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  • Very good actor

    His expressions when he is acting are good.
  • Can I get a woah Bundy?

    Ed O'Neill is a great actor who knows what makes things funny. He puts so much into his characters and makes a funny script hillarious. He's mostly known as Al Bundy from Married With Children and made Al a household name. But he has also done amazing work in movies such as The Bone Collector and Lucky Numbers and is in the TV show Modern Family. His portrayl of Jay is magnificent. He acts in such a way that makes all his roles believable. It's just such a shame that he has never won anything for his performances. Fingers crossed for a Golden Globe next year!
  • funny

    the only thing i know him from is al bundy, married with children. that's how a lot of people know and recognize him from. he simply was comedic gold on that show. he was funny, and he is one of those actors where i wonder what they are doing now. he was simply a funny guy, he makes me like married with children. he should be on more TV shows, I think, and do more comedy or do some serious roles. Overall he is a great, funny actor and I, and a lot of other people, will always like him
  • I recently saw Ed's latest show, Modern Family, I laugh until I cried. I enjoyed the show so much, I got on line and watch the entire season in one night.

    I recently saw Ed's latest show, Modern Family, I laugh until I cried. I enjoyed the show so much, I got on line and watch the entire season in one night. The show covers some interesting family dynamics but in a grandiose way that takes a serious point and makes it silly giving the show comedy relief while emphasizing family blemishes. - or human nature. You have culture, age, sexual orientation differences. You have a flaming Queen who is an ex-football jock. You have "Al Bundy" playing a middle age affluent husband of a young Hispanic hot tamale who has a short fat son who has a niece by marriage who is his age that he has a crush on. and Ed's daughter and her family make her brother, his partner and adopted child appear mainstream. The unexpected twist that the writers pepper the show makes the show ironic and funny.
  • empty

    Ed is one of my favorite actors who played one of my favorite characters on tv Al Bundy. I have watched pretty much everything the guy has made and I'm happy to say he is able to break out the the "Al" mold every time. My favorite movie that he stars in is Dutch.
  • So much more than Al Bundy...

    Not that he was bad as Al Bundy, but it's a crime to fence in Ed O'Neill as the crass dad from "Married With Children." Equally adept at comedy and drama, O'Neill hasn't had a star vehicle since his Bundy days ended, but his pop-up visits on TV shows and in films are always worth a watch. He's found a special place as part of David Mamet's film and TV ensemble, and he's one of the few actors who can always make Mamet work. He's a go-to character actor and can always be counted on for some solid support in movies like "The Bone Collector" and "Spartan." I hope he finds a new recurring (or lead) role on TV, because he really is a great actor. Maybe once "The Unit" winds down, David Mamet can craft a series with O'Neill in the lead.
  • A Legend

    Ed O'Neill is the man. He was the only actor for Al Bundy. He was perfect from the start til the end. Another hero of mine. He will be remembered and loved for Married With Children. Always funny and talented, he was simply great on the show. There was no other person for the job. He may have done other things but nothing as good. He was on one of the longest running shows and most loved. It was different and caught peoples attetion. Just the way it showed life and how well he played Al Bundy. He is truly a great actor and always enjoy watching him over and over. Simply a funny guy.
  • Superb actor, but not used enough.

    His performance in "Married...with Children" is magnificent. I wished I had watched the show earlier. He has a great voice, and he made the show more enjoyable. My only complaint about him is that he is not used enough, hence the "Underused" rating. Overall, he's a talented, funny, and underused actor.
  • ...

    Ed is a very great actor and he should be in other shows too.. But it\'s not like he has too... i think he did very well playing Al Bundy annd such and he is a very talented person.Well I think so but recentley i havent seen him in any talk shows or anything he doesn\'t have too...
  • Love him. Always have, always will.

    Love him. Always have, always will.
    He is one of the funniest, most depressive and meanest man in television ever. Pronounce man with a capital M, because that is what he is.
    Playing Al Bundy in Married... with children, he grew to a level of great TV-comedy-acting and continuengly showed us why marriage is such a bad thing. How easy it is to throw your life away. Watch him, learn from him, and do the opposite. Al Bundy is my hero, of things not to do. But still, when a man sets his foot down...