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  • Trivia

    • Ed is Irish on his father's side and English and German on his mother's side.

    • Ed has published the following works: Grassroots Rising (2006).
      Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life (2008).

      And contributed a foreword to these books:

      Forward Drive: The Race to Build the Clean Car of the Future by Jim Motavalli (2001).
      Nothing's Too Small to Make a Difference: Simple Things You Can Do to Change Your Life & the World Around You by Wanda Urbanska and Frank Levering (2004).

    • Ed is locked in a good-natured eco-battle with his neighbor Bill Nye, over whose home has the smallest carbon footprint.

    • Ed is one of the governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, he represents the actor's branch along with Henry Winkler and Annette Bening.

    • In June 2008, Ed was awarded the Humanitarian Award by the Entertainment Merchants' Association.

    • Ed knows how to make different kinds of soups and a variety of salads, side dishes, appetizers, and entrees. He loves to cook for fellow vegan Alicia Silverstone.

    • Ed is married to fellow actor and environmentalist Rachelle Carson. They first met in 1993 during an environmental event. Ed has two kids, Amanda (b. October 3rd 1977) and Nicholas (b. January 4th 1979), from his previous marriage to Ingrid Taylor.

    • Among his celebrity friends who are also environmentalists, Ed is inspired by Daryl Hannah the most.

    • In 1995, Ed portrayed Del in the American Repertory Theatre's production of The Cryptogram in Boston and in New York City. He also toured U.S. cities playing Andrew Makepeace Ladd III in Love Letters in 1990.

    • Ed is one of the judges for TreeHugger.com's Convenient Truth contest where online users submit videos that tackles environmental issues and promotes environmental conservation.

    • Ed is mentioned in a episode of the NBC television series Friends. One of the characters, Phoebe, thinks he's gay

    • Ed enjoys gardening, bicycling, hiking, and reading in his free time. One of his other interests is carpentry.

    • Ed times his wife Rachelle's showers with a stopwatch, pedals a stationary bicycle to power his toaster, and cooks organic vegetables outside in a solar-powered oven.

    • Ed drives an electric car called the EV-1, from General Motors, it requires very little maintenance, which is provided free of charge by GM when needed. It can travel up to 193 mph, but has a governer at 80 mph. It takes 2 to 4 hours to recharge the car, depending on what was drained.

    • Ed's favorite vegan restaurants are: Real Food Daily, Newsroom, and Lenore's.

    • Ed became a vegan in 1970, but found that it was too hard to maintain the choices while filming on distant locations, so he strayed for awhile, but never budged on the red meat. He resumed his full vegan diet in 1992, and has never looked back.

    • Ed is the creator of 'Begley's Best' all-purpose cleaner, an earth-friendly product.

    • Ed played 'Boba Fett' in the radio adaptation of Return of the Jedi.

    • Ed has been honored with many awards from some of the most prestigious environmental groups in the nation, including: The California League of Conservation Voters, The National Resources Defense Council, and The Coalition for Clean Air.

    • Ed serves as a chairman of the Environmental Media Association and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. He is also a member of the Thoreau Institute, the Earth Communications Project, and Tree People & Friends, amongst many others.

    • Ed rode his bicycle to the 2006 Academy Awards show, and has been considered an environmental leader in the Hollywood community for many years.

    • Ed's television movies include: Not in This Town with Kathy Baker, and World War II: When Lions Roared with Bob Hoskins, Michael Caine, and John Lithgow, Story Lady with Jessica Tandy, Running Mates, and Cooperstown.

    • Ed received six Emmy nominations for his portrayal of Dr. Victor Ehrlich on the long running hit television series St. Elsewhere. He also earned a Golden Globe nomination for "Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV" for the same role in 1986.

    • Ed won George Harrison's guitar in a Los Angeles auction for $300,000 in 2003.

    • Ed lives in a solar powered house, using his bicycle and public transportation whenever possible.

    • Ed's career in acting began as a child, when he started appearing on the television sitcom My Three Sons. He went on to spend several years working as a stand-up comedian, and did some work as a cameraman in television and commercial productions.

    • Ed was inspired to become an actor by seeing the works of his Academy Award winning father.

    • Ed has appeared in both Batman: The Animated Series and the live-action films--in his case, Batman Forever, making him one of the two people to have ever done this.

    • Ed is 6'4" tall.

    • Ed has a slight lisp.

    • Ed is a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

    • Ed is a vegetarian. He was 20 years old when he began his lifestyle as a vegan.

    • Ed quit his job as the Los Angeles Environmental Commissioner the moment he realized that he was destroying trees by all the paper the commission was using.

    • Ed attended the Stella Niagara Education Park Cadet school in Lewiston, New York. Ed studied high school in Van Nuys High School in Van Nuys, California.

  • Quotes

    • (on public speaking)
      Ed: I never know what I'll talk about. I just get up there and start yammering. I mean, I'm going to talk about green technology, but whatever comes out of my mouth is just going to come off the top of my head because that's the way I live.

    • Ed: (one of his philosophies) Live simply, that all may simply live.

    • Ed: (on the change in the relationship between him and his wife Rachelle since the show "Living with Ed" began) Well, I hate Rachelle a little less than I used to because we are getting paid! No, seriously – we are both working very hard to make the show entertaining and it's brought us closer together than ever.

    • Ed: I believe in the rights of all creatures. If we needed to kill to survive, we have and we would, as do many creatures in the wild.

    • Ed: (on the health implications of being a vegetarian) I have never heard, and please tell me if you've heard about it, of a cardiologist doing bypass surgery, doing open heart surgery, doing angioplasty, or anything like that, and ever pulling out a piece of broccoli out of somebody's arteries.

    • Ed: Recycling just seems like the right thing to do, I mean really, it makes us responsible for the messes that we make. It's all about just picking up after yourself, not shoving our trash in our oceans and streams. We might as well reuse it before we lose it.

    • Ed: My wife and I share different views on what our parts in the world are today. She sees what I do as a drop in a very large bucket, I see it as a splash, either way, I am creating movement.