Edward Hardwicke





8/7/1932 , London, England

Birth Name




Edward Hardwicke is an English actor who was born August 7, 1932, in London, England. Hardwicke made his film debut at the age of ten when he traveled to Hollywood to star in a Victor Fleming film, A Guy Named Joe. After filming completed, Hardwicke returned to London where he later finished high school and fulfilled his military obligations. With his obligations met, Hardwicke entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and trained to be an actor. Over the years, Hardwicke appeared in several television series and films. Films that Hardwicke appeared in include The Day of the Jackal, The Black Windmill, Richard III, The Scarlett Letter and Shadowlands. Television series that Hardwicked appeared in include Holocaust, Oppenheimer, Lovejoy, The Ruth Mendell Series and Shameless. However, Hardwicke is most well-known for his role as Dr. Watson in the Granda TV series Sherlock Holmes by Jeremy Brett. Edward Hardwicke died in Chichester, England, on May 16, 2011.