Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt


1/17/1927, North, South Carolina, USA



Birth Name

Eartha Mae Keith



Also Known As

Ertha Kitt
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Eartha Mae Kitt's actual origins are somewhat in doubt. It's likely she was born on January 17, 1927, on a cotton plantation in the small South Carolina town of North. A birth certificate discovered in the late '90s seemed to corroborate that information, but Kitt was never entirely…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • She is such a great actress and has had to deal with alot of suffering in her life.

    Eartha Kitt is a really talented actress. She is the star in the origional Batman, The Emperor's New Groove, Kronks New Groove, The Emperor's New School, and Holes. She has also stared in several European shows and productions. I really enjoy her work but when I read her biography I almost cried. She has had such a hard life. She was seperated from her parents at a young age due to her being orential. She then went to go live with her aunt but was soon kicked out of her aunts house. She then began a great acting carrer until some words that she exchanged about her opinions of the Vitnam War ended her American acting carrer for a few deckades. Shen then took up acting in Europe until later returning to America. She died on Christmas 2008 at the age of 81. I think that she is amazing not only for her acting but for her ability to survive a life of tragity.moreless
  • She's a great actor, but I don't really like her voice.

    She was great as Catwoman in the old Batman show, and does great voice-acting Yzma on the "The Emperor's New Groove" and "Kronk's New Groove" movies. I don't know her from much else, but she is talented. I don't really like her voice, though. She can sound funny and scary at the same time, in a good way, IMO. Overall, very talented, but bad voice.