Edward Burns

Edward Burns


1/29/1968, Woodside, New York, USA

Birth Name

Edward J. Burns, Jr.



Also Known As

Ed Burns, Edward J. Burns
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Edward Burns, an actor born and raised in New York, is a writer, director, and producer of independent films. He was born in Woodside, Queens County, New York on January 29, 1968. He attended Catholic Chaminade High School and The State University of New York at Albany. He…more


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    • Edward: (in a May 2008 interview) I was a kid who went to film school and fell into acting. After putting myself in my first movie it morphed into this career I have, but my love is filmmaking and that is what I am passionate about. Hopefully in 40 years I will still be doing this.

    • Edward: For me, the writing is the most satisfying, creatively satisfying. If you are an actor, you're an artist, but you are part of the team, ensemble; what you have to say is your interpretation of what someone else has written. It's a different kind of art form. Writing is your baby; you're the sole author of that piece.

    • Edward: When a review starts out talking about my love life, or compares a filmmaking job to an acting job, they lose their objectivity. It's no longer about the piece, and I don't know what good that is going to do me.

    • Edward: (on working with Anne Fletcher in "27 Dresses") I'd never worked with a woman filmmaker before and it was such a different energy on set, especially given that this was a romantic comedy that's basically about these two sisters. It was such a fun experience. I have had good times on movie sets, but I don't know that I ever laughed as much as I did on that set.

    • Edward: The only way you'll know if there's more is if you take that first step.

    • Edward: (on the impact of partner Christy Turlington on his fashion My brother kind of mocks us on this. He says, "Eddie, Christy is really stylish and classy and you should be adapting to her style." Instead I've got her in sneakers and raggedy T-shirts so I'm kind of bringing her down with me.

    • Edward: I suffer from Irish-Catholic guilt. Guilt is a good reality check. It keeps that 'do what makes you happy' thing in check.

    • Edward: I didn't have cold feet before getting married but before my daughter was born (in 2003) I definitely wrestled with, "God, I still feel like such a kid".

    • Edward: (on being involved in all aspects of filmmaking) What I discovered was that I got to maintain a little more control over the overall vision so I guess that's the reason. Then, just generally, I'm probably a control freak.

    • Edward: In my hometown [Valley Stream], there are two beautiful girls, total knockouts. They're checkout clerks at the supermarket. Not all homecoming queens turn into models and actresses.

    • Edward: (on Los Angeles, California) I'd get totally lonely out here. It's strange. The weather is beautiful, but there's not a kid on a bike. Nobody's playing football on a front lawn. No one is gardening. Where are they all? The kids are inside playing Nintendo, and all the parents are inside writing screenplays.