Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong


8/2/1977, Glendale, California

Birth Name

Edward Walter Furlong



Also Known As

Eddie Furlong
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Edward Furlong, born in Glendale, California on August 2, 1977. Edward is an American actor best known for his performances in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" as John Connor and Daniel Vinyard in "American History X". He is a two-time Saturn Award nominee, winning the award in 1992 for…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Edward played accused murderer Jacob Ryan in Before and After,as a teen accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend, in 1996.

    • Edward met Rachael Bella on the set of Jimmy and Judy and they married on April 19, 2006. The couple welcomed their first child, a son that they named Ethan Page on September 21, 2006.

    • Edward was ranked #69 in VH1's list of '100 Greatest Kid Stars'.

    • Edward won an MTV Movie Award for 'Best Breakthrough Role', and a Saturn Sci-Fi Award for 'Best Young Actor' for his debut movie role in Terminator2: Judgement Day.

    • Edward recorded a spoken word album in 1993 called The Happy Prince And My Grandfather's Favorite Poems.

    • Edward appeared in the Aerosmith music video for 'Living On The edge' in 1993, and a video for Everclear called 'The Boys Are Back In Town'.

    • Edward was rushed to the emergency room of Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California in April, 2001. He was partying at The Whiskey on Sunset Blvd, watching a live performance by Jared Leto's band with a date. Later that night, he was found laying in a pool of vomit by his date, and rushed to the hospital for treatment. He was admitted on a Tuesday and released on Thursday.

    • Edward decided that his life was spinning out of control, and he couldn't stop drinking and using drugs, so he checked into the Promises Rehab Center in Malibu, California in 2001.

    • Edward was arrested and had his car impounded for driving without a license in September, 2001, by west Hollywood authorities. Then four hours later, he and then-girlfriend Jolene Blalock were booked again by police for being involved in a traffic accident and driving under the influence.

    • Edward lost out on playing his role in Terminator 3, due to prolonged troubles with the law and substance abuse.

    • Edward was arrested in September of 2004 for attempting to free live lobsters from a grocery store water tank, while intoxicated. The longtime animal rights advocate was caught with his friends trying to help the lobsters escape from a store in Florence, Kentucky. When the police tried to arrest him, he put his arms above his head and started to spin around. He was booked, and later bailed out by the directors of the film he was shooting, Jimmy & Judy.

    • Edward is a supporter for PETA and other animal rights groups.

    • Edward has dated: Soleil Moon Frye in 1990, Natasha Lyonne in 1998, Paris Hilton in 2000, and Jolene Blalock in 2001.

    • Edward started being tutored on set by 29 year old Jacqueline Domac at age 15. Soon, he began dating her, causing scandal in the tabloids. Jacqueline moved into the position of his manager, and then his fiancee. The relationship soured when she claimed that Edward had been physically beating her.

    • Edward grew tired of being fostered by his aunt and uncle at 14, and sued for emancipation. He won the right to be on his own, and decided to drop out of high school to pursue his acting at age 15.

    • Edward was being raised by his aunt and uncle when he filmed Terminator 2, he has never met his biological father, and briefly had a stepfather when he was very young. His aunt felt that he was too much responsibility for his mother, and sued for custody, caring for him for three years.

    • During the shooting of Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), his voice grew, and he had to loop all of his lines in quite a few scenes. He also grew quite a bit. At the beginning of shooting, he was a few inches smaller than his double, and at the end he was a little bit taller than him. He even had to stand in a hole during the shooting of some scenes.

    • Edward has modeled for labels such as Gap and Calvin Klein and has advertised for the Japanese food company, Hot Noodle.

    • In 1992, he launched a successful music career in Japan and is still extremely popular with Japanese girls today. His debut song "Hold On Tight" even beat Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" to #1 on the Japanese charts.

    • Edward attended Elliot Junior High School and South Pasadena Junior High School before filming T2.

    • Former girlfriend and manager Jacqueline Domac has gone to the courts to request 15 percent of Edward's earnings for the last 3 year for abuse and breach of contract.

    • His height is 5' 7" (1.70 m).

    • He is an animal rights activist.

  • Quotes

  • Edward Furlong >>> :)

    In T2 he was really damn fit on that motorbike and omg when he cried he looked so sweet!!! yea sure hez been in other things but T2 was the best thing hez ever been in, its a shame 2 waste so much ...cuteness lol, u gotta luv him xxx
  • Favorite Actor Period!!!!

    This guy is not only talented, he is gorgeous and funny- I guess. I wish he would do more mainstream films though because there is a lot more to him than John Connor and lobster. I can't wait for his new movies to come out. I will see them all!!!!!! Favorite Actor of all time.