Ed Sanders

Ed Sanders


5/10/1975, Wimbledon, London

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Ed Sanders


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Originally from London, Ed Sanders discovered he had a love for acting when he was just 11 years old and, at 16, decided that he wanted to make his living at it. He knew that the life of an actor was not an easy one, so he decided…more


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    • Ed and his wife Goia were blessed with triplets on May 5, 2007, in Los Angeles. Gioia, a magazine and fashion-show make-up artist, gave birth to three healthy daughters: Scarlette, who weighed 3 lbs., 15 oz.; Azure, 3 lbs., 15 oz; and Lucia, 4 lbs., 2 oz.
      The couple also have a son, Max who will turn 5 in June.

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    • Ed Sanders was helping to put the finishing touches on the home of Jason and Kirsti Thomas when he accidentally sliced the width of his left palm with the blade of an electric saw.

  • I watched last weeks show and had to write in about how Ed was talking about Americans. I felt very moved by his words and very proud that he lives in this country. I just wanted to let himm know.moreless

    My husband is a US Army Captain we have been in the military since 2001. He went to Iraq in 2003 and we both were so moved by last weeks episode. The fact that it was about a Marine made it personally touching to us. What surprised us was how moved we were by Ed! His dedication and pride in making an American flag was overwhelming. He really captured what it means to be an American better than many actual Americans. I realize he is from another country so I felt even more so like he should know how proud I personally am to know that such a patriotic man lives in this country. I will pray for him to get his citizenship so he can belong to two home lands and I wanted him to know that his display of pride and patriotism was felt strongly through the TV. It made my husband feel so very appreciated for being a soldier in this country and made his service that much more meaningful for him. I really just wanted to say thank you to him for being such an honest man and making a 2 hour television event so uplifting. I pray that his hand is healing and hope that everyone is praying for his quick return to the EHM Show. He is a jewel and his wife and child are very blessed to be loved by him. I hope he never feels like he is left out by not being an American citizen yet because you rarely meet a person more worthy of calling themselves an American than him.

    Melissa McCartymoreless
  • One of the best exports to the US from Britain in a long time !

    A truly bright, sensitive and genuine person, who oozes charisma and positivity. He gives credibility to the show from a construction point of view utilising his experience from his previous job as a carpenter/builder in Britain. He always offers up a joke or soundbite on each of the shows he has worked on, putting a smile on even the most hardened viewer.

    You can tell his husky voice is no put on, all the projects he undertakes for each show...that lad must get no sleep!

    I cannot fathom how anyone could claim that he is \"talentless\" or \"wretched\"??? It cannot be too long before one of the broadcasters give him his own show. Long may he reign on the show!

    Eddy my boy, you are doing Wimbledon & the UK proud.moreless