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    • Eddie: (about using Second Life)I'm terrified of it! I don't even go on MySpace, let alone a whole universe like Second Life. In terms of content, I thought the episode was really current. I liked that, and I like the idea that that may come back, that we've still got one killer that's at large. I think it's fun. To me that's a real entertaining.

    • Eddie: (About his appreciation for hockey while filming Miracle) The first time I put the pads on was actually at the final audition for the movie, which was a game that we played. I myself didn't have an appreciation for the physicality having never done it. The economy of motion is so small but so concentrated. [It's] so compact and you have to do so many things at once. You have to be incredibly focused, so relaxed, so fast, and I don't know how to describe it other than it's more than I've ever sweat in my entire life. It's more than my legs have ever done in my entire life, no matter how far I ran, getting across that crease for the first time was quite an endeavor.

    • Eddie: It doesn't hurt if a woman has a good butt, but a point of view is what will matter when you're 70.

    • Eddie: In the first script, the word putrefaction came up, I made the mistake of looking it up on the Internet, it came with pictures, that was the most grossed out I've been. (on his first CSI NY sctipt).

    • Eddie: I'll stay with the show for as long as they'll have me! I envision staying with the show for as long as the show goes.(Referring to his role on CSI NY).

    • Eddie: It's a porn name that's my take on it (commenting on the name of the character Tag Jones that he played in Friends).

    • Eddie: What makes me insecure is always having that new-kid-at-school feeling. Whenever I show up for the first day at any job, I feel insecure, like I don't really belong there. . . There was Sarah Jessica, the cast of Friends and now Gary Sinise.

    • Eddie: To be honest, I try not to think about the success of the) 'CSI' (franchise) that much because it makes me paranoid and crazy.

    • Eddie: Everybody wants to get along with everyone else in the sandbox. I'm that kind of kid, you know what I mean? That will never change about me.

    • Eddie: [On his favorite role] I gotta go with Jim Craig (from Miracle), that was awesome. I'm lucky I get to knock off the things in life I would like to do as a human being but can only do as an actor. I got to be a hockey player, bingo, done. I get to be a cop for a little bit, bingo done. I get to knock all the great stuff off.

    • Eddie: On Friends, I was supposed to be from Ohio, and in one episode, I went to a basketball game with Joey and I had the hardest time saying hot "dog" instead of "dawg". I was really close to asking if we could change the word to frankfurter.

    • (Eddie talks about his favorite episode/case in 'CSI:NY'.)
      Eddie:I think my two favorite episodes, if I had to choose, are: "The Fall" meant so much to me and was such a nice gift to have on a personal level, and "On the Job," -I really liked having that moment with Danny and enjoyed playing that episode out. And I liked that it came home to the department. I like when it comes home to the department or to me personally. Those were excellent; they were great fun.

    • (Eddie commenting on what he would like to see more on his character, Det. Don Flack)
      Eddie: I'm looking forward to just getting further into and learning what the audience can expect from my character and developing him more as a homicide detective. In reflecting on last season I've come to a place in thinking, "Alright, what does that mean? What is his disposition at a crime scene? What is the nature of his job?" I would like to bring forth more of the nature of his job this season. I can't say exactly what's coming up for him, because we haven't had too much time to sit with the writers so I don't know which way it will go necessarily.