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  • My favorite Elphaba and incredibly nice too

    Eden Espinosa replaced Idina Menzel as my favorite actress on 3/3/2006, when I saw Wicked on Broadway. I had been a die-hard Idina fan for 7 solid months. When I first heard her sing \"The Wizard and I\" I was blown away by how she managed to almost harmonize the Idina version to work for her, but still sound incredible. As the show went on and on, so did my happiness and appreciation for the amazing actress behind all the green makeup. Her \"Defying Gravity\" is my favorite and I recently spent 20 minutes trying to teach myself to sing it the way she does. I waited outside in the cold for an hour and a half to meet her and she was really sweet. She signed all of my sister and mine many Wicked items and was gracious in receiving our complements about how well she had done.

    I googled her as soon as I got home and the more and more I learned about her and heard her voice, the more I loved her. Eden is leaving Wicked in October - what are you waiting for? Go buy tickets!
  • It isn't easy being green!

    Eden Espinosa is such a talented actress. I saw her as Elphaba in the Broadway production of Wicked with my friend. She has such an astounding voice. I hope she makes it big and is able to continue as a fantastic actress.

    P.S. After I saw Wicked, we got to go back stage and meet her and go in her dressing room. It was totally WICKED
  • Talent at its finest - Eden is incredible

    The first time I saw Eden preform was in Wicked this March. I am a massive Idina Menzel fan and after Shoshona (as good as she was) wasnt close to being as good . . . I wasnt expecting much from the third Elphaba.

    I was 100% wrong. Yes, Eden is not as good as Idina, but she is pretty close! She twisted the notes of the songs and rewrote them to make them sound better for her own voice - but managed to keep the harmonies alive and keep the power and strentgh of the character - I'd say even kicking it to a whole new level. She's also funny - she was imitating her costar, Megan Hitley, as much as possible and sounding exacting like her. Her comedic timing is genius.

    After loving her here, I bought the CD to Eden's Broadway Debut - BKLYN the Musical, which is currently not showing anywhere (*grumble*). She is amazing on there too, she has an incredible volume range and is just a powerhouse

    So go, watch her in Wicked! She's leaving in October and I really hope to see her again before that