Ed Sullivan

Ed Sullivan


9/28/1901, New York, New York, USA



Birth Name

Edward Vincent Sullivan



Also Known As

Dr. Sullivan
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    • Ed Sullivan: If you set the rate at 68 cents, it will damage the quality of education in Stafford. However, if it drops any lower, it will be devastating.

    • Ed Sullivan: But it turns out its not a big deal. The imports help, but not significantly.

    • Ed Sullivan: The United States construction industry is ready to digest this large increase in capacity. Regions with a vibrant economic base dominate the location of plant expansions and the related escalation in private, commercial, and public infrastructure construction will require additional materials.

    • Ed Sullivan: You've got to work with advanced planning on the contractor side to help the influx.

    • Ed Sullivan: This summer's hurricanes served as a trigger point to start slightly slower economic growth. Higher home heating costs, rising inflation and rising interest rate levels will cause some construction slowdowns.

    • Ed Sullivan: Of such extraordinary doings are champions made. (in reference to the upcoming stars on his show.)

    • Ed Sullivan: Tell me, Connie, is your mother still dead? (to Connie Francis)

    • Ed Sullivan: I think it was the biggest moment of their lives. (Ed Sullivan was an icon for that generation.)

    • Ed Sullivan: It will be months before demand really picks up. (referring to the show)

    • Ed Sullivan: If you do a good job for others, you heal yourself at the same time, because a dose of joy is a spiritual cure. It transcends all barriers.

  • One of the best if not te best!

    Ed Sullivan was one of the originals and one of the best if not the best as he was very famous in promoting acts and talent. He knews when and where he saw talent. Despite not being at ease in front of the camera as well as not having much of a personality or a sense of humor, that really didn't matter. When you hit it on Sullivan, then you were big!moreless
  • The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

    He was the original the one of a kind show host to premier all kinds of talents from the beatles to the rolling stones. He was a straight faced, and non emotional no matter who his guests were. He brought to fame countless musical groups and actors and actresses to fame. His legendary reputations earned him status fame and endless fans.