Efrem Zimbalist Jr.





New York City, New York



Birth Name

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.




Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. was born on November 30, 1918 to Alma Gluck, famed opera singer and Efrem Zimbalist, Sr. concert violinist. After his service in World War II (he was awarded the Purple Heart), he entered into acting. Zimbalist, the self-assured, business like actor, had his first taste of television in a role on the daytime soap opera Concerning Miss Marlowe from 1954-55. After appearing in several television plays, a guest appearance on The Phil Silvers Show, he started his first succesful Warner Brothers' television series, 77 Sunset Strip. He also made guest appearances on the other popular Warner Brothers' shows; i.e.: Maverick, Sugarfoot and Hawaiian Eye. When 77 Sunset Strip ended it's six year run, Efrem got another Warner Brothers' series; The F.B.I. which enjoyed a very successful run of nine years. In recent years Efrem has enjoyed a host of TV movies, mini-serieses and voice-overs for many cartoon characters...mostly with a Super Hero theme. Married three times, first wife, Emily McNair, died of cancer and second/third wife Stephanie Spaulding, succumbed to lung cancer on February 4, 2007. Spaulding was the mother of Stephanie who enjoyed a long run of Remington Steele, which her father guested on several times. Efrem also had a son by his first wife named Efrem Zimbalist, III.