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    • Ed: I think it's what you see you get. People who work with me know me. If people are going make up stories about me, it's like forest fires. You're never going to put them out. Let them burn out on their own. There aren't too many rumors out there that I have to track down.

    • Ed: (talking about "Eureka") I respect the show so much, because I realize I'm on a show that people enjoy and so the harder I work, and the better I do every day at my job, the better my career goes.

    • Ed: (on his future in the music business) I've been working in the studio, playing with a band, but music is very, very, well- I'll always play music. Whether I ever do anything that anyone will ever hear it (laughing), that's another story.

    • Ed: I definitely want to do movies; movies are a lot of fun.

    • Ed: (on "Eureka" coming back for a second season) There's pressure. We raised the bar last year, and so it comes to the point where you come in every day and sometimes you get frustrated, and then all of a sudden you'll see what the work that you actually did was better than you thought.

    • Ed: To be able to come back a second season, to know your character and to be confident in it, and also to have the support of the network and the studio and the fanbase, and it just gives you a confidence and enthusiasm which I just can't really express.

    • Ed: (on similarities between himself and his character on "Eureka") I think there's a bit. I think the sense of humor and maybe a serious side when it comes to work, but always trying to solve problems with humor first and really kind of enjoying life. I think 'Nathan Stark' has these huge obsessions but, fortunately, I'm not plagued with (laughing), but besides that, yeah, I think he's a little more metro than I am too.

    • Ed: I've been in the Screen Actors Guild for I think, twelve, fifteen years. In the last five years have probably screen tested for thirty, forty, pilots I didn't get. I've been coming in second place for a long time. If you stick with it and work hard, and respect the craft, you can't give up... you have to love it. I can name, for every actor who made it, ten who didn't.