Edward Norton

Edward Norton


8/18/1969, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Edward Harrison Norton, Jr.


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Edward Harrison Norton, Jr. was born on August 18, 1969 to father Edward Sr. and mother Robin, in Boston, Massachusetts. His father is an attorney who worked for the National Trust for Historic Preservation but his mother, a former foundation executive and teacher, passed away of brain cancer…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Edward Norton appeared in an ESL textbook, Only in America, used by Nova, a major English language school.

    • Edward has a Black Flag tattoo on his upper back.

    • In 2004, Edward hosted the National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth special that aired on PBS.

    • Edward also produced 3 of his films that he starred in: Keeping the Faith, Down in the Valley and The Painted Veil.

    • In the 1996 film Everyone Says I Love You, Edward performs the songs Just You Just Me, My Baby Just Cares for Me and I'm Thru With Love.

    • In the 2002 film Death to Smoochy, Edward performs the songs My Stepdad's Not Mean (He's Just Adjusting), Smoochy's Methadone Song, Smoochy's Magic Jungle Theme and The Cookie Chant.

    • Edward won a 2002 Obie Award for 'Best Performance by an Actor in an off-Broadway play' for Burn This.

    • Edward was nominated for a 2000 MTV Movie Award for 'Best Fight' for Fight Club. It was for the scene where he punches himself in the face.

    • Edward was nominated for a 2001 Satellite Award for 'Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical' for the film Keeping the Faith.

    • Edward won a 1999 Satellite award for 'Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama' for the film American History X.

    • Edward was nominated for a 2005 Satellite Award for 'Outstanding Actor in a Supporting Role, Drama' for the film Kingdom of Heaven.

    • Edward was nominated for a 2006 Independent Spirit Award for 'Best Male Actor' for the film The Painted Veil.

    • Edward's middle name is widely reported as James, but that is incorrect. His real middle name is Harrison, and it's stated in articles from 1997 with quotes by his mother Robin and grandfather James Rouse. Also on the DVD commentary for The People Vs. Larry Flynt, Courtney Love states his name as "Edward Harrison Norton VII" in the scene where his character Alan Isaacman first meets Larry Flynt. However, he tends to either go by just "Edward Norton" or "Edward H. Norton".

    • Edward was offered the lead role in Terrence Malick's film The Thin Red Line, but ended up pulling out of the project because his mother had recently passed away.

    • Edward did a voiceover in 2007 for a Nike commercial titled Addicted and he also did a voiceover for a Miller beer commercial in 2006.

    • Edward shaved his head and gained 30 pounds of muscle in only 3 months for his Oscar nominated role in the film American History X.

    • Edward was attached to star alongside Bruce Willis in the film Hart's War. Edward walked away from the project and the part ended up being played by Colin Farrell.

    • Edward's father was an attorney for former president Jimmy Carter at one time.

    • Edward and Jim Carrey were both considered for the lead role in Man on the Moon. The director, Milos Forman, couldn't decide which of the two actors he wanted to cast, so the studio decided to go with Jim Carrey instead.

    • Edward took part in the World Series of Poker tournament in May of 1998 after Miramax paid the $10,000 per person entrance fee for both Edward and Rounders co-star Matt Damon.

    • Edward was taught how to act by the legendary acting coach Terry Screiber, at the famous T. Schreiber Studio in New York City. Edward speaks Japanese and worked out a deal with Terry to teach him how to speak Japanese in exchange for acting lessons.

    • Edward turned down the opportunity to play Bruce Banner in the 2003 film The Hulk. In 2007, Edward signed on to play the role of Bruce Banner in the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk.

    • Edward made $6.5 million for his role in the film The Score.

    • Edward made $500,000 for his role as Monty Brogan in the film 25th Hour.

    • Edward made only $1 million for his role in the film The Italian Job. The film made over $100 million at the U.S. Box Office alone, but it's widely known Edward only made this film because he was under contract with the studio at the time.

    • Edward made $8 million for each of his roles in the films Death to Smoochy and Red Dragon.

    • Edward made $50,000 for his role in the film Primal Fear.

    • Edward auditioned for the part of Rudy Baylor in the film The Rainmaker. He didn't get it and the role later went to Matt Damon.

    • While filming Fight Club, both Edward and co-star Brad Pitt took soap making classes.

    • Edward got his role in the film Fight Club because director David Fincher enjoyed his performance in the film The People vs. Larry Flynt.

    • Edward and Drew Barrymore once shared an apartment in New York.

    • Edward speaks French, Spanish and Japanese.

    • In 2003, Edward was voted 'International Man of the Year' by British GQ Magazine.

    • Edward was offered the role of Private Ryan in the film Saving Private Ryan, but turned it down.

    • Edward founded and runs Class 5 Films with his brother James Norton.

    • Edward suffered a serious back injury on the set of the 2006 film The Painted Veil.

    • Edward was nominated for 'Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama' at the 2003 Satellite Awards for his role in the film 25th Hour.

    • Edward won a 1999 Satellite Award for 'Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama' for his role in the film American History X.

    • Edward has a private pilot's license.

    • Edward won a 1997 Golden Globe Award for 'Best Supporting Actor' for his role in the film Primal Fear.

    • When Edward was 8 years old, he asked his drama teacher what his motivation in a scene was, surprising the instructor at his young dedication to the craft.

