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  • King was a saint

    MLK was a modern saint -- does Mr. Olmos know his history? Without MLK who gave his life for the struggle for not just Black . Citizens but also for all US citizens regardless of their color, creed or other affiliation -- that is why this great man is remembered. Without MLK -- Cesar Chavez would not have existed. Mr Olmos needs to learn American History.
  • Truly gifted and talented actor.

    I remember first seeing Edward James Olmos playing Gaff in Blade Runner. He was a great bad Guy, you just wanted to slap the smirk right off his face. Then he played Lt. Martin Castillo, back when Miami Vice was in its first run. He had a screen presence even then. He he made Stand and Deliver, (he was a middle class guy that quits a good job to teach math to intercity toughs) with still casted Miami Vice. In 1995 he took on what I consider to be one of his best roles as Paco in Mi Familia. It was a great performance in a high underrated movie. He's made many other appearances in to following years, but I think his portrayal of Commander, now Admiral, William Adama is the culmination of a life time of good performances. He plays character in a demon haunted world, that must continually find his balance of humanity. His character has to frequently send people to their deaths and must continue on as if he had never done such a thing. Olmos pulls it off with understated elegance. His eyes say more in many scenes than he ever utters. I couldn't anyone else in the cast stepping up to take his place.
  • Talented Actor, director and producer.

    I gave the new BSG a chance when I saw his and Mary McDonnell's name on the cast. He has taken the role of Adama and made him real. This isn't a perfect man, he is one that has flaws and can at times be ruled by his feelings and emotions. His portrayal has brought fans to the show, you don't have to be a scifi fan specifically to appreciate the excellence brought to the screen every week.

    I also think that the work he does outside of acting deserves note. He does a lot of work with kids from gang areas in LA. However, he doesn't go looking for a lot of press and accolades, the work appears to be it's own reward.

    If you want to see how different his range can be watch American Me and Stand and Deliver. Two men on totally different ends of the spectrum but you believe that Mr. Olmos is those men.
  • Battlestar\'s Hero!

    Dont ask me why the frak he hasn\'t got an emmy for his peformance in the new modern day version of Battlestar Galactica. Edward James Olmos simply drives the show with mostly his brilliang acting and wonderful chemistry with co star Mary Mcdonnel who plays the President of the colonies.

    When he was first introduced, I had never seen him before since Miami Vice was a little too long ago for me. However I thought he was a fantastic actor in the mini series and his speeches were acted and spoke magically.

    In the TV show, he continues this fantastic work and I really dont understand why he hasn\'t already been added to the list of emmy winners for best Actor on a TV series.
  • Edward James Olmos, deserves an Emmy for his performance of Admiral Adama, his consistently great acting in Battlestar Galactica is amazing to behold. I loved him in Miami Vice but this is by far his crowning glory.

    A classy, wonderful actor. Battlestar Galactica definitely has the best man fronting the fleet. Subtle and quiet he brings great strength and force with his prescence. Why he doesn't receive more accolades is beyond me, I enjoy all his work and would love to see him receive that recognition as well.
  • Talented and very good role model!

    I heard that he and Don Johnson never gotten along
    On the set of Miami Vice as Don wanted to be more of
    The star! But when given the chance, he tries to
    Make the most of it and he not only is a great actor
    But also a great role model for children
    Hope he is around for a long time!
  • great

    wow I have respected him since I was a kid.. this actor has so much talent noone can ever doubt gis talent.. I wish that he was in something the critics woul give as much credance as we do.. he is a wonder as Adama..no one has done it better
  • One of the best, and possibly one of the most underrated, Latino actors of all time.

    I was first introduced to Edward James Olmos in school when for class we watched him play Jaime Escalante in Stand and Deliver. I definately enjoyed his work in that movie as he delievered a moving, commanding presence (as he has done in much of his work). From their I saw him in other movies such as the cult-classic Blade Runner, and in 1997's Selena. In many ways, I feel that his performance in Selena outshined that of the movie's star, Jennifer Lopez. Olmos seems to have a knack for playing characters that are in positions of authority, mentorship or inspiration. I have greatly enjoyed his portrayal of Commander Adama on Battlestar Galactica. His commanding presence is a crucial factor to the series and he plays his part with his usual flawless skill and conviction. Indeed, it feels as if the role was custom made with him in mind and suits him perfectly.

    Even if you haven't seen Olmos' work, you have to admire this man for his humanitarian efforts. Some may not agree with his politics at times, like when he was arrested during the protest of a Naval bomb testing site in 2000, but still his compassion and love of his people and those in need is unwaivering. He has taken steps to further the position of Latino artists by founding Latino Public Broadcasting in 1998. He as also served as an international advocate and spokesperson for organizations such as UNICEF, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and Aids Awareness Foundation. He is a champion of the Latino people and a champion of human rights.
  • One of the greatest actors of our age.

    Edward James Olmos is one of the top actors alive today. He has taken on such a wide variety of roles and succeeded at all of them. He is equally adept at comedy, action and drama and now he takes on Science Fiction in the new Battlestar Galactica.

    One of the first natural reactions anyone will have to the new Battlestar Galactica is comparing Edward James Olmos to Lorne Greene. While both Commander Adamas provide an overall father figure, Mr. Greene’s Adama was more “Ben Cartwright in Space”. He was a kindly, all-knowing, loving, beneficent leader. Mr. Olmos gives us a reluctant leader, who makes mistakes, is often unsure of himself, but in spite of his own misgivings is still the most competent available leader.

    Viewers have the added advantage of “Miami Vice” being released on DVD as well. If you want to see one of the best TV police lieutenants ever, watch “Miami Vice” and marvel at Edward James Olmos’s portrayal of Lt. Martin Castillo.
  • The New Battlestar Galactica Regular Series( Commander William Adama.

    There is only one word to summarize my opinion of the New Battlestar Galactica Regular Series. Exceptional,and Riveting! I have seen the Old Battlestar Galactica reruns as a young child. I am now in my early thirties and a mother of 2 wonderful boys. The new Battlestar Galactica I can tell you keeps me at the edge of my sit everytime I watch it since its it premier. My two boys watches it with me as well. I have nothing but the outmost respect and admiration for the way Edward James Olmos portray his character Commander Adama. I think the network could not have pick a better person to portray this character. His ability to make every scene feel real and feel heart warming is exceptional. Each episode keeps me off the edge of my sit. Every episode makes me wonder what is going to happen next. Overall, this new Battlestar Galactica starring Edward James Olmos will surpass its predecessor beyond anyones imagination. I have never given a rating this high on any SCIFI TV series before but Edward James Olmos deserves a 9.9 on his portrayal of Commander Adama. The only reason why I am not giving him a 10 is because no one is perfect. He is close though.