Elijah Burke

Elijah Burke


1/1/1978, Jacksonville, Florida

Birth Name

Elijah Samuel Burke


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Elijah Samuel Burke is an American professional wrestler. He worked for the WWE until he was release on November 10, 2008.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Give Elijah Burke the ECW championship

    Give Elijah Burke the ECW championship. Elijah Burke is a WWE superstar who wrestler's on ECW brand. He was a member of the new breed in fact he was the leader because he created it. Elijah is not well liked by fans but that does not bother him he comes out every time to fight. Elijah Burke is a superb athletic wrestler who has a lot of skills like athletic he just beats his opponents until they have had enough. The new breed had a big rivalry with Ecw originals at wrestlemania 23 this was Elijah's first wrestlemania. Elijah was a boxer before entering the WWE he went103-1(102 knockouts). Elijah's finishers are brutal they are called The Elijah Experience and the Elijah Express. Elijah is here to stay so get used to it.moreless
  • Elijah Burke is a great wrestler who many people dont like.

    Elijah Burke is a superb wresler with a lot of skils that many do not now about. He is on the wrestling brand WWE's ECW. This is where he has made a huge impact. He created a succesful wrestling stable called The New Breed. He and The New Breed became big in a rivalry with the ECW Originals. That landed a match at Wrestlemania 23 in Detroit. This was Bruke's First Wrestlemania. The New Breed died down near June of 2007. Since he has had rivalries with Cm Punk. He has very effective finishers as well. Including The Elijah Experience and The Elijah Express. Elijah Burke has made an immediate impact on ECW and will be for years to come.moreless