Eddy Waller




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Eddy Waller was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, on June 14, 1889. He started his acting career working in vaudeville and the theater before he went to Hollywood, where he would make appearances in over 250 different films between 1929 and 1963. Out of these 250 films, 116 of them were westerns and he appeared in six different serial films. He proved extremely popular and would be a mainstay in westerns, playing character parts and working with almost every well-known cowboy actor. His best known role is that of Nugget Clark, who appeared in many of Rocky Lane's films between 1947 and 1953. In 1956, Waller moved to TV and took the role of Rusty Lee in the TV series Steve Donovan, Western Marshal. From there he became a series regular in the TV series Laramie, where he played Mose Shell, the stagecoach driver. He also starred in the 1958 TV show Casey Jones, where Waller starred alongside of Alan Hale, Jr. Waller died of a stroke on August 20, 1977, in Los Angeles, California.