Ed Bishop





6/11/1932 , Brooklyn,USA



Birth Name

George Victor Bishop




George Victor Bishop was born on 11th June 1932 at the Shore Road Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. When he became a professional actor, George changed his name to the one we are all familiar with today - Ed Bishop.

In 1939, the family moved from Brooklyn to Peekskill, a small town situated 42 miles outside of New York which then had a population of 17,311.

Ed graduated from Peekskill High School in the summer of 1950 and then attended the Cortland State Teachers College in Cortland, New York but was dismissed from this college after just six months - for failing to maintain a proper academic standing!

In 1952, National Service beckoned and Ed was drafted into the United States Army where he served as a DJ and Announcer [mainly hillbilly and country music]on Station VOUS St John's, Newfoundland. It was here that Ed gained his first ever experience of acting by joining the amateur company The St John's Players.

In 1954, Ed was discharged from the Army and went to work for Remington Rand Inc, in Buffalo, New York, adjusting customers complaints. Whilst working for the company, Ed also attended Buffalo University where he planned for a career in Business Administration. he remained in this line of work and study for two years and in 1956, despite family objections Ed resigned from Remington Rand Inc and enrolled in the Theatre Division of Boston University, Boston, Massachusettes.

In 1959, when he graduated, Ed received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the theatre. Bouyed by his success here, Ed applied for, and won, a United States Fulbright Grant to study acting in England. Later in 1959, Ed came to England and studied for one year at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) in London, England and on 15th July 1961, Ed Bishop made a start to his career as a professional actor.

Nowadays, Ed Bishop spent his last years in the South of England with his third wife Jane, and classes himself as semi-retired. His hobbies include gardening [digging only], DIY work around the house, restoring antiques and watching old movies on television. His ambition is to sell everything and buy a large sailing boat, then he would like to sail all around the world doing as little work as possible.