Ed Bakey





11/13/1925 , Havre,De Grace,Maryland



Birth Name




Born in Harve De Grace,Md. Ed Bakey began his career as a performer in comic operas.He played character parts in shows EG:"The Pirates Of Penzance"and"HMS Pinafore".He would also perform in plays,musicals,nightclubs and on local radio shows in Baltamore.Before he made his tv debut on a local kids tv show in Baltamore,Md."Pop Pop & Popeye".Dressed as a sad face tramp clown(Whose name is "Pop Pop").Bakey would perform comedy skits and engage his viewers in games,stories,craftmaking,hobbies,informational segments and interviews with guest performers and personalities inbetween the reruns of "The Popeye"Movie cartoons.His kids tv show was so successful.That Bakey would Mc a second program.Where (as his tramp clown character)he would entertain and inform his viewers inbetween the reruns of "The Three Stooges"Film comedies.Mr.Bakey would host:"Pop Pop & Popeye"and"Pop Pop & The Three Stooges"from 1957 to 1960.In the fall of 1960,he left Baltamore and moved to NYC to host another kids tv show:"The Tommy Seven Show"weekday evenings and mornings on WABC TV Ch.7.Debuting on Monday evening:September 12,1960.The first version of "Tommy Seven",Bakey hosted the series solo.Entertaining and inform his viewers inbetween the reruns of"Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse","Q.T.Hush"TV Cartoons and The MGM:Hugh Harmon/Rudy Issling/Tex Avery Movie cartoons.He did the show weekday evenings for a time.Until the station execs at Ch.7 moved the program to a weekday morning timeslot and had Bakey's Tramp Clown entertain and inform both his home viewers and a studio audience of kids."The Tommy Seven Show"was also seen Sunday afternoons from 1960 to 1963.Following the cancellation of "The Tommy Seven Show".Mr.Bakey did voice overs for radio and tv commcercials and he appeared in the Broadway Musical:"Walking Happy!"With Norman Wisedom.He would tour with the show.Until he left the show in Los Angeles,Cal.Where for the rest of his career.He continued to do VO's for commcercials and he made guest appearances on numerious tv series.He also appeared in many films:His most notable film performances were in"The Other"With Uta Hagen and "Zapped!"with Scott Baio and Roger Bowen.Mr.Bakey continued to perform in the movies and on tv.Until his death in May,1988.His last tv performance was on an episode of"Highway To Heaven" in 1986 with Michael Landon,Victor French and Dick Van Dyke.In which he played a phoney blind begger.Ironically? He had played a simular character on a episode of "Murder She Wrote"with Angela Lansbury,two years before.