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  • A doe eyed dope, with nothing behind the pie face.


    In a long line of CSI femme failtalles, Lizzy is unable to gain traction as an interesting character. Her bland and boring performances grate on the sensibilities and waste our ever more precious screen time.

    Lizzo needs to lose the puppy fat cheeks, and gain some life experience.

  • Rising TV star.

    She's been on a bunch of different TV shows, but has yet to really break through as a star. I first saw her in the Disney movie My Date with the President's Daughter which was a great Disney movie with Will Friedle from Boy Meets World. Her looks really allow her to play good girl with an edge really well. She is gorgeous and has an almost angelic face, but she can play bad as well as good. Her role in Point Pleasant was suited well to her and I wish that show had continued so that her character was given a chance to grow. She was also really good on One Tree Hill as the Clean Teen with a dirty past, even though it made no sense that Mouth could get a girl like her I really enjoyed watching her act. An overall talent who should be given more roles.
  • A great actress who deserves more work.

    I love Elisabeth Harnois. I have to admit, I didn't know her name or really who she was until late 2004 when I started hearing things about FOX's new supernatural drama, "Point Pleasant". When first turning into that show, I admit, I thought she was a mediocre actress. After watching the show more and more, I came to realize how good Elisabeth truly was. She wasn't a bad actress - she was playing the character how the character was meant to be played. Later on in the series she gave the character more dimension and emotion as was needed, but the way she always cleverly underplayed it was impressive to me - and after thinking about it I realized it was a more true-to-life and believable portrayal of a shy, confused girl than you're used to seeing on television.

    I did later realize I had seen Harnois before - when I was younger in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" and later in "My Date With the President's Daughter". She was good in that movie and played it very differently than in "Point Pleasant".

    Elisabeth Harnois is a stunning beauty and looks graceful and tempting and innocent. Her acting ability so far seems great and she is able to portray vastly different characters which should definitely come in handy. I hope she gets another series. I would love to see her more.
  • A very good actess,not to mention very pretty. She should be one of most well known actresses out today.

    In everything I\'ve seen that she\'s been in, I\'ve really enjoyed her performances. In \"My Date With The Presidents Daughter\" as Hallie, she lit up the screen. In \"Point Pleasant\" she could not have been better. Early in her career as Missy Robinson in \"Boy Meets World\" I thought she would be a star. I must say I\'m looking forward to seeing her in the up and coming \"Keith\"
  • Elisabeth Harnois is a pretty good actress. She can make a show seem pretty cool, even if it's not a keeper.

    Elisabeth Harnois is a very good actress. She can make a show seem pretty cool, even if it's not a keeper for the networks. She always puts lots of drama and action in to her performance, and I hope I see her on some more shows coming up. - Nicolas
  • The face of an angel. She's so sweet even playing Satan's daughter. I can think of no other girl who could have been better in her role on Point Pleasant. The DVD collection, all 3 discs is a must. Please bring Point pleasant back. TV's best show in many

    Her joy, her pain, all so real. I guess that's called acting and I've never seen it done better. The mark of a superstar in sports is personal stats plus making their team-mates better therefore you'd have to call her a superstar. Hauntingly beautiful and oh those eyes. WOW! Born in Michigan raised in Ca. An All-American girl.
    If any girl could "Bring the world to it's knees" as Boyd said on Point Pleasant it would be this vision. Watch her anger, when her Mother betrays her, her begging for a friend's life and tell me when you've ever witnessed a more comvincing display. EVER! You know when you see a baby you just hold to hold it. She does that to me. I'd love to look into those eyes. Every soul has two sides. believe it.