Eden Espinosa

Eden Espinosa


2/2/1978, Anaheim, California

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Eden Espinosa was born on February 2, 1978 to second-generation Mexican Americans. She is fluent in both Spanish and English. Eden has been interested in perusing a career in theatre since birth. She began singing at the age of three, performing at five, and recording at ten. She…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Eden mostly listens to music her friends have independently recorded. As of May 2006, the CD in her CD player was Matt Caplin's original CD.

    • Stephanie J. Block (the workshop original Elphaba in Wicked) and Eden are really good friends--they've worked together in California.

      Also, Eden is friends with Matt Caplan who played Mark in RENT.

    • Her last name is pronounced Es-pin-o-sa.

    • Eden says she has had every hairstyle known to woman sometime in her lifetime.

    • Eden's vocals be heard on the BKLYN (Original Broadway Cast Recording) as well as several benefit concert recordings.

  • Quotes

    • Eden Epsinosa: I'd like to record, and I've had a strong notion that I didn't want to do that till I had something to say, my own style, and my own niche. I have written some of my own music when I was younger, and as I got older my head got in the way of myself and I got insecure and scared about it. I'm starting to feel more comfortable with things though, and telling myself that everything's not going to be totally great, and it's ok to collaborate with somebody so it's something I'd like to start trying out, perhaps sharing with someone that can guide me along a little bit more.

    • Eden Espinosa: I'm an Eva Cassidy freak, and a lot of people don't know who she is, and she passed away unfortunately, but she's one of the most amazing vocalists. I listen to her a lot, and I also listen to a lot of my friends' music that put out independent albums in LA. One example of that is Matt Caplan who was in Rent. I also like a lot of singer-songwriter music, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, that kind of stuff.

    • Eden Espinosa: I always listened to oldies with my dad in the car, and we'd sing along to a lot of the old school blues, Motown, the Beatles, and everything like that. Then when I'd go to my grandmother's house, she'd have classical music on, or would take me to the ballet and opera. As I got older, Debbie Gibson was my idol when I was 10, she really cinched it for me as a pop singer, and I wanted to be a recording artist before I ever wanted to be in theater. I think I really started the whole belt thing when Mariah Carey came out, because I never heard anyone as young as she was sing like her. I'd just try to emulate everything that she did in my room until I got it right, so she had a great influence on me too when I was young.

    • Eden Espinosa: (About BKLYN) Our audience response is unbelievable because they really, really get into it. Right off the bat, audiences don't really know what to expect but as soon as 'Heart Behind These Hands' starts, they kind of see what they're into, and once we start what we're into, it's inevitable that they're with us. It's crazy, because they cheer like they're at a rock concert sometimes. I think we're really starting to build our little audience, and sometimes we're really blown away by the noise coming back from them. That feels so good."

    • Eden Espinosa: I did read the reviews, and I don't know if I will continue to do that throughout the rest of my career but this was the first opportunity I had other than regional theater in LA to read them. I guess it does bother me a little bit because it's something that you're doing every single night and that you're putting so much into, but it's someone's opinion and not everybody's going to feel the same way about a show. Not that our show is the greatest, and flawless, every show has flaws, but critics have not liked some of the biggest hits on Broadway right now. I just look at it as one person's opinion. It doesn't bring me down, and it doesn't affect my performance at all.

    • Eden Espinosa: (About BKLYN) The show has and hasn't evolved at the same time. My arc hasn't really changed that much, with the exception of a couple of things. It's just become clearer I think. It changed quite a bit from the workshop to the Denver production. Obviously new cast members, new songs, new arranging of songs, and then from Denver to Broadway all have had their effect

    • Eden Espinosa: It wasn't out of obligation at all, but I felt like it doesn't come around a lot that you get to originate a role on Broadway, and so I felt like I needed to, and wanted to, take that chance and to take that risk. Even if it's not a huge hit, you're still going to be a first born.

    • Eden Espinosa: I would definitely love to do Wicked again someday, the role is amazing, and my time there was great. If they would have me, I'd go back if I wasn't doing anything else, definitely.

    • Eden Espinosa: I kind of see my voice as naturally just right in the middle of musical theater and pop.

  • My favorite Elphaba and incredibly nice too

    Eden Espinosa replaced Idina Menzel as my favorite actress on 3/3/2006, when I saw Wicked on Broadway. I had been a die-hard Idina fan for 7 solid months. When I first heard her sing \"The Wizard and I\" I was blown away by how she managed to almost harmonize the Idina version to work for her, but still sound incredible. As the show went on and on, so did my happiness and appreciation for the amazing actress behind all the green makeup. Her \"Defying Gravity\" is my favorite and I recently spent 20 minutes trying to teach myself to sing it the way she does. I waited outside in the cold for an hour and a half to meet her and she was really sweet. She signed all of my sister and mine many Wicked items and was gracious in receiving our complements about how well she had done.

    I googled her as soon as I got home and the more and more I learned about her and heard her voice, the more I loved her. Eden is leaving Wicked in October - what are you waiting for? Go buy tickets!moreless
  • It isn't easy being green!

    Eden Espinosa is such a talented actress. I saw her as Elphaba in the Broadway production of Wicked with my friend. She has such an astounding voice. I hope she makes it big and is able to continue as a fantastic actress.

    P.S. After I saw Wicked, we got to go back stage and meet her and go in her dressing room. It was totally WICKED