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  • Calm down and expand your mind! Realize that Jesus probably wouldn't have been a straight-ticket Republican!

    As a fellow Christian, it pains me that Elizabeth has such a narrow-minded view of the world and comes across so hot-headed and rude. (yes, she is definitely rude at times, even to Barbara, who is nothing by gracious at all times). I would love if Elizabeth would dare move out of the conservative Republican box she's cemented herself in. As a follower of Jesus, she has to believe that there are times where the conservative stance isn't "what Jesus would do." Yesterday's (9/30) show where Palin came up is a prime example. I think by now, most people recognize that Palin, while I'm sure a delightful person to have a dinner party, a definitely Pro-Lifer, and a good speaker when she has a script, is NOT the best person for the VP and possibly Prez role. But Elizabeth just can't bring herself to admit that. Palin's Pro-life stance does not justify her lack of knowledge in so many areas. While I love a good debate and enjoy shows with sparring on them, too often Elizabeth's yelling is just annoying. I would love to see an original thought, softly spoken. I think that would get her more respect on The View from her co-hosts, rather than her raising her voice and spewing thoughtless rants.
  • The show needs a change of a host.

    I think Elisabeth needs to go. She is a nobody that was on a reality show (big deal). Married a football player just because of that. She is over rated,over opinionated, big mouth bumb blonde i'v ever seen. Barbra needs to get rid of her. She brings the show down because she wants to make sure everyone hears her one sided view. I quite watching the show just because of her. I hear comments that other shows make about her. Barbra Please get rid of Elisabeth. I'm sure once she is gone you will get a lot of viewers back. Whoopie has made a great impact on the show. It was a great decision. A once loyal viewer.
  • if elizabeth was a ford there would be a recall on her brain

    elizabeth is a talentless fool . i enjoyed watching the show today feb 1 as she interrupted her has been quarterback husband with stupid comments . i mean really ... her only claim to fame/accomplishment is winner on survivor show ???? zero intelligence zero grasp of current events zero zero entertainment value wit brings nothing to the table . my god!! was this the best you could get !! out of all the possible talent out there ???
  • I watched today's episode after not watching for sometime, and I must say that nothing has changed.


    Elizabeth's body language always speaks volumes when President Obama is mentioned. I am a christian and I am questioning her testimony as a christian or is there a different Bible for members of the Tea Party. I would like for her to stop disrespecting the President of the United States. She refers to him by his last name and not by his title as any person who holds that office is entitled to be addressed. Personally, I will no longer watch this show. The topics are being addressed by other more civilized personalities.

  • elizabeth hasselbeck

    I really dislike her to the core!!! can't stand her, and do NOT watch when she is on!!! is there a rating lower than 1, then give it to her.
  • Don't use this often but I HATE HER.

  • Republican Views....

    I love the show but Elizabeth your old white Republican views drive me crazy and thank you ..I was a independent voter but I can say the way the Republicans have acted and flip flopped so much it has made my choice so easy,,,you are rude at times, self centered and seems it's only your way of thinking...I listened to both Republican and Democratic Conventions and have to say if Mitt Romney is elected are country is in deep trouble...please open your narrow mind outside of the Republican Box....I know this will not do any good at all but seems like you open your mouth so much I should open mind...Thank You Very Much...and God Bless America...
  • Elisabeth you need to get all the facts before opening your mouth. You are very unprofessional. I'm glad your co-hosts have lived a while wait until you have. Examine yourself! What would Jesus think about what you say!? Oh view the entire Wright sermon.

    You really believe you understand this country from the view of other ethnicities. Example: When Whoopi said Obama being a black man has to be careful attacking a white woman; The use of the N word - blacks can use it but whites can't; Racism is still alive, I could go on but you don't get it! It appears your exposure has been limited. You never admit when you are wrong about what Bush or McCain have done (that's a Republican). See your candidates and the world for what it is or live one day in someone else's shoes.
  • Elizabeth

    I really don't miss her on the show at all..I hope she continues to pop out babies so she can takes more breaks or can you great rid of her completely? I liked Elizabeth in the beginning , but the more I get to know her the more I get to dislike her...Please have her go back to designing sneakers behind the scenes or back to playing survivor. Or just have her stay home full time and raise her two kids and play football with her not so famous quarterback husband. Sorry Elizabeth but I think it is time that your torch goes out. You got more then 15 minutes of fame off your game and sure made more then any other survior player so far.. hey maybe you and Tim can go on Amazing Race and then in a few years you can do the family addition with your children too..
  • !

