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  • Good actor.

    Wish he would stay out of the headlines. Liked him on Third Watch. Overated. Arrogant. Pretty-boy.
  • hes so cute just look at those dimples

    i just love eddie hes just a grat actor and hes so cute with thoes dimpels he was awsome in third watch i think that was is best thing he did i dident relly care for one of the movie he was in but im a cearlider but he made a great fireman on third watch i think he should do more stuff because i would love to see him a lot and im shure a lot of other women would love to see more of eddie to i liked the sence he had with his tv son on thid watch to sum evreything up hes a hot and great actor
  • Personal favorite and give him a show right now!

    He is a very gifted actor who gets short lived
    Shows it seems and hopefully he will land a show
    In which will make him a star. Just like it did Eric Close years to get recognized in the Without a Trace show.
    Very handsome as well as a very gifted actor! Go Eddie!!
  • Eddie Cibrian rocks in Invasion.

    Invasion is Eddie Cibrian's best role. I did see him in Third Watch, but I didn't like that show very much. Invasion is a good show. Eddie is a perfect antagonist. He plays Russel Varon really well, he does it with so much coolness. This role is perfect for him, i'm not sure how many guys auditioned for this role, but Eddie is definitely the right one. he plays russel so naturally, you get to feel that he is russel varon, he did a really good job portraying that character. his character itself is a well written one, russel holds up the whole plot together.
  • THEY CANCELLED INVASION so give him a show already!

    He is amazing. He is beleiveable. He is fun to watch. He is gorgeous.
    It's like can you say HOT!
    He is a great actor! I beleived him in Invasion and i wanted to see his character grow! unfortunity that wont happen with this show! i hope he gets another show and soon becuase i cant wait forever to see him act anymore!

    Why don't they have these reviews for singers! We can talk about almost anyone we know just like we talk about these people.
    I have friends at my "arts" school that might be big one day! Why can't we talk about the future also!
    Give him a show! He needs a show. He deserves a show!
  • so hot

    liked Eddie on third Watch, but stopped watching after a few seasons, on Invasion he is simply great, I love this show and I love him on it, not only is he great to lok atbut the charecter, is good, a good father, a good husband, I will be very upset if Invasion does not get a second season