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    • Anderson resided in the Woodland Hill section of Los Angeles which was where more affluent members of the Afro-American community lived during that time period.

    • Anderson once appeared as a Mystery Guest on an episode of What's My Line?

    • Anderson played Noah in the 1936 movie Green Pastures. It was this role which first got him noticed by critics.

    • Some Afro-American newspapers of the 1940's listed the Jack Benny Program as The Eddie Anderson Show.

    • According to Jack Benny's autobiography, Anderson was nearly always late for rehearsals.

    • A listener once sent Anderson a letter urging him to sue Jack Benny for higher pay in the mistaken belief that he actually was Benny's valet.

    • Anderson appeared as a cab driver in the 1963 ensemble comedy It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

    • Anderson got frequent speeding tickets because he loved to drive fast.

    • Anderson made three movies with Jack Benny: Man About Town, Buck Benny Rides Again, and Love Thy Neighbor.

    • Anderson appeared in Gone With the Wind as a character named Uncle Peter but was virtually unrecognizable due to wearing "old man" makeup.

    • Anderson is interred at Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.

    • Anderson was belatedly inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2001.

    • Son Billy played in the NFL with the Chicago Bears and was a world class hurdler who twice narrowly missed making the U.S. Olympic team.

    • Many radio listeners actually believed that Anderson worked for Benny as his valet.

    • In real life, Anderson was a car lover who owned several automobiles. He also owned racehorses.

    • During his heyday, Anderson was one of the highest paid Afro-Americans in any field.

    • His role on Jack Benny's radio show was originally supposed to be a one shot appearance but Anderson's hilarious repartee with Benny earned him a regular spot on the program.

    • Anderson and his older brother Cornelius sang as a part of the group The Three Black Aces when they were young.

    • Anderson was the son of a minstrel and a circus tightrope walker.

    • Anderson was frequently billed as Eddie "Rochester" Anderson after his character on the Jack Benny Program.

    • There's a misconception today that Anderson's character, Rochester, was an Uncle Tom. In reality, the character frequently poked fun of and got the better of his "Boss."

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