    Half the time I forget Elisabeth is on the show she barely says two words unless their talking about Sarah Palin or John Mccain. Either she should open her mouth or get off the show! Thank god for the rest of the cast especially during election season or the show would have flopped. I am sure they could find a better co-host maybe someone funny with an opinion that is worth listening to or at least someone who has an opinion! I have yet to see if Elisabeth has any talent and is nowhere near as talented as the rest of her co-hosts. Maybe Elisabeth should go back to shoes since that is the only thing interesting about her on the show.
  • Where's the talent?

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is as useless as a green mole. I don't think she has any credentials and she adds nothing to The View, other than the arrogant, ignorant run of the mill conservative point of view. The only reason she is on the show is because of her husband and her stint on Survivor. She thinks her husband is big talk, but he was a terrible NFL quarterback and there was a reason why he had such a short NFL career: everyone was better than him. I think that Elisabeth thinks she is hot stuff, but she has no accomplishments in the entertainment business. She is a joke on the show and should be glad she gets paid for doing nothing. Thank you.
  • A clever title goes here!

    I love this show, watch it whenever I dont work. I have watched it since it came on and thats the only reason why I DONT TURN IT OFF when Elizabeth opens her mouth.
  • Elizabeth Hasselbeck needs to learn some manners.

    I can\\\'t believe her attitude about her cell phone use. It\\\'s like she has no manners what so ever. She is clueless. She doesn\\\'t care that she is bothering other people because she is talking to her \\\"Mother\\\"!! Get real. Learn some manners!!! There is nothing worst then a cell phone user who thinks they can do anything they want. When it interferes with other people then it is time to hang it up! This is right up there with people who put their makeup on while driving a car. If you want to kill yourself, go ahead but don\\\'t take an innocent person with you.
    I bet you use your phone while out to eat too. I work hard for my money and like to go out to eat but there is nothing worst then a loud person at the next table talking on a cell phone loud enough for the whole place to hear. Take it outside!
  • Greetings!

    Happy New Year 2014!Wishing all of you a wonderful night!

    Leon Qafzezi

  • Elisabeth comes across as very opinionated and even frustrated at times if others don't agree. She also is not consistent in her beliefs and opinions, which sometimes bothers me. I have to wonder if her 'beliefs' are from others (her upbringing), or rea

    Elisabeth was my choice when she was selected to be part of the view. I think she has a great outgoing personality. But, she seems to be frustrated and inconsistent in her opinions and beliefs. For instance, today - December 13, 2005, they were discussing capital punishment. The way she spoke indicated to me that she is accepting of capital punishment. Yet, I have heard her speak against abortion. One either believes in ending life or not. (I am not expressing my personal beliefs here.) Otherwise, I think she is a delight and handles guests like a seasoned host.
  • 1.8
    She thinks she\'s all that, but in reality noone even knows who she is. She made waaaaaaaay to big of a deal out of the SVU thing, and she thinks she\'s a big shot cause she\'s on the view. All she does all day is talk about other people\'s lives and gossip anyone could do that. I dont know how she became famous, but she should still be a nobody. I have more talent than her, and i have like no talent at all... she just really needs to get over herself, after she does that maybe she\'ll be worth something in my opinion
  • Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck YucYuck Yuck Yuckk Yuck Yuck

    Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck YucYuck Yuck Yuckk Yuck Yuck How can anyone like her. She is so rude. Plus, when she talks, she gets most of her facts wrong. She is a person that gives blondes a bad name. It is unbelievabel hwo stupid she is. I\'m no genius, but come on, how dumb can you get. Another thing, her voice is so bad, like nails on a chalk board. I can not stand to watch the view with her on it. She should have been left out in the wilderness. Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck YucYuck Yuck Yuckk Yuck Yuck
  • Your mouth never closes

