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  • Eddie Cahill: the perfect cast for the character Detective Don Flack!

    Eddie Cahill might not be one of the most successful Hollywood actors, but he is indeed incredibly talented! I think his roles in "Friends" and "Sex and the city" couldn't do him justice. To choose him for the role as Don Flack was really the best decision they could have made. He is charming, funny and the typical tough New Yorker at the same time. I think he plays it so well, because he is actually from New York. His New Yorker accent brings realness to the whole CSI New York TV show, and people can relate to him and his attitude. Although he is just an actor, he plays Detective Don Flack very authentic. He moves like a cop, he talks like a cop and he also holds his gun right. So many actors don't give a damn but he seems very particular with those details. I couldn't imagine CSI New York without him. Impossible! I believe he is one of the reasons why CSI New York is such a successful TV series. He makes girls' heart melt and guys wanna be as cool as him :).