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  • Griffin often saves the day as the resident funny man in most films. He is a great supporting star!

    I'm not too sure about Eddie Griffin's abilities as an actor, he is the resident funny man of most of the shows he has ever performed in and usually plays the unwitting side-kick of the main star. Eddie Griffin is talented and is often the saving grace of the movies and series he's had the opportunity to star in. However as far as Black comedians go, Griffin could not battle with the likes of Charlie Murphie, Chris Rock or even Silly Chris Tucker and beat any of them. The black funny man character is a tight area of competition, Griffin would be easy pickings for the likes of those guys. Griffin is good but not that good!
  • Very talented.

    Eddie Griffin is one of the all-time funniest stand-up comedians. His movies are great, his stand-up routines are just as good and he's really talented. As seen in his movie "DysFunktional Family," he can play the piano and he can dance really well. Eddie has starred in many movies, perhaps best known as the star in "Undercover Brother" as Undercover Brother (obviously) and had his own television show in the late '90s and has made countless guest appearances on many other television shows. Overall, he is just great a talented comedian and actor.