Earl Hindman

Earl Hindman


10/20/1942, Bisbee, Arizona, USA



Birth Name

Earl John Hindman



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Earl John Hindman was born on October 20, 1942 in Bizbee Arizona. Earl was always athletic, but in High School became involved with drama, his initial career decision however was to go into photography. He attended Phoenix Jr. College and the University of Arizona at Tucson, there he…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • According to Home Improvement co-star Tim Allen, Earl was the only one who never complained about how much money he was getting and just came to work each day without making a fuss about that. Earl used to say, "I'm just glad to be getting a paycheck." The same couldn't be said about many other cast members, and in fact, that was one of the biggest reasons that the successful series wasn't renewed for a ninth season.

    • Father's name was Burl Hindman.

    • Died Monday, December 29, 2003 in Stamford, Conn. from lung cancer.

    • In an episode of "Home Improvement" , his character, Wilson, comments on Tim's beard, "I can't understand why a man would want to hide his face," an in-joke to himself, whose face is never seen by the audience.

    • Brother's name is Ray, who lives in Tucson, Arizona.

    • Loved Country music, playing poker, and collecting stamps and coins.

    • Sister's name is Anna Dean Shields, who lives in Payson, Arizona.

    • Mother's Name is Eula Hindman, who lives in Tucson, Arizona.

    • His wife is an ordained Episcopalian priest.

    • On the series "Home Improvement" ,he never allowed his mouth to be seen moving. He would usually reside behind a fence, but whenever he was away from that spot, he'd either keep his face away from the camera, or a conveniently placed object would obscure his mouth.

    • Height: 6' 3"

  • Quotes

  • On Home Improvement, his character was witty, smart, and worldly. He was my favorite person on that show... He will be greatly missed...

    I think Wilson Wilson was one of my favorite television charcters! Earl Hindman brought so much to this person and no one could have done it better! He made Home Improvement what is is and his small role took on a life of its own... I love smart, quick-witted, original characters...

  • Wilson was not only the Brains of Home Improvement but also he was weird, and every bit of Advice he gave to Tim or Jill was wise and insightful. It was as if he knew the answer to any question Tim could put to him and Problem he had.moreless

    I guess that there must must be a bit of Wilson Wilson in him. I was amazed how he was able to keep the bottom part of his face hidden when he wasn't talking to Tim over the fence. And at 61, he must have known a bit about everything in his lifetime, but I doubt if he ate bugs!