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Edward G. Robinson Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Edward was offered the role of Professor Kingsfield in The Paper Chase (1973) but turned it down due to his health, not revealing that he was dying from cancer.

    • Edward was nominated for the Tony award for Best Dramatic Actor for his performance in "Middle Of The Night" in 1956.

    • Edward published 2 autobiographies, "My Father, My Son" in 1958 and "All My Yesterdays: An Autobiography" in 1973.

    • Edward did his first TV commercial, for Maxwell House Coffee, in 1963.

    • Edward was a member of the jury of the 1953 Cannes Film Festival.

    • Edward was chosen to co-star in the film adaptation of the play The Petrified Forest (1936), but lost the role when Leslie Howard refused to do the film unless his Broadway co-star Humphrey Bogart was included, and Bogart was given the role.

    • Edward's likeness was used for one of the Gremlins in Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990).

    • Edward's voice was used and parodied as the inspiration for The Simpsons character Police Chief Clancy Wiggum.

    • Edward did a magazine advertisment for Heublein Cocktails in 1957.

    • Edward was named the 24th greatest Male Lead Actor on the 50 Legends Of Hollywood list, by the American Film Institute on June 16, 1999.

    • Edward was married twice, to Gladys Lloyd from 1927 to 1956, and to Jane Robinson, from 1956 until his death in 1973.

    • Edward was featured on a 33-cent U.S. Postal Service stamp issued on October 24, 2000.

    • Edward was originally chosen to be Dr. Zaius in Planet Of The Apes (1968) but had to decline the role due to his heart condition.

    • Edward died 8 days after completing filming on Soylent Green (1973). Ironically, the last scene he filmed was his death scene. No one on the production knew he was dying of terminal cancer except for Charlton Heston, and his tears in Edward's euthanasia scene were real, in his own words, with this knowledge.

    • Edward was a fine art collector, but unfortunately had to sell most of his paintings to pay a divorce settlement in 1956.

    • Edward was given a posthumous honorary Oscar 2 months after his death.

    • Edward has a star for Motion Pictures on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame at 6233 Hollywood Boulevard.

    • Edward was given the Life Achievement Award by the Screen Actors Guild in 1970.

    • Edward was 5 feet 5 inches tall.

  • Quotes

    • Edward G. Robinson: To be entrusted with a character was always a big responsibility to me.

    • Edward G. Robinson: To last you need to be real.

    • Edward G. Robinson: Some people have youth, some have beauty - I have menace.

    • Edward G. Robinson: Acting and painting have much in common. You begin with the external appearance and then strip away the layers to get to the essential core. This is reality and that is how an artist achieves truth. When you are acting, you are playing a part, you are being somebody else. You are also, at the same time, being yourself.