeth heads home, comforting Clifford. She tells him that he does belong on the island and that she just wishes people would take the time to get to know him better. Sometime in the future, Emily Elizabeth is playing frisbee in the park with Clifford, using a garbage-can lid as the frisbee. As he bounds along chasing it, Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman make disparaging comments about him and Jetta comments that he also slobbers. Then a firetruck comes speeding into the park. There's a fire in the park. It seems that someone didn't do a good job of putting out their campfire. The firecrew starts doing their best to put it out, but it's a large fire and they don't have a lot of water. They enlist the help of the people in the park, who start a row of buckets to transfer water from the park in the pond. This, however, seems to be very ineffective, as their little splashes from the bucket are immediately neutralized by the burgeoning fire. Emily Elizabeth sees what's going on and asks if she can help. She's told that she can't, but Clifford has other ideas. He starts sucking up water from the pond. This annoys Mr. Bleakman, who thinks Clifford is drinking the water, leaving them without any to fight the fire with. To their surprise, however, Clifford instead turns towards the fire and begins spraying it with a huge blast of water. This is much more effective than the firemens' spray and it puts out the fire pretty quickly. Suddenly, everyone's not so down on Clifford. They introduce themselves to him and call him a good dog. They realize that he never really was a problem. Back from the flashback, Charley comments that everyone learned a lesson. They learned not to judge someone before you get to know them.moreless

  • Come Back, Mac / Boo

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 9/18/00

    "Come Back, Mac"

    Jetta has lost her sweater and can't seem to find it anywhere. Emily Elizabeth comes over and asks if she can help. So they go hunting for it. Jetta wants Mac to come with them and so she calls for him. When he doesn't come right away, she says that she has a tummy-yummy, as this always gets Mac to come. But this time, Mac doesn't come. We see him, with Jetta's ruined sweater. Now we know why he's not coming. Jetta laments that first she lost her sweater and now she's lost her dog. Emily Elizabeth and Jetta go to search for Mac and Clifford decides to hunt for him too. He's soon accompanied by Cleo and T-Bone. They eventually find him, hiding under a bush. They see the ruined sweater and realize why he's hiding. Mac explains: he didn't mean to ruin the sweater, it was an accident. But now Jetta is going to be mad at him and he doesn't want to face her. Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone tell Mac that they don't think Jetta's going to be all that mad with him. She really misses him and is heartbroken that he's disappeared. So Mac finally returns home, although at first he tries to run away. Emily Elizabeth and Jetta, having not found Mac during their search, decide to return home. Maybe Mac returned while they were away. Jetta's pleased to find Mac is home. Mac shows Jetta the ruined shirt and she's a bit upset, but mostly she's just glad that Mac is back. And not only that, but this gives her an excuse to go shopping for a new shirt. Emily Elizabeth tells Clifford that he should never run away either. There's nothing he could ever do that would make her stop loving him.


    It's Halloween on Birdwell Island and everyone's getting dressed up for the festivities. Emily Elizabeth is dressed as a caveman and she's dressed Clifford up as a lion. Mrs. Diller's gotten dressed up too and she's dressed up Cleo as well. She tells Jetta that Mac has a cute outfit. Jetta complains that it's not cute, it's scary. He's Frankenstein's monster. The festivities for the evening include a movie and an outdoor picnic. However, Jetta can't really seem to get into the festivities. The movie, which is being presented courtesy of Victor and Pedro is a standard B-list scary movie, with the requisite scene where a lady opens a closet door, finds that there's no ghost and is relieved, only to then find that the ghost is behind her. After the movie, Clifford hangs around, trying to figure out how everyone was fit into the small projection screen. At the picnic area, Jetta says that she's going to go home. She and Mac are getting really bored and they're just not getting scared. So Victor and Pedro offer to escort her back home. Back at the theater area, a wind causes the large, white projection screen to fly into Clifford, draping over him and making him look like a ghost. It's covering his eyes and so he can't see, so he heads towards the picnic area, trying to figure out what's going on. Jetta, Mac, Victor and Pedro see him on the way to Jetta's house and think that he's the "Ghost of Birdwell Island." They race back to the campsite, creating a mass panic. Only Emily Elizabeth remains calm and as Clifford comes closer, she soon realizes that it's him. Jetta is forced to admit that she and Mac actually got kind of scared. So maybe it wasn't such a bad Halloween after all. Emily Elizabeth says that next year, she's going to dress Clifford up as a ghost to avoid this problem. He'll be Clifford, her "big, white ghost."moreless

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