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  • Superb actor who deserves more acknowledgement and credit.

    Eddie Cahill is GORGEOUS and has such a great personality. He also has superb acting skills; he's an amazing actor! He knows how to express emotions, and makes those face expressions that let you feel what he feels as a character. Shows are more entertaining with actors like him (and not only because he's attractive, though that is one of the reasons lol). His caring, charming, protective and considerate persona in CSI: NY is a very appreciated role (and 1 of the best IMO). He doesn't appear as much in the show, as others do; he's left out of a lot. I believe that the director doesn't know how much potential Eddie has as an actor. He deserves more acknowledgement and credit. He's my favorite actor!
  • Eddie Cahill: the perfect cast for the character Detective Don Flack!

    Eddie Cahill might not be one of the most successful Hollywood actors, but he is indeed incredibly talented! I think his roles in "Friends" and "Sex and the city" couldn't do him justice. To choose him for the role as Don Flack was really the best decision they could have made. He is charming, funny and the typical tough New Yorker at the same time. I think he plays it so well, because he is actually from New York. His New Yorker accent brings realness to the whole CSI New York TV show, and people can relate to him and his attitude. Although he is just an actor, he plays Detective Don Flack very authentic. He moves like a cop, he talks like a cop and he also holds his gun right. So many actors don't give a damn but he seems very particular with those details. I couldn't imagine CSI New York without him. Impossible! I believe he is one of the reasons why CSI New York is such a successful TV series. He makes girls' heart melt and guys wanna be as cool as him :).
  • Don is jummie :D

    He's definitely the reason why I watch Csi Ny , Don Flack is just so damn gorgeous , those eyes omggggg ! He's kind , funny and what a body :P, I cried my eyes out when he was injured ! Omg I thought that they were letting hem die .. Luckily they didn't :P , Many girls watch the show because of him or Danny , he's just so damn cute :D , with his great smile and he's rough looks :D , He's gonna be a great daddy , and Lindsay is so good for him. They are perfect. But Don , he's my dreamguy :P

  • amazing eyes and jus plain gorgeous

    also not too mention an amazing actor. his role in miracle was great but i prefer him in CSI NY with the shorter hair. hes funny and i absolutely love his facial expressions. in eddies role as don flack he has great chemistry with angell and the rest of the cast. flack is my favorite in csi ny and one of my favorite actors of all time. i think he isnt credited as much as he should though i wish flack would be more of a main character as well. i hope to see more flack/angell moments in the next upcoming episodes!
  • I absolutly love Eddie Cahill!

    I think Eddie Cahill should be given more credit. He's HILARIOUS! He makes me laugh with whatever he's in whether it's some snarky comment on CSI:NY or Tag Jones on Friends. I love Eddie and I think he definately deserves more credit than he's given. He is an amazing actor and brings a lot to the table. He's very funny to watch and some of the stuff he says on CSI:NY can have me going for days. One of my favorites is in Season 2's Bad Beat where he's interviewing the neighbors. That scene is hilarious and he plays it beautifully.
  • I love this man, and I'm in love with this man!

    Eddie Cahill truly is a great actor, and I believe every character he plays. But my favorite character all time is Detective Donald Flack Junior in CSI NY played by, well who else than Eddie Cahill. He plays Flack so freaking awesome, and I really do believe that he deserves much more screen-time than he currently has! When he played Tag in the hit show Friends , I first saw him and I right away thought he was very sexy. I mean common he is Dark, tall and has amazing blue eyes that I can absolutely drown in, and trust me I do. Then I saw him in Sex and the City. But my real interest really came when he played Flack in CSI NY. What can I say, beside saying he is a really gorgeous man and a great, but sadly underrated, actor!
  • OH MY GOD (Janice style :) ... I love this guy.

    I just LOVE Eddie, he's gorgeous, funny, very talented, and I adore his bright blue eyes, dark hair and tall lean body. God he's cute!

    He's a good actor with great facial expressions. I haven't seen all of his work, but from what I've seen so far, he's brilliant. His character on CSI:NY (Don Flack) is my favorite character in all the CSIs, although I think they should develop it a little bit more. He definitely should get more leading roles in the future, maybe his own show.

