Ed Fury





6/6/1928 , USA

Birth Name

Edmund Holovchik




Always of an athletic nature, Ed began to develop his physique while doing some wrestling in school. He then put this physique to work in the 1950s by posing, under the name "Ed Fury," for a number of "bodybuilding" magazines. He also appeared in several 8mm and 16mm movies which combined a lot of muscle-flexing with a minimum of costuming. Some stage work and small parts in Hollywood movies followed but his greatest success came when he traveled to Italy to cash in on the "Hercules" film cycle started by Steve Reeves. In the period from 1960 to 1963 he turned out six movies in which he appeared as a Greek-myth superhero with names like "Ursus" and "Maciste." As expected, these movies put his tanned, hairless chest on almost constant display but his blond good looks, coupled with his "American beach boy" manner, set him apart from most of his muscular competitors who tended to be darker and grimmer. By the mid-1960s, however, the "Hercules" cycle had begun to fade and Ed's acting career faded with it.