    Elisabeth,why do you have to constantly have to cause trouble? Leave The View and everyone there alone. You no longer work there, so mind your own business, bitch! the best thing to happen at The View was when you left. Everyone is tired of your big mouth. Sounds to me you might be a little jealous of other people. You are no big celebrity, so quit trying to act like one. You were trying to be a Barbara Walters wannabe,but you will NEVER come close. Just shut up,be the regular polish girl with the bleached hair that you are, and move on.
  • The Faux Flower

    I am soo glad Elisabeth is off the View! I had to mute my TV every time she went on one of her Conservative rants. She does not have the eloquence to debate anything!
  • Elizabeth needs eloqution training

    Why management can't hear how annoying Elizabeth's screechy voice and frowning delivery is I'll never understand. My husband and I have watched FOX and Friends for years but can no longer stand it. She is a definite turn off.
  • Elisabeth has to go or there will be no show!!!!!!!!

    She never listens to a thing, too young and naive to be there, she is living a fairy tale life and thinks the world does too. She overspeaks everyone on there. I cannot watch this show anymore, because of her constant babbling. Whoopi is pulling her hair out, Joy plugged her ears the other day and shook her head, Sherri harldy ever gets to speak and Barbara has had to calm her down a few times. Please, for the sake of the show, she has to go!!!!!!! I cannot watch this show anymore and I loved it all along. No awards as long as she is there. Arlen MacIntyre
  • she is a Lady more than I can say for the others. Talk shows on a whole are worthless. would like to see her on some other show rather the the View.

    she is a ten, a lady in good taste, more than I can say for the others who treat the Guest disrespectfully. Host don't get up and walk off the stage or treat the guests poorly. This young Lady treats the guests in a professional manner, this is to be admired. Talk shows on a whole are worthless, they solve nothing. One should have a discussion not get angry as we know one Whoopy does. she is disrespectful of the guests if they give their opinion and she does not like it she is in poor taste. I have news for her the President of the USA is a public servant to us the people. If we ask for his birth certificate he should make it available to us, he not a King or god he is a man just like other men. treat invited guess in a correct manner or don't invite them. Like who hard can that be to have good manners? Enough said. I am done with the view and a couple of their so called Hosts.
  • I am so proud of how you stand up for what you believe in and are so level headed. If more people would actually listen to what you say instead of always arguing and taking what you say and turning it around, people would learn a lot.

    You would be a great leader for this country. You are open enough to see both sides of the argument, instead of being one sided. For instance, you can't get rid of guns all together, the world would be in a bigger disaray then it is now. But like you said there are laws in place in some states, and they need to be in place nationally, and there are some things that need to be put in place. Thank you for you being real in your thinking, some people don't keep an open enough mind to see the reality of what they are saying. In real life you can't take all guns away, but in real life you can put laws in effect that will keep guns traceable. And also, cars do have a vin # to trace them, but it isn't 100% fail proof, just like the guns will never be 100% fail proof. Even if you were to make them totally illegal, people who want them will find a way to get them. Again thank you and just know there is someone on the other side of the tv screen agreeing with you and love you.
  • You go girl!

    I just love Elisabeth's replubican loyalty. I hope you always have her on because she is what helps shapes your show. She doesn't let other opinions change her own views. I admire her stand on things and that's how many other people should be. This place would be a better one if people would hold to their beliefs and believe in God. I also love Sherry being added to the show. yesterday's show was spectacular with her defending God and His creating the world. How sad and pathetic that people still believe in evolution. God made the world and He was very happy, I'm sure, with her yesterday.
  • I just want to say,i very much enjoy elisabeth,to watch her verbally interact,while simutaously,enjoying her beauty and beautiful physical attributes!!!! Jim

    I think Elizibeth hasselbeck is the most beautiful,sexy woman ever!!!!I think she is most intellegent too,but my favorite thing about her is her long sexy,muscular legs and calves!!! I love her muscular calves,when she crosses her legs,it shows off the muscular shape of her calf,WOW!!!!perfection,she should have a fan web site,id be on it!!!she is the only reason I watch the view,that and to see a close up view of her beautiful calves!!!and beautiful buns too, clarkinjim@yahoo.com Jim you are sooo beautiful elisabeth!!!!! Im a fan of yours forever and would love to write you!!
  • Elisabeth is one of the best hosts on the View!

