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  • Trivia

    • Miss Belgium asked Eddie in the Spa paddock: "How can I seduce you?" Eddie replied, "Take your clothes off." She wasn't charmed.

    • ITV's Louise Goodman interviewed Eddie and called him Edmund; Eddie was rather irritated. Louise said that his mother probably called him that, and Eddie told her, "Well, you are not my mum."

    • During his first GP at Suzuka, Japan, Eddie twice unlapped himself after being lapped by Ayrton Senna. Following the race, Senna punched Eddie in the Jordan motor home. During the argument Senna accused Eddie of almost hitting him on the track, to which Eddie responded "A miss is as good as a mile." After Senna's punch he yelled "Insurance claim there!"

    • Eddie is 5' 10" (1.78 m) tall.

    • Eddie is owner of Eddie Irvine Sports, a snooker, pool, kart racing, paintballing and football facility in Bangor, close to his native Conlig.

    • Nobody completed more of the 1999 world championship season than Eddie, who ran 4,777km during the season with only one retirement: 98 per cent of the season's race distance.

    • As at April 2006, Eddie was the fifth richest person of Northern Ireland, having increased his personal fortune to approximately £160 million. At that time he owned around 40 properties throughout the world.

    • Bono, from the band U2, taught Eddie how to play the guitar.

    • Eddie accumulated 174 points in his F1 career, and led 11 times during 157 laps in 8 Grand Prix with a total of 842.698 Km. Eddie's first F1 GP was the 1993 Japanese Grand Prix. His first win in F1 was at the 1999 Australian GP. His last win was at the 1999 Malaysian GP, and his final race in Formula One was at the 2002 Japanese GP. He was 37 when he retired from the sport.

    • Eddie's sister was his physiotherapist during his F1 days, at both Ferrari and Jaguar.

    • Eddie has the nickname of 'Steady Eddie'.

    • In 2000, Eddie took over as lead driver at Jaguar Racing, finishing thirteenth with four points in the drivers' championship.

    • In 1999, Eddie finished second in the World Championship with the Ferrari team, after Michael Schumacher broke his leg at the British Grand Prix. Eddie took the championship challenge to the final race in Japan before losing out to Mika Hakkinen.

    • In 1998, Eddie gots three 2nd places and five 3rd places. Fourth in the title race overall, a creditable 9 points behind the 3rd placed man, David Coulthard.

    • In 1996, Eddie joined Ferrari as Number Two to Michael Schumacher and finished 10th in the championship. In 1997 he remained with Ferrari and finished 7th in the Drivers' Championship with an impressive tally of 24 points.

    • In 1993, Eddie made his F1 Grand Prix debut with Jordan, finishing sixth in Japan. In 1994, he received a three-race ban after a difference of opinion with the late Ayrton Senna (he punched him in the face following the race). He still managed 14th overall in the championship. In 1995, Eddie received his first podium finish with Jordan, after coming third in the Canadian Grand Prix. He finished 2nd in the championship.

    • In 1987, Eddie won the British Formula Ford Championship and the Formula Ford Festival title. In 1990 he finished third in his second Formula 3000 Championship. In 1991 he competed in his first Japanese Formula 3000 Championship and the following year finished 4th in the championship.

    • Eddie's F1 stats
      - had the fastest lap only once in his F1 career
      - won 4 F1 GPs with Ferrari.
      - had 61 retirements from F1 races during his career.
      - finished in the points 50 times.
      - finished 86 F1 GPs.
      - has been on the F1 podium 26 times.
      - raced in 148 F1 GPs

  • Quotes

    • Eddie: (leaving Ferrari for Jaguar at the end of 1999) The timing is really fantastic. I was really desperate to get out of Ferrari this season, and I am a lucky, lucky guy. I could not have coped with another year because Michael Schumacher is so damn good. He is a back-breaker. He saps you, and the effort of working and competing with him drains you.

    • Eddie: (on his playboy image) It's got me this far the way I do it. If you change it and get serious you are going to get depressed and you won't be as happy with your life. I have such a ball away from races that when I get to races I am actually looking forward to getting on with it. I'll be in the boat having a blast, but then on Thursday that'll stop. I'll get to the circuit relaxed and refreshed and that has got to put you in a better frame of mind.

    • Eddie: (on a third place at the Italian GP, which turned out to be his final podium finish) It's comforting to know that old farts like myself can still blow the pants off Formula One's young guns.

    • Eddie: (on reports that Madonna had a crush on him) She obviously has impeccable taste in men.

    • Eddie: (on crashing into Giancarlo Fisichella's Benetton) I don't want to blame anyone, but I will say it wasn't my fault. I couldn't put the car into helicopter mode and suddenly disappear. He came out of the last corner very well and came alongside me. We braked at the same time and he turned in on me.

    • Eddie told the London Sunday Business Post about an encounter he had while trying to enter a nightclub in Dublin.
      Bouncer: Sorry sir, members only.
      Eddie: But I'm Eddie Irvine!
      Bouncer: P**s off! Eddie Irvine is a famous racing driver. Stop wasting my time.

    • Eddie: (on his retirement from F1) It's a sad day. I have decided not to drive in Formula One this year - or at least at the moment. In July last year I made up my mind to drive for Jordan Grand Prix. I had very strong feelings about returning to the team which started my F1 career. Unfortunately, due to the economic downturn, Jordan are forced to look for a driver who brings extra funds to the team whilst I can only bring speed, reliability and greater experience. It's a shame because I really would have enjoyed the rule changes, especially single-lap qualifying.

    • Eddie: (on what he said to David Coulthard that made him so upset one time) I didn't call him a fag, I actually said he should stop being a fag and worrying about what I say.

    • Eddie: (on reports that the Jaguar staff aren't fond of him) It's such incredible fiction. Honestly, J.K. Rowling better watch out. She's got someone else going for the Booker prize.

    • Eddie: You know there is no-one in the pit lane that is better than me, except for Michael [Schumacher]. I have no doubts about that.

    • Eddie: Ralf Schumacher had something missing from his head.

    • Eddie: (asked which F1 driver was his favourite) Hmmm... ammm... well we're all a bunch of tossers really!

    • Eddie: (on the reason behind his Australian popularity) Because it's full of Irish convicts.

    • Jordan team boss Eddie Jordan asked Irvine to participate in a photo shoot, but Irvine responded:
      Eddie: Do I have to? Send out some f**ker in my helmet, they'll never know the difference.