    I was never interested in movies about sports and I hate hockey, but since I found out that Eddie is in "Miracle" I decided I'm definitely going to watch it.

    Eddie Cahill is just perfect ... well almost perfect, if only I could marry him *sigh*.
  • Eddie, you wanna marry me?

    What is there to say about Eddie Cahill?

    He is a great actor, an exceptional talent and he is the most gorgeous NYPD Detective in the history of television!

    In CSI:NY he comes across as the smart and witty cop, who has respect for his city and love for his friends. He treats criminals like they deserve to be treated and above all: he looks damn hot doing it!

    What is the most striking aspect in his outer appearence are his piercing blue eyes... Believe me when I say that you can get lost in them!

    He is an exceptionally talented actor, who should really deserve more screen-time on CSI:NY!
  • The guy you love to watch no matter what role he plays

    I love this guy and think he is a great actor. He is awesome in CSI New York. I prefer him with his hair cut from season 2 not with the mop head in season 1. I have the episodes of friends on DVD and every so often i watch them and laugh. I think the name of his character in friends was hilarious. Tag Jones was original but i will always be a huge fan of Det Don Flack. The name of the character seems to fit his personality on the show. Keep up the good work Eddie and I hope I will see you in some interesting storylines on CSI New York.
  • eddie has always been a true person, friend to everyone. the talent in this kid through the acting stuff. but his true talent lies in a can of spraypaint. the skills this kid has is remarkable.or all the pool parties...

    then you would know eddie. i havent spoken to him for quite some time. but eddie will never change. his whole family are truely awesome people. if there is any way of this message to reach him just wanted to let him know he is still in my mind ever since the sewer days w/nicole stacey glenn mike. now my kids are watching him on the telivision thats so awesome so hope thie reache you ed. my thoughts are with you and all you have accomplished i told you since the taggin under the bridge you will ake something of yourself.................................
  • In his newest role as Det. Don Flack Jr., he comes across as a tough, no nonsense cop with a brain and a heart. The witty banter he exchanges with other characters steal each scene he is in. He lights up the screen when ever he is in camera range.

    I have loved Eddie Cahill since I first saw him in Glory Days. I love his intelligence, sense of humor, and wit. All of which are amply displayed in his latest endeavor, CSI: NY. His turn as Det. Don Flack Jr., aka "The son of The Legend" is dead on. He is definitely one of the reasons I watch every Wednesday.

    Physicall, what's not to like? The tall, well defined frame? Piercing laser blue eyes? Dimples? Long tapered fingers? Need I go on? I can't, I'm already neck deep in drool.
  • He.Is.Drop.Dead.Gorgeous!

    First, he was in "Friends", then the show,"Miracle" and now in CSI:NY!!! I totally love Flack when i first saw CSI:NY! And i have to say that is hairstyle in Season 1 was little weird but later in Season 2, his hairstyle was like "BAM"! Totally brings out the good-looking, charming look of him.

    And he has that accent and those blue eyes which totaaly attracted me. Gah, my friends and i always drool over him. I also love the way he speaks, those sarcastic comments ; that entertain me so much! He's my favourite hottie in CSI:NY after Carmine/Danny.
  • Can I marry him? Please?

    I saw him on "Friends". I was like, "Who is this guy?" And then he was in Miracle. And now he's on "CSI: NY". And all I can think of is, can I marry him? I mean, he's only four years older than me. It's totally doable. Four years isn't that big of an age difference.

    He's good-looking, he's talented, and he's got that accent. Oh, my heart melts every time he opens his mouth. I seriously think they need to give him more air time. But when he is onscreen, he totally steals the show. Flack has some of the greatest lines out of the whole series. "Let me arrest him for swearing on his grandmother?" Classic.

    I'll always call him Tag, though. That's how my mom and I refer to him. He's Tag.
  • Eddie's a talented actor... and tall, dark and handsome to boot!

    I really loved Eddie as Tag on "Friends." He was so sweet and cute. You couldn't help but want him to be with Jennifer Aniston. I watched him in Glory Days and was impressed with how he carried the show. Haven't yet seen him in CSI, but I'm sure he's doing great. Would love to see him on the big screen in a romantic comedy. He plays that role to perfection!