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Elisa Jimenez Trivia


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    • Her fashion must is a pair of vintage boots.

    • Her favorite designers are Erte, Jean Cocteau, Madame Gris, Zaldy and Norma Kamali.

    • She attended the University of Arizona, Tucson.

    • Elisa's biggest influence are her parents.

    • Elisa was previously accepted for the first season of Project Runway but she did not pursue it because of personal reasons.

    • If She was a fabric she would be a silk jersey scented with sweet oils.

    • If Elisa could dress someone dead or alive she would have dressed Martha Graham.

    • Elisa's five must-have clothing items.

      Great pair of jeans.
      A favorite t-shirt.
      Easy dress that looks great.
      Something from someone you love.

    • Fashion Do's and Don'ts that Elisa lives by


      Wear outfits and things that express who you are.
      Wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel confident.
      Wear things given to you by people you love.
      Explore your identity by trying new clothing ideas.


      Wear outfits people tell you to wear.
      Wear clothes just because you see them in a magazine.
      Wear clothes that are uncomfortable.
      Wear clothes made by sweatshops.
      Wear dresses or skirts that are really, really short without underwear.
      Wear shoes that hurt your feet.

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