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  • There are those that act and real actors...

    I consider Eddie Murphy a real actor. He can take several different personas and make the separately real, including different genders, which is no easy task. And his voice is great for animation, it's so alive and full of intensity. "Meet Dave," is one of my favorite movies. I love the giant robot/ship. Great story. Some of my other favorite Eddie Murphy Movies are; all of the "Shrek" movies, "Norbit," "Daddy Day Care," "Haunted Mansion," "Dr. Doolittle," "Nutty Professor," "48 Hours," "Golden Child," "Pluto Nash," "Coming to America," "Trading Place." And of course, "Saturday Night Live." I think he was pretty daring as a comedian, bringing to life attitudes and beliefs that most people might think about, but were not likely to say.