    Elisabeth is great! She stands up for her beliefs and views on the topics. She never backs down to the old hags on the show, and I love her for it. Everyone sais how this generation is changing for the worst. Yet she has all the morals and beliefs that this country once had, but she\'s chastized for it. I say keep on doin your job ,and I love the president too!!!!!
  • Elizabeth is so strong and fiesty. that's what makes her so great.

    Elizabth is the most couragious person, for standing up against the other ladies on her politic beliefs and moral values. I would like her to know that I'm praying for her for strength, wisdom and to continue expessing your views knowing there's millions of Christians holding you up and backing you everyday. I'm also impressed with how you separate the converstion's from the ladies personally. We are to love above all and thats where I see so much courage. Keep up the great work and don't falter on your views. Carla Ford, standing behind you with same moral values.
  • Thank you for being authentic Elizabeth.

    I have read every review posted on this site for Elizabeth and a few are just unfair. I really enjoy the "views" expressed by Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I do not have to agree with everyone of them but I do agree with many of them. She is a stong moral Christian woman and mother who has taken shots from her co-hosts. Go Elizabeth. This mom and teacher in Katy, Texas is very proud of you! Thank you for representing the NFL wives with such grace and style. Keep representing the Body of Christ. I will not talk badly of the other hosts I just will say I do enjoy Sherry Shepherd. I would not even watch if it were not for Sherri and Elizabeth. Woopi is very funny but too... harsh at times.

    I hope the show will try to be more balanced in the topics and "VIEWS" covered. I am an independant and I do not wish to see any more of the extreem left views. Just because that is what the producers think I would be interest in. Try to actually educate your viewers not tell them how to think. Give the viewers a voice.
  • I think this is a team work

    He he , I think this is a team work ;

    While I like a good debate and enjoy shows with sparring on them,
    You did a very good job debating against the panel who were essentially against your views. To rich the debating results with more viewer sharring and activation with the episode subject.I read comment words said :
    {too often Elizabeth's yelling is just annoying. I would love to see an original thought, softly spoken. I think that would get her more respect on The View from her co-hosts, rather than her raising her voice and spewing thoughtless rants.} . Other said:
    {I have only watched The View a few times and the second time I tuned in I heard you praise McCain}

    I think that your team success seems clear in the viwer comments(as a reactions).

    When you praise McCain the others search about obama positives and McCain negatives and you do the opposite , this is important to rich the debate and ensure the viewr dicision
    I think that your team success seems clear in the viwer comments(as a reactions).

    Keep up the good work, and continue to be proud of being a Republican,. Good Luck to your team and I hope you can continue much bettr without all the bitterness and disrespect.
  • Thank God for Elisabeth on the View. I use to be a huge Whoopi fan until I listened to her political view. Elisabeth may be the youngest on the panel but apparently the only one with a brain. The way Barbara especially treated Sen. McCain wa

    I hope Elisabeth does leave so I don't have any other reason to watch that horrible show. I have a son in the United States Marines and I thank god for him and other men and women like him. All of the ladies on that show besides the lovely Elisabeth disrespect my son and every other soldier fighting for this country. Barbara was drooling over Obama for whatever reason it sure can't be his phenomenal stance on politics and treated McCain as if he had the Plague.
    No Surprise he himself is a war hero!
    I am very proud to live in this wonderful country, the same wonderful country that Michelle Obama has only been proud of once. Barbara, Whoopi and Joy, why don't you move somewhere that doesn't fight for your freedoms. Where woman have no rights and freedom of speech is still a priviledge. You should be honored to have hero's fighting for you. Unfortunately Hollywood is your only hero and true pain and suffering is unimaginable for you.
    Elisabeth, I am so happy to tell you that you can sleep better tonight because my marine has your back.
    Keep up the good work, and continue to be proud of being a Republican, and an American. Good Luck to you and I hope you can find a much bettr place without all the bitterness and disrespect.
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