    • Edward dedicated his directorial debut film Keeping the Faith to his deceased mother, Robin, who died of brain cancer.

    • Edward helped develop the original story for his film Keeping the Faith with writer Stuart Blumberg, but since he's not a member of the Writers' Guild, he could not be credited in the film. Edward also did a rewrite for the film Frida, but wasn't credited for the same reason.

    • Edward was nominated for two Academy awards for 'Best Supporting Actor' for the 1996 film Primal Fear and for 'Best Actor' in the 1998 film American History X.

    • Edward received a B.A. in history from Yale in 1991, but took many theater and Japanese courses as an undergraduate.

    • Edward graduated from Wilde Lake High School in Columbia, Maryland, in 1987.

    • Edward is still a part of his former theater troupe, Signature Theater Company, as a member of it's board of directors.

    • Following his graduation, Edward went to work in Osaka, Japan, consulting for his grandfather's company, Enterprise Foundation, that creates decent, affordable housing for low-income families

    • Edward's grandfather (on his mother's side) is James Rouse, the inventor of the shopping mall.

    • For his Primal Fear audition, Edward told the director, he like the character was from eastern Kentucky. He even spoke with the twang, which he'd prepared by watching 1980's Coal Miner's Daughter. Also his character did not have a stutter, but when he auditioned he gave him one.

    • Edward's character Worm in the 1998 film Rounders was originally supposed to smoke but being an avid non-smoker he refused.

    • Edward previously dated actress/musician, Courtney Love and actress, Salma Hayek.

    • Edward worked as a waiter, a proofreader, and a director's assistant in New York City, before getting his film roles.

  • Quotes

    • Edward: In fact, the United States today keeps on making the same sort of mistakes. We force those methods we think are useful on a few countries, hoping to make a few changes.

    • Edward: Nobody makes me uncomfortable here. It's a place where you can be eternally anonymous.

    • Edward: The more you can create that magic bubble, that suspension of disbelief, for a while, the better.

    • Edward: It's dismaying to see the unilateralism that the government is doing.

    • Edward: I almost forgot what it's like to be proud of my government.

    • Edward: It's a nice position to be in; I'm lucky. At the same time, all the excitement of that has been put into stark perspective... In some ways, the highs of it have been blunted, which in a way, is a gift.

    • Edward (about his reluctance to embrace his celebrity status): If I ever have to stop taking the subway, I'm gonna have a heart attack.

    • Edward (talking about bulking up for the role in American History X): Arnold Schwarzenegger called to ask if I'd done a cycle of the juice to accomplish the transformation. All I did was eat and work out non-stop for three months. I gained 30 pounds of muscle.

    • Edward (on what it would be like to be an actor, but not famous): That would be weird, because there's no such thing as an anonymous actor. By definition, you're sharing something publicly, and I like that. I feel very content with the work I do - it's intended to be enjoyed by people. And to the degree that that makes me known, I'm absolutely fine. After all, it's what I set out to do.

    • Edward (on being nominated for an Academy Award): It's fun, but when it's over, it disappears almost immediately - like a week afterward. Who remembers right off the top of their head who won Best Supporting Actor last year anyway?

    • Edward: Just because you've made a couple movies, you've done some good movies, you've been nominated for some Academy Awards, whatever, nobody's entitled. It's a business. If they don't see it, I can think they're wrong, but I'm not entitled to a $15 million budget to make a film.

    • Edward: You never make all things for all people and can't always pander to the broadest denominator. I keep an eye toward doing the themes that interest me. Do they move me? Interest me? Make me think? When I run across something that is provocative in an unsettling way, it appeals to me.

    • Edward: I'm an actor and, each time out, I'm trying to convince the audience that I'm this character. Every little thing that people know about you as a person impedes your ability to achieve that kind of terrific suspension of disbelief that happens when an audience goes with an actor and character [he's] playing.

    • Edward: People wrestle sometimes making movies, and I think that conflict is a very essential thing. I think a lot of very happy productions have produced a lot of very banal movies.

    • Edward: I always felt that acting was an escape, like having the secret key to every door and permission to go into any realm and soak it up. I enjoy that free pass.

    • Edward: I'm not interested in making movies for everybody. I like making movies for myself and my friends and people with my sensibility.

    • Edward: Fame is very corrosive and you have to guard very strictly against it.

    • Edward: Life, like poker has an element of risk. It shouldn't be avoided. It should be faced.

    • Edward: I don't smoke and I don't want to smoke. I am not a fan of gratuitous smoking in films.

  • One of my Favorite Actors.

    This is a man that follows what he wants. His desire is his work. His talent resides in his passion. A man that has the courage to say and act upon his beliefs. Edward Norton is the ultimate self made actor. No one comes close to his level. Righteous and intelligent. He knows what he wants and that what he'll get. They say you can judge a man from his handy work. Looking at some of his work, those words couldn't of being more truthful. Here is to Edward Norton and his successful career as an actor/writer/producer/human being. I wish more of you existed but then again you wouldn't be so valuable.moreless
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    Edward Norton is one fantastic actor. He has taken on roles that are difficult to carry out but he makes every single role believable. My favourite films starring Edward are American History X ,Fight Club and The Illusionist. I just think that he has done a fantastic job with every film and would love nothing more than to see him in many more films :)