Ekin Cheng

Ekin Cheng


10/4/1967, Hong Kong

Birth Name

Cheng Yee-Kin



Also Known As

Cheng Yee Kin, Dior Cheng, Eric Cheng, Noodle Cheng, Zhèng Yījiàn, Eric Cheng, Yi-kin Cheng
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He is an extremely popular Hong Kong actor and pop singer. He has received awards for acting and movies, and has been nominated as best actor and for singing the theme in the same movie. He has had great success working with acclaimed director Andrew Lau, for whom…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ekin often refuses to cut his hair very short beacuse he fears bad luck.

    • Ekin has a large scar on his left shoulder that is noticable on the cover of Women From Mars.

    • Ekin is a very charitable person. He was the spokesman for the Ocean Environment for the World Wildlife Fund. He also attends activities for the Make a Wish Foundation and local orphanages. He has also been featured in several prominent magazines through out the year.

    • After graduating he participated in a singing contest. Although he didn't win, he did attract notice, and soon after enrolled in TVB's Martial Arts School. He didn't enjoy martial arts and so switched to the Acting School.

    • Ekin's hobbies include reading, playing computer and video games, swimming, diving, rock climbing, badminton, watching movies and exploring the islands around his home on his yacht.

    • Ekin Cheng is overall a very healthy and fit person. His only flaw is that he wears contact lenses.

    • He was nominated for the Best Original Film Song at the 2000 Hong Kong Film Awards for the song "A Man Called Hero" from the movie Legend of Hero.

    • He was nominated for the Best Original Film Song at the 1999 Hong Kong Film Awards for the song "The Stromriders" from the movie The Storm Riders.

    • He was nominated for the Best Original Film Song at the 1998 Hong Kong Film Awards for the song "Young And Dangerous" from the movie Young and Dangerous 4.

    • He began acting in commercials while he was still in High School.

    • After High School he attended TVB's acting school, which led to a number of TV roles.

    • He created a scandal when he left a long time relationship with actress Maggie Siu for younger pop star Gigi Leung. Many fans were upset because Maggie is so well loved by Hong Kong fans.

    • His first movie was Girls Without Tomorrow in 1992.

    • His breakout role was as Chan Ho Nam in Young and Dangerous. This film had five sequels.

    • Ekin Cheng has done some of his most popular work with director Andrew Lau, including The Storm Riders which became the highest grossing Hong Kong movie to date.

    • One of the TVB TV shows he worked on after graduating was Space Shuttle 430 a children's program that launched the careers of big stars like Stephen Chow and Tony Leung.

    • Ekin is a big pop star as well as actor and often records the soundtrack album to the movies he stars in.

    • He is 5' 10" (1.77 m) tall.

    • He attended Great Harmony Middle School.

    • Ekin did model for Outlook magazine (in Hong Kong) August, 2003.

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