Eddie McClintock

Eddie McClintock


5/27/1967, North Canton, Ohio

Birth Name

Edward McClintock


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Eddie McClintock co-stars with Jane Curtin, Fred Savage and William Devane in ABC's new comedy, "Crumbs," about a fractured family struggling to come together. He will also re-unite with "Stark, Raving Mad" co-star Tony Shalhoub, when he guest-stars on "Monk" later this summer. McClintock was most recently seen…more


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    • Eddie: Comedy is a comfortable yet challenging place for me. I will always feel an inner pressure to do my best and to improve.

    • (About Emily Deschanel)
      Eddie: Not to sound trite, but Emily is amazing. She just really is a sweet lady. She was so considerate. She went out and got a baby present when my second son was born. She didn't have to do that. I appreciate that, and I appreciate people that extend themselves when they don't have to.

    • Eddie: I'm from Ohio, but you'd think by this time, I'd be a little less star-struck, but I'm not.

    • (About "Crumbs" being canceled)
      Eddie: Yeah, it is always a disappointment when you get to know people very well. We had done 13 episodes, and I felt like we were getting in a groove. That's my fourth canceled show.

    • (About being confused with David Boreanaz)
      Eddie: They all think that I'm David Boreanaz. 'Aren't you the guy from Angel?' I tell them, 'Nah... um, yeah! Yes I am!' Maybe it'll get me a good table at a restaurant.