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  • Eddie changed my life. Hw is the reason that I became a guitarist. He is my childhood heroe !

    I was born in Jersey City in 1947 and met Eddie when I was about 8 yrs. old. He was dating my older cousin who lived in the same house as me. As an 8 or 9 year old male growing up at the beginning of rock and roll, meeting eddie will forever be etched on my mind. He would come to the house on 8th st. jersey city and he stood out. He was a good looking man. My poor mom used to spend hrs. trying to get my hair to look like his. He played at my older brothers 8th grade grad, in our yard, and the girls went crazy..I still have some of his X records... and pics. After he went to Ca. to make flicks, we lost touch. I'll never forget him...When I was about 10 yrs. old, Eddie was driving by 9th st. in Jersey city, and like a lot of foolish kids, I was smoking a ciggarette...He beeped his horn and called me over, and made me promise that I would not smoke again. Anyway, the next time he came to visit my family, I was petrified that he would rat me out...however, he called me out into the hallway, telling my parents that he had something personal to discuss with me...He asked me if I had stopped smoking...I lied and said yes...He never told my parents about what had happened...THAT...made me respect him all the more...I looked up to him like he was a God...I have pics of him playing and singing, and me looking on like I had a private audience with Mick Jagger !!!or the Pope !!!lol......He is the biggest influence on my life than anyone in the world...I only learned that he passed on this week since finding this site....Eddie Lives.....
  • Eddie Fontaine gave every show he appeared in an extra 120 volts. Whether he was acting with James Garner or David Jannsen, he enhanced their performances. He was totally believable, but never contrived.

    Eddie Fontaine's two most telling performances were his role on SISTERS, and the Fonz' father on HAPPY DAYS. Both were compassionate and understated. But as Moss Williams and Augusto De Palma on the ROCKFORD FILES, he totally upstaged James Garner and Tom Selleck with vicious abandonment, like his characters' traits.