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  • Sexy, talented Ed!

    Ed Westwick is such a great actor. I have only seen him in Gossip Girl, but Ed is good as Chuck. He plays the role perfectly and I believe everything he says and does. Ed is probably not that evil in reality, but he is so great at acting that it seems so real. Also, Ed has a deep, sexy voice and speaks with an English accent. Isn't that wonderful or what? To me, Ed is born to be an actor and I hope to see more to him in the future. Now, you probably want to know if there is anything wrong with this hottie. My answer: no. A plain, simple no. His acting is great and his looks are too. Not to mention his voice! (Again)
  • Ed Westwick is a terrific actor, just lovely!

    He is so cute (and hot XD)! He acts so good in Gossip Girl, plus he has such a good chemistry with Leighton Meester. If it wasn't enough, he is in a band (filthy youth) and comes from England, which means he has a gorgous accent. I love all the guys from Gossip Girl, but, in my opinion, i think that ed westwick is the best one (besides, his character is probably the most complicated, with his father dead, and being in love with blair, but not being able to tell her, so sweet)
    In my opinion, he should have a well deserved 10!! :)
  • How can you not love Ed Westwick?

    Ed is amazingly talented, especially as Chuck on gossip girl. Chuck is supposed to be a character that you hate, but you can't help but love him, I know that I do. Ed bring different sides to chuck on scream and makes him lovable. Chuck has to be my favorite character on Gossip Girl, just because he seems like a womanizer but under all of that he is a sweet guy who has a heart. When he feel in love with Blair, it was the cutest thing, so sweet. The fact that he is english and has that gorgeous accent makes him that much more sexy. When I here him speak it melts my heart. He is absolutely gorgeous, he's not the typical cute guy, he is more handsome and refined. I'm a hugh Ed Westwick fan and I can't wait to see what he does next.
  • love him!

    an overall 7.8?


    Ed Westwick is possibly one of the hottest actors on tv. Through Chuck Bass, his breakout role on Gossip Girl, he's the character you love to hate and hate to love. Firstly, he has an American accent on the show, which is very upsetting for all those who love english accents. But what makes Ed Westwick so wonderful as an actor is because he has somehow made us love a character that is so easy to despise.

    He made Chuck Bass, Chuck Bass. The infamous answer 'I'm Chuck Bass' has become one of the most famous lines to appear on the show, and he has truly made it his own.

    You come to love him not for his looks [although they don't hurt], but for the coy smirk, trademark lip purse, and the deliciously hot tension between his character and Leighton Meester's Blair Waldorf. Ed Westwick is wonderful, I love him to bits.
  • Edward Westwick was born in England in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, on June 27, 1987. He became a member of the National Youth Theatre at 16 and was trained in London. He has made several film appearances.

    Ed is an amazingly talented actor, especially as Chuck on Gossip Girl. Chuck is a character that you hate, but you can't help but love him. Just like Georgina whose is due to make an appearance on Gossip Girl sometime soon. Ed bring different sides to Chuck on screen and that is what makes him lovable. He is a guy who always like girls but he is really a sweet and charming guy who has a heart. When he falls in love with Blair, it was so cute. The fact that he is English and has that gorgeous accent makes him more sexy. He is absolutely gorgeous.
  • Not what I expected. . .

    Ed Westwick is amazing, especially as Chuck in Gossip Girl. Something about him makes me just love the character, even though I really feel like I should hate him. He gives so many dimensions to Chuck's character, and I can't wait to see what else he has in store. And if that includes a sensitive side, I'm all for it. I knew he was British, but wow. . . that accent just makes me melt. If I though I liked Ed Westwick before, his accent just sealed the deal. I can't wait to see and hear more from Ed. He's gorgeous in a different kind of way, but definitely gorgeous! Keep it up Ed!
  • A talented actor and musician.

    I first saw him on Gossip Girl and he is the reason that I kept watching. He plays Chuck Bass in a really interesting way that makes it impossible to hate his character even when he deserves it. He does a really good mix of jerk rich boy, sexy and he shows that he has a heart at the same time. He is also really good looking in a weird way and his charming, almost bad bay side comes through really well in Gossip Girl. And his music isn't that bad either, I was surprised when they used one of his songs on the show and it was pretty good. Overall a talent that should have a pretty good career.
  • This guy is a total pull in 4 the show because he is pretty darn hot.

    This guy is a defiantly talented if he is an actor on a widely popular show, and the lead singer in a band. He hides his accent on set but off it makes him even hotter. I must must admit that I am a fan of "chair" or chuck and blair, but nate and blair are perfect for each other, but not as perfect as Serena and Dan are. Is it really true that chuck slept with Georgina in sixth grade. eww. But any way ed westwick has a pretty awesome name, Ed Westwick i just love typing it. Just to some it up this guy is talened. And hot.
  • Ed Westwick. Scandalously sexy.

    I have only recently learned about Ed Westwick (from his part as Chuck on Gossip Girl), but he has quickly become one of my favorite actors. He is painfully handsome and charming. He is very convincing in his role as Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. He had wonderful chemistry with all the other characters, and he really stands out. He also does an amazingly wonderful job of hiding his accent, I was very impressed when I learned he wasn't American. I really, truly hope that he Gossip Girl gives him his own spin-off show!! He is extremely talented! Hugs and Kisses to this amazing actor!