Edward Kitsis


Edward Kitsis Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have written many different shows together such as: Fantasy Island, Felicity, and Popular.

    • Edward attended the University of Wisconsin, which is where he met his best friend Adam Horowitz.

    • Every episode of "Lost" that Edward is involved in is co-written by his long time friend, Adam Horowitz.

  • Quotes

    • Edward Kitsis: (referring to "Lost") At the time it was airing, Claire had been kidnapped. So instead of hearing her husband was a little nervous, she just went, 'So Claire comes back? You just ruined it for me!' To this day, my wife refuses to hear anything about 'Lost.' She just wants to watch it

    • Edward Kitsis: (referring to "Lost") It's the perfect show to write on because you get to do everything. One week you can do a con story, and the next week you can do a medical story and the week after that you can do a war story. You can be funny and serious in the same episode. As a writer, it's just been the most amazing opportunity.

    • Edward Kitsis: (referring to "Lost") You want to give them answers and keep them intrigued.