Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder


12/23/1964, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Edward Louis Severson III



Also Known As

Eddie Mueller, Ed Vedder, E. Vedder, Jerome Turner
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With the surge of a new brand of garage rock into the always cutting edge music scene in Seattle, Washington in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Eddie Vedder, along with Kurt Cobain, were the forefathers of the new "grunge rock" music. During a difficult homelife as a…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Vedder is able to play the following musical instruments: guitar, tambourine, piano, accordion, harmonica, drums and ukulele.

    • In 1982, Vedder graduated from San Dieguito High School, located in Encinitas, California, and has since donated more than $15,000 from several local concerts for the building of a new theater for his alma mater.

    • In the liner notes for most Pearl Jam albums, Vedder has used the aliases "Jerome Turner" and "Wes C. Addle" for his artwork contributions.

    • Vedder's two most prominent hobbies are collecting classic vinyl records and surfing.

    • Vedder's biological parents were Karen Vedder and Ed Severson. The two married on March 24, 1962, however, on April 29, 1965, Karen filed for divorce. Shortly thereafter, she revived a romantic relationship with high school sweetheart, Peter Mueller. Karen and Peter raised Eddie themselves.

    • On March 18, 2002, Vedder gave an extended introductory speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies in honor of "The Ramones."

    • On November 18, 1993, in a Louisiana bar, along with Chicago White pitcher, Jack McDowell, Vedder was arrested and charged with public drunkenness and disturbing the peace.

    • Eddie's favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut.

    • Vedder married his first wife, Beth Liebling, on June 3, 1994, but they were divorced in September 2000. In 2004, Vedder then married long-time girlfriend, Jill McCormick. Their daughter, Olivia, was born in June of the same year.

    • Eddie is 5'7.5".

    • Before landing the job as the front man for Pearl Jam, Vedder worked the night shift as a gas station attendant in downtown San Diego and a security guard at the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, California.

    • Vedder has supported presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, in several elections because of his pro-choice stance and his belief in preserving the enviornment.

  • Quotes

    • Eddie: (in the middle of a Pearl Jam concert in San Diego, California and referring to President George W. Bush) I just think that all of us in this room should have a voice in how the USA is represented. And he don't allow us our voice, that's all I'm saying.

    • Eddie: (in his acceptance speech for Pearl Jam's only Grammy award) My dad would have liked it. My dad died before I got to know him, and he would have liked it. So that's why I'm here.

    • Eddie: I should be sending Pete Townshend cards for Father's Day. His records--that was more parenting than I got, just relaxing and having an outlet.

    • Eddie: (during his speech at the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame ceremonies in honor of "The Ramones") You know, punk bands now sell with one record--their first or second record--sell 10 times the amount of records that the Ramones did throughout their career with 20-something records. That's why I go over to Johnny Ramone's house and do yard work three times a week, just to absolve some of the guilt.

    • Eddie: Every time I see the Spice Girls, it makes me want to try to fly by climbing my roof and strapping bricks to my shoes.

    • Eddie: I don't need drugs. Life is already tragic enough.