Eduardo Noriega

Eduardo Noriega


8/1/1973, Santander, Cantabria, Spain

Birth Name

Eduardo Noriega Gómez


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Eduardo is the youngest of seven brothers. He studied music harmony and choral singing at Santander University. and later on joined the Madrid's School of Dramatic Art. His breakout role was in the 1996 thriller Tesis, along side filmmaker Mateo Gil and movie director Amenabar. Tesis won a…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • When Eduardo was 18 he lived for a while on a ranch in Mexico, where his father was born, afterwhich he returned to Spain.

    • Once Eduardo finished filming El Lobo he has the opportunity to meet the real-life Lobo. He said in an interview that the real-life Lobo was very happy and proud of the film and that he felt that after 30 years spent in hiding his story was finally told.

    • In 1999 the European Fim Promotions named Eduardo as one of the European films 'Shooting Stars'.

    • Eduardo's height is 5'10¾" (1.80m).

    • Eduardo's father is from Puebla, Mexico.

    • Eduardo is an avid photographer.

    • Eduardo is a very private person and only conducts interviews scheduled in advance.

    • Eduardo has mentioned in a chat with him that he loves Argentina and Argentinians and that he loves traveling to Argentina for vacations and for promotion of movies.

    • Eduardo loves reading, watching movies and playing soccer.

    • Eduardo's favorite movie is A Clockwork Orange.

    • Eduardo studied piano as a child.

    • Eduardo has said in an interview that Mike Leigh is one of his favorite directors and that Robert De Niro, Javier Badem and Tom Cruise have made an impact on his life.

    • As a child Eduardohe devoted himself to music. When when he grew up he decided to leave his Law degree and his love for music and move to Madrid in order to become an actor.

    • In 2002, Eduardo starred as the main actor in Novo, a French movie directed by Jean-Pierre Limosin. In this movie he appears completely naked.

  • Quotes

    • Eduardo: (on his role in the movie Lobo) I didn't want to play the hero. I wanted to play a simple guy who is manipulated, who didn't know how far he was going to go. A guy who is trapped as an animal between two dangerous worlds much bigger than him. His story's really tragic. He spent two years inside ETA feeling fear. He had to act all the time, control his behaviour the whole time. And it's based on a subject really important to us in Spain.

    • Eduardo: (on playing Che Guevara) If I felt responsibility doing Lobo, imagine what I felt doing Che Guevara. The problem with Che is that now, he's everywhere in the world. He's a symbol, a myth. He's a symbol of so many things but not necessarily true things. Everybody thinks that they know Che Guevara but not so many people really know the story. I didn't want to play the poster, I wanted to play the man.

    • Eduardo: (on playing a real character in the movie El Lobo) I always feel the responsibility when I am working. It is going to be for ever. I take my job really seriously. But when it's a real character, it's bigger. It's a weird feeling knowing that someone is going to look at it and ask, 'is that me?.'

    • Eduardo: (on how he felt about watching his hero at work in Cameron Crowe's faithful but rather messy remake Vanilla Sky – a role Noriega originally made his own in Open Your Eyes) I felt really proud. If Tom Cruise thinks about a film I did it is a compliment. It's weird but it's okay. I have no problem if Tom Cruise wants to remake every movie I do.

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