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  • hope to see more

    yes i agree with the previous comment, i did fall for him when i saw him on Oz, he really is a great actor and a very talented one, i just wish he is getting more movies because the movies in the list are not enough, i want to see more!

    his talent and of course, pretty 'pure cinema' face needs more attention <3
  • The first time I saw Eddie was on Oz playing Wiseguy member Peter Schibetta. I must say he has tremendous strength & courage to play a male rape victim. Eddie's role has proven the depth of reality & issues in prison life that has been constantly over themoreless

    Eddie caught my eye because he is a very attractive man no doubt. I find myself staring at him alot on Oz website. He has nice eyes. But what I admire about Eddie is he had the strength & courage to play rape victim Peter Schibetta. Things like that do happen to young &/or weak attractive men in prison. Sexually abused inmates would Thank him for protraying his role because Oz (hbo) tell it like it is. Eddie is a strong actor to take on such a challenging role & I wish to see more of "Mr.Beautiful eyes" in future.moreless