Edoardo Ballerini





3/20/1970 , Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name




Edoardo Ballerini began his career at the age of eleven when he was noticed in an off-Broadway play in New York and asked to read for a role for a potential network series. He decided to delay his acting career until he finished school.

After attending Wesleyan University as an English major, Ballerini went abroad to study Latin in his fathers native homeland, Italy. He later returned to New York City where he perfected his craft studying at HB Studios, The Lee Strasberg Institute and the Actors Studio.

Since then he has appeared in numerous

productions including:

Good Night Valentino (2002)
Malevolent (2002)
Drowning Lessons (2002)
Dinner Rush (2001)
Looking for an Echo (2000)
Romeo Must Die (2000)
The Last Days of Disco (1998)
The Substitute 2: School's Out (1998)
Vig (1998)
The Pest (1997)
Sue (1997)
I'm Not Rappaport (1996)
I Shot Andy Warhol (1996)
The Pallbearer (1996)
5 Dead on the Crimson Canvas (1996)