Eddie Velez

Eddie Velez


6/4/1958, New York,New York

Birth Name

Edwin L. Velez


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  • So-o underrated and \'underused\' but is quite due!

    This is the intro taken from my \'Eddie Velez\' page on my website (Ty\'s Comfort Zone):

    A talented Hispanic actor who is so \'underused\' in Hollywood it\'s not even funny when you think about it! Eddie has been around for over 25 years now and I remember the very first time that I saw him. It was on a show called \'Charlie & Co.\' which starred Flip Wilson and Gladys Knight. He worked with Flip\'s character in the Department of Transportation (I think!) and his character, Miguel, was sort of a prankster. Well, I was hooked from that moment on!

    Over the years, Eddie managed to become what I would like to call that \'Oh, yeah! That guy!\' type of actor. And truthfully, I don\'t think that he\'s been given a fair deal over the years. If you don\'t believe me, just remember how crappy his character on the show \'Days Of Our Lives\' was treated! But given what was going on at the time (9/11) I can almost \'somewhat\' understand why they axed the Paul Walker character. But there were so many ways to direct the character than to just kill him off!

    But in the moments he\'s given to shine, Eddie shows to be an excellent actor. If you check out his performance in the movie \'Under Oath\' (1997) that he co-starred in with Jack Scalia you will see that I haven\'t steered you wrong. This man knows his craft!

    Two years before in \'95, he was casted on a show called \'Live Shot\'. There, Eddie showed his true acting ability again but the show was cancelled due to a very unstable and \'undecisive\' UPN, who was trying to figure out who it were at the time.

    Over the years, this actor/producer manages to slip out of his comic mode every once in a while and throws a performance at us that\'ll make you stand up and notice. And I pray that this \'New York born\' Latino brother will finally be given something that he can sink his handsome, talented teeth into. Something that will make everyone stand up and take notice!